UPDATED as of 140407:  If you’re seeing this on your dashboard, I suggest that you go to the original post to ensure that all links are updated.

I reuploaded everything as the dropbox files are dead. I added some songs, mirror links and folder links. If you want to download everything or a select number of songs, just go to the bottom of this post and visit the folder links for easier access. I know how troublesome it is to download the songs one by one. Sorry about the messy mp3 tags tho, you have to fix that yourself.

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As promised, here’s a gift to celebrate Mino’s birthday. I have compiled all of his known songs. I tried to include as much as I can but I know I still haven’t found some songs. I will update this post as I find them. #HappyMINOday! 

Underground Mixtapes

4 My Town by Zico ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Aminoacid by P.O ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Be Quiet by Kyung ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Blahblah2 by Scotch_VIP ft. Mino [DL] [DL2]
Celebration by Roydo ft. Mino, etc. [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Christmas Swag by Bizniz ft. Mino, etc. [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Countdown by Zico ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Dear My Wife by P.O ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Eargasm by Hanhae ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Finale 2011 by Scotch_VIP ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Growing by Cliff Boyz ft. Mino [DL] [DL2]
Hugeboy’s Mash Up Mix [DL] [DL2]
I do it again by Youngjay ft. Mino [DL] [DL2]
I’m going up by Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
I hate fuckin 개미 by Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
It’s Not Over by Mino, Zico, Kyung, Hanhae, Ukwon [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Lightning Song by Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Me! by Mino ft. Incredivle [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Mic on by Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Mr. Music by Mino, Zico, Kyung, Hanhae, Ukwon [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
My Moment by Young Jay ft. Mino, Roydo [DL] [DL2]
Nike Boots by Bizniz ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
No Time Out by Scotch_VIP ft. Mino, Jolly V [DL] [DL2]
Proceed by Scotch_VIP ft. Mino [DL] [DL2]
Sick of You by Mino [DL] [DL2]
What do I do by Zico ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Where I’m from by Mino ft. Cho PD, Dok2 [DL] [DL2]
Whipping by Mino [DL] [DL2]
Who am I by Zico ft. Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Who is That by Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
구씨번개 by Mino [DL] [DL2]
새벽 by Mino ft. Scotch_VIP [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
흔적 브릿지 by Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
수월해 by Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
화성인 바이러스 by i11evn ft. Mino, Hanhae [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]


Because I love you by Hee ft. Tagoon [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
I’m Crazy by Hee ft. Tagoon [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Reloaded (Holy Land OST) by B.o.M [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Burning Rose 1st Single Album [DL] [LYRICS
Without You [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]


Flying Butterfly (Cover) [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Go Up by Team A [DL] [LYRICS
Heart Attack (Cover) by Team A [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Just Another Boy by Team A [DL] [LYRICS
Mad Man [DL] [DL2]
Missing You (Cover) [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
New Day by Team A [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Officially Missing You by Team A [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Olleri Ggolleri by Mino [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Only Look at Me by Team A [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Rap/Beatbox Collection [DL] [DL2]
Smile Again by Team A [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
What by Mino, Seunghoon, Bobby, BI [DL] [DL2]
Wildboy by Seungyoon and Mino [DL] [LYRICS
WinnerTV Opening [DL

Alphabet Song [DL] [Lyrics] [DL2]
Baby Goodnight [DL] [DL2]
Duck Sounds [DL] [DL2]
Gobaek (Cover) by Mino and P.O [DL] [LYRICS] [DL2]
Imjado Song [DL] [DL2]
Room 1005 [DL] [DL2]
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