hangers and tanks


Made myself the Nuka Breaker from Fallout:New Vegas (GRA). It’s made from PVC pipe, foam core poster board, craft foam, lots of hot glue, a plastic coat hanger, fish tank air tubing,extension cord, gaffers tape and screws. It’s not completed yet but, I thought I would share it anyway. l1b3rtyPR1M3.Deviantart.com l1b3rtyprime@tumbler.com Https:m.Facebook.com/chunkanukeprops


Let’s face it, dorm room closets are small and the drawers are even smaller. I’ve found that using slim hangers allows you to fit more in your closet, but I also noticed that it doesn’t help much when you still have 30+ hangers being used for tank tops. I bought some shower curtain rings for a few bucks at Walmart and used them to hang all of my tanks on one hanger. I freed up 31 hangers! Pretty neat, right?