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“(Y/n) in the Bathroom” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 4874 (oops)

Plot: Having a panic attack in a bathroom after freezing time is never fun, but a fellow nerd like Peter Parker may be able to help.

Characters Featured: Peter Parker (duh), an OC named Cecily, Flash Thompson, and Harry Osborn

Warnings: some swearing, angst, a panic attack (follows the song used in the imagine), fluff

Author’s Note: This is beyond late, I apologize. School is really time-consuming, but I hope this long imagine makes up for it. For (last) month’s song challenge, @that-sokovian-bastard and I chose the wonderful song Michael in the Bathroom from the musical Be More Chill. It’s about one of the characters. Michael, who has a panic attack in the bathroom after fighting with a friend at a party. Basically, that’s what happens in this fic- except Peter comes and saves the day (sorta)! Let me know if you like it!

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Chapter 8

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

Prompt: The next chapter in the Give Us a Chance saga. It’s a good one!

Mentions: Jamie & Jordie Benn

Warnings: Angst, Fighting, Cursing

Preview: The next two days were hard. Tyler had opened the door to all these feelings and then was nowhere to be found. You hadn’t even seen him in passing in the last two days. You couldn’t deny that you missed him.

Characters:. 2339 words.

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Sober You really hated Drunk You right about now. You woke up in a bright white hotel room with a pounding headache. You could hardly think straight. Between the massive hangover and the replays of last night in your mind, you are lucky you crawled out of bed 

You glanced over at the alarm clock as you sat up. 10 am flashed across the face and you almost passed out again. Without your phone, you knew the search party was already out looking for you.

You groaned as you stood up and searched for your clothes. You sluggishly got dressed and reached for the in-room phone. You called a taxi and grabbed your heels. You took one last look in the mirror trying your best to fix your hair. You checked to make sure you grabbed everything and headed downstairs 

You caught another glimpse of yourself in the mirror of the elevator. This definitely looked like a walk of shame, sadly you weren’t that lucky. You ignored the dirty looks you were getting and crawled into your cab.

You told the driver the address and sunk down into the backseat, trying to hide from the bright sun.

After a long drive and a sizeable bill, you reached the house. You thanked the driver once more and got out of the cab.

You walked up the back steps and opened the sliding glass doors. Suddenly it felt like a thousand pair of eyes were upon you.

“Y/N!” ripped through your ears.

“Not so loud, please.” You pleaded.

Your family, the Seguins, and both Benn brothers were scattered around your kitchen.

“Where the hell were you?” your brother asked trying to be quiet but not hiding his anger.

“Well Drunk Y/N has such great ideas.” You rolled your eyes at yourself.

“That doesn’t answer the question…” Tyler suddenly speaks out. You look towards him. He looks beyond upset, gripping the kitchen chair in front of him, his knuckles ghostly white.

“Well Drunk Y/N, got a 300-dollar hotel room and then racked up 200 more dollars in the mini bar and room service fees.” I sigh

“I think we have seen the last of Drunk Y/N for a while.” I chuckle.

“Well thank god you’re okay at least…” Jamie started pulling you in for a hug.

“What were you thinking?” Tyler questions, anger evident in his tone.

“I just said I wasn’t. I was drunk Tyler” you respond getting angrier yourself.

“This isn’t you.” He quipped

“I’m not doing this with you now Tyler” you turned on your heels to head upstairs.

“Oh, we are doing this.” He replied quickly following you into the living room.

“It’s really not that big of a deal Tyler.”

“But it is! You worried us all! I thought something horrible happened to you!” he yelled.

You cringed at his voice. Your headache was getting worse and it was frustrating you. “Well, I wouldn’t have left in the first place if someone didn’t throw a hissy fit.

He rolled his eyes in return. “When are you going to stop pretending Y/N! You haven’t been yourself this entire summer! Jumping off boats, dancing with random guys, staying out and not telling anyone! This isn’t My Y/N!”

“There is no your Y/N! She’s long gone!” you yelled back unable to hold it in any longer.

“We both know that is not the truth!”

You sat on the couch already exhausted from the conversation. You both fell into an uncomfortable silence.

“I don’t know how to be her anymore.”

“Don’t give me that shit Y/N, you do.” He scoffed.

“Not without you…” you whispered.

He got on his knees in front of you, taking your hands. “Then why are we apart?”

“I don’t know how to be with you anymore either” you sobbed placing your head in your hands.

“Yes, you do Y/N. I love you. I made a mistake but I can’t do this anymore. I want to be with you. No, I need to be with you.”

You picked your head up. “Tyler, don’t you understand? You are always going to be this star hockey player! I will always be worried what happened will happen again. You are going to have girls flocking to you and I can’t always hold up to them. What if you change your mind? What if suddenly you decide I wasn’t worth it? I can’t lose you again. I won’t come back from that.”

The silence fell down upon you both once more. Only the sound of your sobs echoing the room.

“Then I’ll quit.”

“Wait what?” you picked you head up to look at Tyler.

“I’ll quit. I quit hockey, move back here, be with you. I would do anything for you Y/N.”

You looked at him dumbfounded. “Tyler you can’t do that.”

“If it means being with you, I wouldn’t think twice.”

“Tyler I won’t let you do that and you know it.” You answered shaking your head.

“Then let me prove it to you, please.” He begged.

You leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, I’ll always love you Tyler”

You stood up and made your way to your bedroom, leaving Tyler sitting on your living room floor.

You were both mentally and physically exhausted. You changed and fell into your bed. You were asleep the moment your head hit the pillow.

The next two days were hard. Tyler had opened the door to all these feelings and then was nowhere to be found. You hadn’t even seen him in passing the last two days. You couldn’t deny that you missed him.

It was making everything that more confusing. Maybe you were being ridiculous, you couldn’t fight the fact that you still had feelings for Tyler and they weren’t going anywhere. But apparently, Tyler was, had he left?

You sat in your bedroom, looking out the window towards the Seguin home. Tyler’s Jeep was nowhere to be found and it seemed like no one was home at all. You prayed that they hadn’t left for the summer.

You glanced into your room and your eyes caught the black box sitting in the closet. You allowed yourself to smile as you stood up and walked over to it. You ran your fingers across the top where it read Segs. You pulled the heavy box from your closet across your bedroom floor. You slowly grasped the top and opened the box. You pulled out each item reliving the memories that came with each one. It stung at first but soon the sting turned into a tingle and you couldn’t deny the butterflies once again taking residence in your stomach.

After covering your bedroom floor in memories, you smiled looking around seeing all the good times you and Tyler shared. Maybe the good times outweighed the bad?

You looked out your window, noticing the cars back in Seguin driveway. You quickly scurried to clean up what was on your floor. You ran down the stairs and out the backdoor. You didn’t even bother with shoes. You were out of breath when you reached the door of the house across the yard.

You knocked quickly, you were still mid-knock when Jackie frantically answered the door.

“Y/N, what a surprise.” She said not opening the door more than to show her face.

“Hi Jackie, Can I come in?” you asked between breaths.

“Now is not a good time.”

“Is everything okay? Is Tyler okay? I haven’t seen him around and I just wanted…” You asked suddenly concerned.

“Everything is fine Hun! Tyler just um doesn’t want to talk.” She stumbled with her answer.

“Okay, well can you just tell him I was here?” You said obviously defeated.

“Of course Hun, I will see you later.”

And then the door was closed. You stood there for a moment just staring at the door. You had never not been let in the Seguin house. You looked up at the windows. You thought you saw Jamie and Jordie in the window between the blinds but you put it off as your mind playing tricks on you. 

You turned and headed back home. Why didn’t Tyler want to talk to you? You quickly wiped the tears that were fighting to spill onto your cheeks as you slowly walked across the yard. You wrapped your arms around yourself, trying to find comfort.

You went inside and finished cleaning up the remnants of the box. You scooted the box back into your closet. You rummaged through your hanging clothes. Reaching the back, you found what you were looking for. You pulled the old Whalers t-shirt from the hanger. Slipping off your tank top and switching to the oversized shirt. It still had the familiar scent of your best friend.

You just laid in your bed clutching the shirt you had on. You prayed you hadn’t ruined your chance. You didn’t want it to be too late.

You didn’t realize you had fallen asleep until you woke up still clutching the shirt laid across you and the stars outside your window. You heard soft music playing and grew curious. You walked over to your window and were eyes were met with Cassidy. She waved at you and motioned for you to come down.

You walked down the stairs as the music grew louder. You slid the door open and Cassidy was already waiting for you.

“What’s going on?” You asked confused.

“Just let it happen.” She replied and handed you a sunflower. She gestured down the yard. You saw the tea candles leading down the yard towards the water.

You started following the path and soon came across the Benn brothers both wearing suits and holding sunflowers.

“Are either of you going to tell me what’s going on?” you asked with a smile.

“Nope” they answered synchronized. They handed you the sunflowers and walked off, leaving you to continue down the path.

You ran into Jackie next. She stood in a nice sundress holding a sunflower and a small box.

You looked down at your Whalers shirt and leggings. “I feel very underdressed.” You giggled giving her a hug.

“You look perfect Hun, but you are missing something.” She smiled at you lifting the box. You looked at her confused.

She opened the box revealing your charm bracelet. “I think you have been missing this for quite a while.” She reached for your wrist and you allowed her to clasp the bracelet on your wrist.

“It’s funny how we are coming full circle with this bracelet.” You quipped as you touched each of the familiar charms. She nodded and handed you the sunflower to add to your growing bouquet.

“Now go see your boy.” She pushed you towards the dock.

You reached the dock but stopped for a second before you turned the corner. You took a deep breath unsure but ready to see Tyler.

You walked onto the dock and your breath was stolen from you. The dock was covered in twinkle lights and sunflowers. Tyler was standing in the middle in that same blue shirt he wore on your first date.

“Tyler…It’s beautiful.” You stuttered.

“Nice shirt” He quipped.

You smirked. “I might have been missing you. Is this what you were doing?” you asked.

“Yes, I’m sorry that I made my mom deny you entry to the house.” He chuckled. 

“I didn’t mean to make you upset, I saw you as you walked across the lawn. I know you only hug yourself when you cry.” He went to wipe the tears you didn’t even know you were crying.

“I hope these are happier tears.”

“They are.” You smiled at him.

“So I said I was going to prove my love for you so here we are.” He gestured around you.

You walked towards water. You watched the stars reflect in the calm water.

“You didn’t have to do this, its why I came over earlier. You were right I have spent this whole summer pretending and denying my feelings. I love you Tyler and I don’t want to be without you anymore.” You said turning around to face him.

You almost fell off the dock. There was Tyler, on one knee, holding an absolutely gorgeous diamond ring.


“Y/N, I wanted to prove my love for you. I meant it when I said I would quit hockey and move back home. I would do anything to get you back into my life. And once you are there, I want you there for good. So Y/N, I don’t want you back into my life as my girlfriend. I want you back as my fiancé. Y/N, will you marry me?”

You couldn’t find words, you just nodded furiously falling to your knees in front of him.

He slipped the ring onto your finger and pulled you close. You kissed and the fireworks exploded.

You finally pulled apart and he pulled you to your feet. “Come on.”

He led you onto the boat and started it up.

“Where are we going?” you asked holding on to his arm.

“You’ll see, just promise not to jump off this time.” He chuckled.

“I’ll try” you smiled kissing him as he pulled from the dock.

You headed out on the water. You giggled as you pushed your hair out of your face. Tyler smiled at you placing another kiss to your lips. You pulled away and looked ahead. You saw the rocks above the surface. “Tyler Watch..”

But it was too late. The last thing you remember was being pulled from Tyler and being thrown into the cold water.

My ‘dressed up’ outfit hack.


Executive dysfunction can make it hard for me to piece together an outfit when it’s time to put it on. Sometimes I get stuck during the process and have to totally undress to start over! So this is what I do to help avoid that.

I put the panyhose and underslip on the hanger with the skirt. (This skirt is a black tea length pleated skirt). I stick it on the back because I turn the back of the skirt towards me so I know it’s the right way around when I put it on. The pantyhose and underslip give me a visual of the right order the bottom half of my outfit should go on. (Pantyhose, underslip, skirt!)

The top half works slightly differently. I pick out a hanger with extra hooks. I’m going to wear my sparkly knitted silver bolero over a satin white tank top. I have the bolero on the hanger like normal while the tank top is hanging off the hooks so it looks like an invisible person is wearing them. That’s my visual reminder that the tank top needs to be inside the bolero, so I should put the tank top on before the bolero.

Doing that cuts everything down to only two hangers instead of more.

The shoes I’ll be wearing with the outfit are kept in a box (all my other ones are loose!) so I know which pair to grab instantly when it’s time for me to go change clothes. I picked my holographic sparkly silver shoes, btw!

The jewelry I decided on is set aside in the bathroom. I only showed the silver Dulcimer pendant, but I have silver earrings to go with it. I already have my makeup picked out in my mind, some blush, dark brown eyeliner and sparkly blue eye shadow.

I like to “theme” my Christmas outfits after Christmas carols. This one is Winter Wonderland. I’ll be wearing it to a choir Christmas party on Saturday. :)

Note: yay, part 3! please, let me know if I should keep this up! this is just starting to kinda get into the “mission”, hehe! .c

Bucky x Reader

/Mission Impossible Part 3/

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Today is the day.

I sighed and turned over in my bed, dreading this week. It was Monday now and I couldn’t be any more depressed. I didn’t want to do this. Bucky and I couldn’t get along and everyone needed to accept that; we have. Why can’t they?

My phone vibrated with a text from Steve saying Tony wanted Bucky and I to meet in the conference room in 30 minutes. I groaned and sent back five angry face emojis. He immediately sent back a sad face emoji, knowing how much Bucky and I hated this. But he wanted us to make up, as well.

He always brought up how Bucky and I have similar pasts and we could try to fix this little situation, but sometimes I just couldn’t stand the guy. There was a reason, but I kept it hidden. No part in Bucky’s time as the Winter Soldier was his fault, I knew that.

No matter what we did, how much we tried, we didn’t get along. I accepted that a long time ago. Now it’s just something we all have to deal with. Of course, the team was tired of our back and forth arguing. So they had to set this stupid idea up.

I rolled out of bed and opened my closet door, grabbing my suitcase. I’ve been camping before so I knew the gist of it. Tony already bought us enough snacks, drinks, and dinner food for the week. A part of me looked forward to this.

Tony had been raving about a nice waterfall he would swim in with his father when he was younger, so he said I should visit it if things got too out of hand or if we just wanted a place to chill at. It wasn’t too far from the campsite he’s sending us to.

Sighing again, I grabbed a bunch of shorts and pants, stuffing them in my bag. I pulled my flannels off the hangers and got some tank tops to go along with them. I stuffed in a pair of running shoes, flip flops, and some underwear sets.

I smirked and grabbed a yellow colored lace pair with a matching bra. Bucky’s punishment wasn’t over yet. This is the simplest way to get under his skin and I was determined to break him once and for all. Although, he probably has the same plans for me.

I finally finished packing my clothes and headed into the bathroom to shower. I stepped in and let the warm water relax my tense muscles. I was excited in a way, to get back into the outdoors. I always enjoyed camping with my family.

Today I decided to wear something simple. A pair of jean shorts and a Brooklyn shirt Steve had gotten me for my birthday last year. I love this shirt almost as much as the one I stole from him. I always loved when he bought me things that were connected to him.

I slipped on some socks and my black converse, taking my sweet time before I had to meet with Bucky and Tony. All he was going to do was lecture us about not stabbing, shooting, fist fighting, or even killing each other.

I finally finished getting ready and dried my hair, letting it flow down my back. I threw some shampoo and conditioner in my bag, along with my toothbrush and hairbrush. I zipped up my suitcase and grabbed my phone, all ready to go.

I took one last look at my bed, blowing a sad kiss to it. “Oh, how I’ll miss you, my comfy bed.” I said to myself. I pulled my door shut and walked to the elevator, my suitcase the only sound besides my feet.

Tony was currently shaking his head, the vein in his forehead popping out. We’ve been talking for about an hour already and he was furious. “Bucky, you either share a tent or go buy your own.” I held my head in my hands, angry at what Tony just told us. We have to share a tent. A medium sized tent that’s big enough for two people.

Bucky groaned out loud, throwing his head back in frustration. “You do realize he’s basically Bigfoot, right?” I said to Tony, pointing my thumb out at Bucky. He shot me a glare and I stuck my tongue out at him. “Well, you’re a midget, so I have more room.” Bucky said, a smug grin on his face. I sighed, gritting my teeth.

Tony slammed his hands down on the table, startling me. “You two are sharing a tent and you WILL come back FRIENDS.” Tony said, his voice stern and serious. “Get to know each other, find something in common, get over this feud.” I rolled my eyes, knowing that’ll never happen.

I didn’t really need to get to know Bucky. He annoys me. Something about him makes me mad. Oh, wait. The fact that he has to make my life a living hell. That’s it.

Bucky stood from his seat, the table shaking as his thighs bumped against it. “Let’s just go and get this over with.” He grumbled before leaving the room. Tony sighed and ran his hands over his face. “Y/N, I’m serious. Get along with Bucky or we’ll have to go to plan B.” I knitted my eyebrows. “What’s plan B?”

Tony looked at me, his lips formed in a tight line. “One of you has to stay back on missions.” I sighed, nodding. During missions, it’s crucial that everyone on the team was focused. Bucky and I would argue and that almost cost Natasha her life in the past. “Well, we’ll see how it goes, I guess.” I stood up and Tony wrapped his arm around my shoulders, walking us to the elevator.

I was now in the common room, saying my goodbye’s to the team. I hugged everyone and I now stood in front of Steve. “He might have nightmares, don’t get mad at him if it happens, okay? Just help him through them.” He whispered in my ear, squeezing me into a hug. I nodded. “I will.” Steve rubbed my back and I gave him a smile, grabbing my suitcase.

I knew about Bucky’s nightly terrors. That made me have a teeny tiny soft spot for the asshole. I would have to take Steve’s role for the week, helping Bucky wake up and realize he isn’t a brainwashed soldier anymore.

Bucky was leaning against the wall, talking to Clint. I walked over to them, smirking. “Talking about Bucky’s ball sniffing fetish?” I piped up, making Clint snicker. 

Bucky growled and rolled his eyes, standing up straight. “You’re a headache.” He said, walking off. I shrugged and walked behind him. “You’re a giant asshole.” The team groaned behind us, glad we were finally leaving.

We had the car packed with everything we needed and I was sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for Bucky. He was stuffing his suitcase in the trunk and the car shook when he shut down the top, anger evident in his actions. I rolled my eyes, the simple act striking the smallest nerve.

I skimmed through the radio for something to listen to. I sighed, not finding anything. Bucky grunted as he stuffed himself in the small car Steve had. I laughed and watched him adjust the seat. “Told you. Bigfoot.” Bucky shot me an angry look and I stuck my tongue out at him again.

He started the car without another word and sped out of the garage, the tower fading in the distance. The campsite is about 10 hours away, so this car ride was going to be interesting for sure, considering it’ll take most of the day to get there.

Not even halfway in and I’m about to scream my lungs out. “Will you please stop tapping your fingers on the wheel?” I begged, my head throbbing. Bucky kept tapping, possibly even louder now. I sighed and dug in my small bag I brought to find my earphones. I turned my music up loud on my phone, blocking out the noise.

Another hour in and I could tell Bucky was getting even more fidgety. “Bucky, you don’t have to keep bouncing your leg like that.” I groaned, the car shaking from his leg bouncing up and down heavily. “Oh, I’m sorry, is it annoying?” He snapped back. I bit my tongue, staring at him. His metal hand squeezed the wheel, whirring.

I rolled my eyes, sinking in my seat. “You can be so annoying sometimes.” Bucky muttered. I pulled out my earphones, pausing Frank Sinatra. “You’re calling me annoying? I’m sitting perfectly still.” Bucky scoffed, his white teeth showing. “Whatever you say, sweet cheeks.” That nickname was getting on my nerves now.

I sighed, staring out ahead, the trees zooming past quickly. “I’d love it if you’d stop calling me that.” I said. Bucky chuckled and shook his head. “Not gonna happen, sweet cheeks.” My face started to turn bright red again at the memory. “Fuck off, Barnes.” I groaned, turning away from him in my seat.

I could feel Bucky’s eyes on me. I swear I could hear his jaw pop from him clenching it so hard. “Maybe people would actually like you if you weren’t such a bitch all the fucking time.” He shot back. Bucky’s words sunk in and I felt my chest sink a little bit. So, he annoys me and it’s okay. But when I retaliate, I’m a bitch?

The car was silent and it stayed that way the rest of the ride. I had fallen asleep eventually and woke up to Bucky shutting his door harshly. I looked out my window, seeing the campsite now. A smile pulled at the corner of my lips, the familiarity of the scene before me making me feel a sudden wave of nostalgia.

I opened my door and stepped out, smelling the fresh forest air. The trees were tall and full of greenery, pinecones littering the ground, and just the feel of the place was amazing. I looked over to the fire pit, seeing a wooden bench in front of it. “Stop standing there and help me, would you?” Bucky grunted, trying to get things out of the trunk.

I walked over to him, loving the sound of leaves crunching as I walked over them. Bucky finally got his suitcase out and set it on the ground. He handed me my suitcase and then got our sleeping bags and pillows out. I took mine and set my things against the car.

Bucky then pulled out the tent bag and I went to grab it, but he pulled his arms back. “I’m gonna set it up.” He walked away and I whined. “But that’s my favorite-” Bucky turned to me, a glare on his face. “Go ahead.” I muttered, turning back to the trunk. I pulled out the cooler with our food and drinks in it.

The cooler was rather heavy and I almost tipped it over. I balanced it on my knee and wobbled in place, the large cooler tilting. Bucky snatched it from me and I flinched at the sudden motion. He gave me a look and walked away again, carrying the cooler. Sighing, I grabbed my stuff and put it with his pile.

Bucky was now reading the instructions to the tent, fiddling with the mess in front of him. “That’s not how you’re supposed to set it up.” I said, stepping around him and picking up the tent.  Bucky dropped the instructions, standing to his feet. “And I suppose you know how?” He said, crossing his arms. I nodded and he clenched his jaw again. “My dad taught me.” I said softly.

I grabbed the parts to the tent and unfolded everything, laying it out. I started by hooking it down into the ground so it wouldn’t blow away. Next, I picked it up and hooked everything together. It started to take shape quickly and Bucky was cursing behind me. I smirked as the tent now stood proudly, the wind lightly blowing against it.

Bucky shoved past me and I toppled over, but quickly gained my balance. “Are you mad that a lady was able to do a man’s job?” I asked, a smug smile on my face. He didn’t answer me, he just unzipped the tent and pulled his sleeping bag inside. I got mine and did the same.

The space inside was much smaller than the outside. There wasn’t even room for our suitcases, so we’d have to keep those in the car. I sighed, setting my pillow down. “Tony will hear about this, for sure. I’m gonna have to bump butts with Bigfoot.” I said to myself. Bucky laughed sarcastically. “Yeah, I have to share this tent with the biggest bitch in the world. How do you think I feel?” He said rather harshly.

I stood to my feet and looked at Bucky, my lips tight and my eyebrows furrowed. I stomped out of the tent and walked over to the bag with matches and stuff in it. The sun was going to set soon as it was around 5pm, so I should start building the fire now so we won’t be surrounded by darkness.

Bucky got out of the tent and walked over to me, snatching the matches from my hands. “Hey, I was gonna-” Bucky rolled his eyes at me. “You set up the tent, I’m gonna light the fire.” He stalked off. I sighed, rubbing my temples in frustration.

Being here was actually making things a whole lot worse. It was starting to remind me  of my family. I never really talked about them a lot, only Steve knew a lot about them. Hydra took them from me years ago and I could never get them back. But before all of that, we were a normal family.

We went on camping trips every weekend. My dad taught me everything he knew about pitching tents, catching fish from a lake, tracking animals, and starting the fire. My dad eventually let me do all of the work, watching proudly as I went about the campsite, setting it up.

I loved setting up the tent the most, because it was like a second home because we camped so much. Starting the fire was my second favorite because of the closeness that we would have while watching the huge flame. I zoned out, looking around me again.

I could hear the waterfall Tony had told me about in the distance. I smiled then looked at Bucky. He was searching around for sticks to put in the fire pit. “Follow me.” I said, walking a bit further into the woods. Bucky sighed but did as I said anyways.

We didn’t walk too much further and I found a bunch of fallen limbs from a pine tree. I picked some of the smaller ones up and Bucky was grabbing some, as well. “I could’ve done this.” Bucky said, annoyance lacing his voice. “Then why didn’t you?” I snapped, walking back to the campsite.

I dropped the wood into the ring and started setting them up in a neat fashion. My dad always taught me to set them up like a small wood tent. The neater the stack, the better the flame.

Bucky was tossing in his pieces and one landed on my hand. I hissed and pulled my hand back quickly. “Dammit, Bucky! Watch it!” I yelled, rubbing the back of it. It was red and blood was rising underneath the thin layer of skin.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Oh, grow a pair. It’s just a scratch.” I swallowed my words, not bothering to come back. I grabbed the matches and tapped my fingers against the box. “We need newspaper. Can you check the car for me?” I asked quietly. Bucky left to the car and he jogged back, a stack in his hand. Tony knew, thank God.

I crumpled up some newspaper and Bucky got down on his knees, helping me. We finished the stack and I lit a match, holding the small flame against a ball of newspaper. It caught fire and I continued along until the fire started to get bigger. I stood to my feet, putting the matches back in the small bag.

The sun started to set and Bucky sat down on the bench. I sat on the ground in front of the fire on the other side, staring at the flames. My knees were pulled up to my chest and I rested my chin on my arms. The warmth from the fire calming my nerves.

I could see memories flash into my mind of my parents and I. I was 10 years old when I tripped and fell into the fire pit one trip. My dad quickly grabbed me out but I had a burn scar on my right leg from the fall. My mom was a crying mess but my dad remained calm, applying a cool rag to the area.

Everyone knew what happened, all except Bucky. He was talking to Steve and he noticed the scar for the first time and looked at it, but stayed quiet. Steve never told him, knowing it was my scar so it was my doing to tell if Bucky had asked. But it never came up.

I shook my head at the childhood memory of falling and I smiled. “You look like a psycho smiling and staring into the fire like that.” Bucky said. I looked up at him, coming out of my thoughts. “I was just thinking.” I shrugged. Bucky laughed and got up. “You don’t do much of that, do you?” He sarcastically replied.

Bucky walked over to the cooler and grabbed some food, tossing a sandwich to me. I didn’t look in time and it landed on the ground beside me. Thankfully it was in a bag, otherwise I’d have to get something else. “Thanks, I totally want to eat a dirt sandwich.” I muttered, pulling my sandwich out of the bag.

I heard Bucky mutter something under his breath after he swallowed. “What was that?” I said, quirking an eyebrow at him. “I said, why don’t you just shut up for once?” Bucky said louder now. He went back to eating and I did the same, too exhausted to say anything back.

Bucky and I sat in silence until I heard him yawning. He stood up and stretched, his Henley showing a little bit of his torso. I stood up and put my trash in the trash bag. I sighed, not really wanting to share the tent, but I knew I had to.

Walking over to the car, I sat my suitcase in the back seat and unzipped it, grabbing Steve’s shirt to change into for the night. I grabbed my black bra set to change into underneath. It was dark out now, all but the fire still standing proudly in the ring.

I sighed, wishing Steve were here with us, at least. He’d make this a lot more easier. “I’ll let you change in the tent.” Bucky said behind me. I jumped and turned around, clutching my night wear to my chest. “Oh, uh, yeah. I’ll be back.” I said, walking off after zipping my suitcase back up.

Unzipping the tent and zipping it back, I stepped inside, starting to undress. I dropped my clothes on my sleeping bag and pulled the shirt over my head after putting on my bra set. It fell to my mid thighs and it was quite baggy. I always loved Steve’s shirts. He didn’t love me stealing them, though.

I walked back out, taking my other clothes to the car. Bucky was leaning against it, now dressed in sweats and a white tee. I tossed my clothes in another bag and I heard Bucky clear his throat. “S'that Steve’s?” He asked me, his voice low. I looked at him confused. He pointed to my shirt. “Yeah, he let me keep it.“ I said, picking a piece of lint off the shirt. Bucky nodded and walked off.

I shut the car door and sighed. Bucky had settled into the tent now and I decided to stand by the fire for a few more moments. The wind picked up and I crossed my arms, goosebumps rising onto my skin. Hopefully my sleeping bag kept me warm enough. Otherwise, I’ll have to sleep in jeans. I didn’t think the weather would be cold, so I decided to not pack any pajama pants.

I heard a twig snap behind me and I looked to the sound, seeing Bucky. His hands were stuffed in his pockets. “Are you coming to bed? I can’t let you get dragged away by a bear. Steve’s orders.” He said, shifting his weight onto his other foot. I nodded and walked past him, but his hand caught onto my arm.

Bucky looked down at me, his eyes searching mine. “You okay?” He asked. His voice was the softest it’s ever been towards me. “Yeah, just tired.” I lied, not sure why he was being nice now. Bucky nodded and walked beside me. I got into the tent and slipped into my sleeping bag, turning onto my side.

I watched Bucky as he zipped up the tent and it was dark inside now. I closed my eyes, pulling the sleeping bag further up my shoulders. I could hear Bucky shifting around and his knee bumped mine. “Sorry.” He muttered. I scooted back, giving him a little more room.

It was silent for a few moments. I was tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. I could feel a rock underneath my back and I groaned. “Will you stop?” Bucky snapped loudly. I looked over to his voice. “There’s a rock underneath me.” I huffed, shifting onto my other side, facing Bucky.

Bucky scooted backwards and pulled my sleeping bag a few inches over towards him. “There. Now sleep.” He said, lying back down. I sighed and turned to lie on my back. My eyes shut again and I was drifting off to sleep until I heard Bucky whispering. “What?” I asked, trying to hear him.

He turned towards me and flicked on the lantern sitting near our heads. “I asked about your dad. He taught you how to do this?” Bucky said softly, referring to the tent. I hummed in response, looking at his face glowing in the small light. Bucky nodded, pursing his lips. “I guess he didn’t warn you about moving rocks beforehand.” I rolled my eyes and turned on my side away from him.

Bucky chuckled and I felt his hand pull me onto my back again. “What do you want now?” I asked, annoyed. “What else did he teach you?” I stayed still for a minute, searching his eyes. “Do you really want to know or is this some way of gaining more leverage for future arguments?” I asked, knitting my eyebrows together.

It looked like Bucky was actually thinking about it. “I really want to know. I don’t know many girls who can build a fire or set up a tent.” I scoffed. “You don’t know any other girls besides your teammates and me, your sworn enemy.” Bucky glared at me, sitting up on his elbow. “Anyways. My family camped out a lot, so my dad taught me these things.” I said in a softer tone.

Bucky ran his hand through his hair, nodding. “What happened to them?” He suddenly asked, picking at his short nails. I could feel my heart start racing and I bit the inside of my cheek. “I don’t want to talk about it. Goodnight.” I said, turning back over. I heard Bucky sigh and he turned off the lantern, lying back down. Sleep soon washed over us.

I suddenly woke up to loud grunting. I jolted up, searching around for the lantern. My hands bumped into it and I hurriedly  turned it on. I could see Bucky lashing in his sleep, his face contorted in horror. His metal arm whipped over and punched into mine as he yelled out.

I gasped and winced in pain, holding onto my arm. “Fuck.” I spat. “Bucky? Bucky, wake up.” I gently reached over to him and shook him. His shirt was soaked with sweat and he was mumbling in another language.

I shook him again and his metal arm gripped onto my wrist and I yelped. “Shit shit shit!” I chanted, trying to pry his fingers off of me. “Bucky, wake up! Please!” His hand released me and I sighed out, my eyes springing with tears. My wrist was throbbing and I’m sure it’d bruise.

Bucky was tossing and turning, his voice breaking in a shriek. “BUCKY!” I yelled louder, grabbing his face in my hands. His body shot up and he gasped for air. “Bucky, you’re okay. I promise, you’re okay.” I shushed him, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He caught his breath and looked at me. “Y/N?” Bucky asked, confused.

I nodded, watching him. “You were, uh,-” He sighed. “Nightmare.” I nodded again. “Did I do anything, like, to you?” He asked, scared of the answer. I felt it was best to say no and lie, so I did. “No, you didn’t touch me.” I said, the pain in my arm and wrist telling a different story. “Good, good.” Bucky said, plopping back down on the ground.

He sighed and slipped off his shirt, moving the sleeping bag off of him. “It’s hot as hell.” He muttered. I switched off the lantern. “Sorry for waking you.” Bucky whispered, a hint of guilt in his tone. I turned onto my side, facing him. I reached my hand out and rested it on his arm. “Don’t worry about it. Let me know if you need anything.”

A few silent moments later, I felt Bucky’s flesh hand rest on top of mine. I heard Bucky whisper “Thank you” before I fell asleep once again.

The next morning, I groaned as the sunlight beamed through the unzipped opening of the tent. I stretched and sighed, looking over to Bucky’s empty sleeping bag. I looked out of the opening and saw Bucky sitting in front of another fire. The one from last night had burnt out.

I slipped out of my sleeping bag and walked over to him. Bucky didn’t look up at me, he just kept staring into the fire pit. “What are you thinking about?” I said, watching his lips form into a straight line. “Why did you lie to me?” He asked, his voice low. “About what?” I shifted on my feet, unsure of what he was talking about.

Bucky stood up and grabbed my wrist. I gasped when I saw a bruise around it, two fingertips visible. I forgot about Bucky’s nightmare last night and I was going to hide this from him, but I guess he saw this morning. His hand then moved my shirt sleeve up, revealing another bruise from where his metal hand slapped against me.

I looked up at Bucky, pulling down my sleeve. “I didn’t want you to feel bad.” I admitted. He scoffed, shaking his head. “You make me feel like shit every day, how is this different?” Bucky spat. The venom in his words stung. “Excuse me, this IS different. And you’re not off the hook for making me feel like shit either.” I said, starting to get angry.

Bucky stepped away from me, running his flesh hand over his face. “Y/N, I hurt you last night and you thought that not telling me the truth would-would protect me?” He questioned, not believing what I was saying.

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms, the left one slightly stinging. “They’re just bruises.” I muttered. Bucky scoffed, shaking his head. “JUST bruises!?” He yelled, towering over me. “I’ve had worse done to me! So yeah, they’re JUST bruises!” I yelled back, clenching my fists.

I stomped off, not wanting to get into this right now. I walked to the car and got a change of clothes and my shampoo and conditioner. Tony said I could bathe in the waterfall. Nobody came around here so I’d be fine. I grabbed a towel from the trunk, slamming it shut.

Slipping on my flip flops, I turned to look back at Bucky then walked away, leaving him at the fire pit.

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