hanged white papers

Love me like you draw me (Pt. 2)

Pairing: Jikook
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1 196
Summary: Tattoo artist & flower shop owner AU, because it just fits so well for Jikook~ :3
It’s the second part of my gift to the dearest @webbugiman and also a sequel to this
( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡
Author’s Note: I know that probably it’s not the tattoo artist!Kookie you wanted but… idk, ASC happened and Jikook happened (for the nth time this week, bless them) and somehow fluff completely took over the control, I’m so sorry haha ^^

It goes like that for two weeks: Jungkook comes in every day to draw and he already has an own little corner in Jimin’s shop. Jimin brings some snacks and juice to the younger boy and when there are no costumers, Jimin grabs another chair and sits next to him. At first he just watches Jungkook’s skilled hand drawing lines and making the flowers on the paper with soft tones as living as the real ones. Later Jimin initiates some conversation, and Jungkook is a bit distant but as the time flies, he starts to open up.
He tells Jimin that he is only an assistant in Taehyung’s tattoo parlor and that’s why he still has to practice drawing flowers. He tells Jimin the meaning and story of every tattoo what covers his body. (Jimin has to hold back himself from running his fingers along the marvelous black lines meandering on the milky skin.) He tells about the struggles of an artist and his family’s fortunately understanding behaviour. He tells crazy stories about his collegue, Taehyung and Jimin listens to him carefully, gives advices here and there, and slowly gets used to be called ’Shorty’. They passionately talk about arts, music, food, movies, and whatever else pops in their mind – and it turns out that Jungkook has a pretty good sense of humour.
Jimin always approaches him with a bright, dazzling smile and always says goodbye to him with an even wider one, cheeks hurting from wild laughing. Jungkook draws every day only for a hour long – and Jimin slowly realizes that he misses the younger’s jokes and funny expressions whenever the shop is empty. Jimin starts to find the time without the rustling of pen and ink on the paper more and more boring, and his thoughts are circulating around only Jungkook while he is humming to his loved flowers.

The first week passed, and instead of continuing to draw flowers, Jungkook starts to steal glances towards Jimin while the other talks with costumers or waters the flowers. His hand moves without thinking as sketching the pose of Jimin. Jimin standing, Jimin bowing, Jimin smiling. Jimin laughing, nodding his head to the rhythm of some music, tying a ribbon onto a bouquet. Tiny pieces of heaven – a beautiful boy surrounded by colorful flowers, and with a smile of an angel. Jungkook wants to immortalize Jimin’s smile, soft features and sparkling eyes, because Jimin’s every single movement is art itself. Jungkook wants to tattoo Jimin’s bubbly laugh and sweet scent on his heart but it’s impossible, so he draws pictures instead without stopping.

After two weeks, Jimin notices a small, red post-it note on the back of Junkook’s regularly used chair. There is one letter in the middle of the paper, in Jungkook’s characteristic inking style: ’W’. Also, in the corner, there are two mysterious numbers: ‘1/18′. Jimin flips the note but there is nothing on the other side. He studies the post-it curiously, but the tattoo parlor is already closed and Jungkook is gone, so he has to wait with his questions until tomorrow.

“Jungkookie-ah, I guess, yesterday you forgot one of your drawings here. That red post-it no–”

“No, that post-it note is not mine.” Jungkook interrupts with a serious tone, but Jimin notices that there is a little color blooming on the younger’s cheeks.

“Are you sure? But it’s your wri–”

“It’s not mine. It’s yours.” Jungkook explains, his face and the tip of his ears are completely pink now. “Just… Please keep it for a while, okay?”

“Okay.” Jimin smiles and doesn’t ask any other questions. It seems like a beginning of some interesting game, after all.

Jungkook nods, avoiding the older boy’s gaze, then sits down and starts to draw quietly. He only stays for twenty minutes, completely in silence, and when he rushes out the door, there is a new, lime green post-it on his chair. Jimin laughs as putting the new post-it next to the one from yesterday. There is an ’Y’ in the middle, and in the corner the numbers: ‘2/18′.

From then, every day means a new post-it with a letter on it. Jimin keeps looking at the colorful papers and tries to create words from the letters. Besides of the ’W’ and ’Y’, he already has these: ’L’, ’O’, ’T’, ’E’, ’L’, ’Y’, ’B’, ’I’, ’U’, ’Y’, ’H’, ’M’, ’S’, ’R’, ’O’. There is only one left, and Jimin waits excitedly for the end of this game.

Jungkook draws a daisy, his movements are proficient and confident, he is fast and skillfull now when it comes to sketching flowers. But Jimin can see when the artist’s long, slim fingers are trembling around the pen, that under his seemingly calm mask, Jungkook is extremely jittery today. After twenty minutes, the younger stands up and bows towards Jimin with a nervous but at the same time quite cocky smirk. Jimin confusedly walks to the chair and finds the last, white post-it with a ’?’ on it. He sighs and starts to guess what the correct order is.

Jungkook is not eavesdropping, no. He just accidentally dropped his pencil case right under the flower shop’s window, that’s all. Jimin has a tendency to rant to his flowers without noticing it, and Jungkook hopes that –
He doesn’t even know what is he hoping for. But when there is a loud, breathless ’ohmygosh’ coming out from Jimin’s pretty, pretty lips, Jungkook wants to run back to Jimin and dig a hole to hide at the same time. Taehyung’s yelling cuts him out of his thoughts and decides the question: he has to wait for Jimin’s answer until tomorrow.
His whole night is hectic and sleepless. He tosses and turns in the bed, imagining the best and worst scenarios possible. In the morning he goes to work with bags under his eyes and knots in his stomach. His heart skips a beat when notices a post-it with a short sentence and an arrow what points down.

’I answered your question with floriography. Google it~ ;) – JM’

Jungkook’s gaze follows the pointing down arrow, and on the door mat there is a red rose. Jungkook picks it up and smiles brightly – he doesn’t need Google to know what it means in the language of flowers.

He rushes towards the flower shop, and from afar he already can see his colorful post-it notes taped on the door. They are in the correct order, ’WILL YOU BE MY SHORTY?’ written with ink on them.
There is another, white paper hanging on the door, under the notes. Jungkook’s heart hammers in his chest as he tightens his grip on the rose. A chuckle escaping from his mouth when he reads Jimin’s answer: ’YES – but it’s hyung for you, dammit.’

The little bells tinkle and Jimin’s head jerks up. A fond smile spreads across his face when he sees Jungkook, and then notices the rose in the boy’s hand.

“Good morning! What can I do for you?” He grins at Jungkook while slowly coming closer to him.

“Well… I guess, giving me a kiss would be a pretty good start, hyung.”


This bitch , with the crunchiest of edges I ever seen today came in my job. She asked me where the shoes were located. I politely told her they were upstairs and I proceeded with my folds. Two minutes later she comes back down and says “I couldn’t find them.”

In the middle of my response I see a white paper hanging out of her purse. You know , the shit you put in the shoe boxes? I’m looking at her child’s feet , these are fresh nikes we legit just got off the truck. And I know he didn’t have em on before cause I remember seeing his light up Star Wars joints and thinking , this nigga probably get picked last in gym all the time. He was 12.

So Im like “Mam. The shoes are upstairs you walk right into them when you go up.” She says. Well I’ll go check again. And I go back to my folds cause those shoes wasn’t coming out my check so it ain’t my business.

She comes back and says. You know what. I’ll just go to footlocker. I look down she has on some Pumas. I’ve had enough. So I look at her I’m like “mam you didn’t have those shoes on and neither did your son.” She looks appalled like I insulted her life. She like are you accusing me of stealing?

I’m like nah but your old shoes sticking out your sons bookbag. Should’ve been more thorough with your theifing. You not meant for the game. So of course I have to call LP and my manager. So they come to the register. She’s throwing a fit. I’m balancing my drawer unbothered.

She pulls my manager off to the side and gone whisper “ she rung me up sir. I don’t know what the problem is.” I dead ass look at her like bitch you just gone lie ? For some Pumas? And some over priced nikes? At kohls ? A store that ain’t even a shoe store ? You gone risk going to jail ? And leaving your child ? You just gone come in here ? with edges looking like compressed fall leaves? And the back of your neck looking like Chum bucket meat? And a Greater Purpose Baptist Church t-shirt ? And lie ?

I ain’t say nothing. God got you. I just continued my folds. I just had to show y'all how God was working on me. Cause it took a lot not to cuss her out. I’m getting better ☺️☺️☺️

I pray that she finds the right path in life, and the right edge control.