hangers my dad made for me

It was bugging me so I took a nap, looked at my SAD lamp for 45 minutes and I did both things. Dad was up and it turns out he has a special tool that cuts metal rods. You just spin it round and round and *pop* perfectly cut pipe. 

I made a scrim. It’s that rolled up white paper thing with the hangers sticking out. It sits in front of a flash and diffuses light in a very special manner. “Graduated falloff.” It is for lighting products and very small things in a dynamic way. You can also light chrome and shiny things without any reflections. You sort of have to home-make them to fit your space. You want them as big as you can make them without it being unmanageable. 

It is not pretty. But it is specially designed (by me) for tight spaces. It hangs from the ceiling so I do not need any supports holding it up. It has a metal rod to weigh it down when it hangs so it doesn’t flop around. And it rolls up so I can store it in my small space. 

And the table is one of those lunch tables that go over a hospital bed. It is for standing products on. Since the scrim cannot be moved, I can roll the table, move the height instantly, and get my products exactly where I want them. Added bonus is I can do this without getting up and down. When I am done it is small enough to move to a corner and not get in the way. My current table is very heavy, hard to move, and takes up most of the width of the room.

So basically these two things solved like 80 problems I had. And they are done. And I am tired. And everything hurts like a mofo. 

But accomplishment high. Yay.