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Since Xi will die soon thanks newest chapter..

When you think about it, the angst is not about Duanmu Xi dying. The real angst is those 7 days where they both hang around as ghost, knowing that Jinghua will probably be doomed to stay on earth forever to prevent Luoye from destroying the world while Xi has to go on to not become an evil spirit. :’(

Seriously, the only ending I can accept that won’t make me insanely cry is 1) they somehow do something to get rid of Luoye so they can pass away together 2) Xi manages to find a way for spirit to stay on earth for more than 7 days for him and Jinghua.

Voltron poster: favorite pieces

Holt family being happy + their dog has a new friend

Shay’s parents being adorable and her grandmother looking happy for them

Keith driving the speeder with the Mice at the front and Shiro deciding to be Peter Pan and fly around a bit

Lance with his flag as if he was leading the parade with Alfor’s ghost just hanging out there

Shay smiling at Hunk and the alien dude behind them looking like “I ship it”

Coran ever-present behind Allura and her fellow dignitaries 

Thace aka “Good Guy Galra” looking happily at his kinda gay friends while the sacrifice dude is just happy he won’t have to actually walk

the size comparison of how big Voltron truly is, that’s not even a “leg of Voltron” but rather just part of one “foot of Voltron”. The robot in its full capacity would be just as big if not bigger than a sky scrapper. 

Ghost and their relations to Tarot Cards

I was having a lengthy discussion with @slutforghost about Ghost connections and Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, and she’s overwhelmingly amazed by my predictions. So I figured I might as well post what I have.

Papa I: “XV: The Devil”

Simply put, Papa I is in correlation with The Devil. As he is the First, he came before all others, the one who represented Satan himself (much like Baphomet). He is elegant, as the official card description represents “Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures; lust for and an obsession with money and power. Also: Living in fear, domination and bondage; being caged by an overabundance of luxury; discretion should be used in personal and business matters.”

He wasn’t afraid to promote his ways, he was very forward with his love for Satan. Being a religious figure– and one of Satan at that– means he made a lot of money and in a sense lusted for it. 

In the end, Papa I resigned from his papacy, possibly due to the phrase “Living in fear, domination, and bondage; being caged by an overabundance of luxury”

Papa II: “XII: The Hanged Man”

Papa II most similarly represented The Hanged Man. In the official description for the card, it states: “a shameful image of a traitor being punished in a manner common at the time for traitors in Italy.” Why is this important? Papa II himself spoke more often in Italian as opposed to English in interviews, He was by all accounts a full-blooded Italian.

 The card also is related because of the fact of Papa II’s exile from the papacy; His failure to “overthrow governments and churches of the World” He is, in a sense, a Traitor to the Clergy. 

Papa III: “XVI: The Tower”

Papa III represents all that The Tower stands for. As it is associated with “sudden, disruptive, and potentially destructive change.” The Tower also shows destruction, which I will follow up with in the end.

The most shocking (haha) part of this is the connection between the song “The Pinnacle to the Pit” and “The Tower”. The video shows the story centering around a tower, reaching up to the heavens. Later on, Lightning strikes the tower, causing the man to fall to the pit, where he rises up to rest upon the Tower as the ruler. 

The parts in the video correlate with the card, The lightning strike, the falling people, You don’t see the ruin of the tower, but most certainly the rise of Papa III from a simple man brought about the end of those in the Tower. 

That’s all I have for now. I don’t have any predictions for Papa IV at this point, but I may have in the future. And thank you to all who read my post in depth. 

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Hi dear! Do you know any films similar to "The virgin suicides"? Thank you

American Beauty, Girlhood, Mustang, Girl Interrupted, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Ghost World, Now and Then, Pariah, Electrick Children, Frances Ha, Waterlilies, An Impudent Girl, Eve’s Bayou, Brooklyn, The Fits, Palo Alto

10 Things to always remember about this finale

1. Show in show in show on show on show on news report on show inception
2. Lee is the new OJ
3. Lana Winters is STILL A BOSS ASS BITCH
4. The Roanoke people give no fucks. They will come for everyone and everything
5. Don’t ever go back to that fucking house if you made it out alive once
6. Don’t kill yourself for an ungrateful little daughter who told on you in court and then almost killed herself to go hang out with her ghost bff forevz
7. The cinematography of the last 8 minutes was the only time all season that the cameras weren’t being held by a person within the AHS universe
8.Again. The Roanoke people give 0 fucks and the butcher has a hell of an arm. That final scene before “ROANOKE”. Dead.
9.There were SEVERAL asylum references including Alien costumes next to the pig costumes in the audience at the shows opening panel of stars.
10. Whether you hated the season or loved it we all know that 10 episodes was not enough!

it’s so clear now

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Words: 5k+
Rating: M
Pairing, characters: Dean x Female Reader, Sam
Note: Set in s12, no real mentions of any canon stuff, with the exception of Mary Winchester being alive. I swear I didn’t mean for this to be this long.
Warnings: Canonical descriptions of violence, walk-through of basic concussion protocol, but nothing too medical. Smut is pretty tame, but Dean totally has a dirty mouth. Avoid this if that’s not your jam.



You quite literally run into the Winchesters for the first time in months when you come around the corner in an abandoned house where a few ghosts are hanging out, and you almost clock Dean in the face with an iron poker before you realize it’s him.

Christ, kid.” He says, his voice gruff.

“What the hell are you guys doing here?” You ask after you catch your breath.

“Same thing as you, I’d wager.” Dean says wryly, and you roll your eyes.

“No shit, smartass.” You say, grinning at him before he smiles back at you, before pulling you into an embrace, his arms banding tight around your waist.

When he lets go, you do the same with Sam, and he lifts you off your feet a little bit before kissing your cheek, smiling gently at you. “You okay?” He asks, gesturing towards your face where you already know you’re bleeding a little bit.

“This? Oh, yeah. That was pure clumsiness, not work-related.” Your tone is sheepish. “Wasn’t looking where I was going, hit myself in the head with the damn chandelier. ”

“You gank the ghost yet?” Dean asks, all business as he looks around to gauge the situation.

“Can’t find her bones.” You grouse, feeling a little bit embarrassed. It’s never taken you this long before. “The research I did wasn’t accurate. The archives in town are new enough that they don’t account for the cemetery being dug up and moved.”

Sam shrugs at you. “No worries, we’ll figure it out. Three heads are better than one.”

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yeah but

  • ghosts who are friends with the living
  • ghosts curiously listening to their fleshy friend’s heartbeat
  • ghosts snuggling up to their living friends to feel their body heat
  • ghosts basking in the sun to warm their ecto-bodies up so they won’t be so cold to the touch
  • ghosts huddling close to their living friends in windy weather for fear of getting blown apart
  • ghosts watching horror movies with their living friends and worriedly turning to them and going like “i’m not that bad am i?” pointing at the murderous stringy-haired banshee onscreen
  • people ouija-ing their ghost friends as if they were casual phone calls all like “hey you wanna hang out soon”
  • ghosts going to museums with their living friends and shaking their heads while looking at the exhibits all like “no no no this is all wrong. i was there and it went nothing like this.”
  • ghosts getting really giddy and excited whenever they hear music from their era

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ok but witch au with scary necromancer Ryan who's secretly a huge dork who sometimes raises the dead just because he's feeling kinda lonely and needs someone to play chess with (and maybe ghost Ray hanging around him a lot because he's the only one that can see him all the time but idk)

More TimeStuck AU doodles! This time for Mabel Appreciation Week (Day 2: Fav AU Mabel).

I’m really bummed I can’t flesh these out more, but my time is scarce and I’ve got other things to work on. But I hope these doodles will suffice. Most of these were stolen inspired by these two lovely Timestuck AU fanfics written by @thesnadger and @the-subpar-ghost (respectfully). Both of them were amazing adorable and I highly suggest the read (if you haven’t already).

TimeStuck AU belongs to @dodofiasco (thanks @storminormin for filling me in)

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i need #sadman to get some comfort from beloved niece acerola im begging ya


~ Acerola’s just chipper by nature, which makes no sense because she hangs out with ghosts and dead things, and her uncle is a dark-type specialist. Her positive nature just rubs off on him by default, and when Acerola acts goofy, he HAS to smile.

~ She likes to have him come to the Abandon Megamart to play with her ghost friends when he’s “in a mood”. He honestly can admit he loves the Totem Mimikyu and thinks it’s adorable when Acerola runs around with it.

~ Acerola is a bit of a bookworm, and even more of a geek. She’ll find books in the library, and bring them up to Nanu. She likes to read to him, and if the book is too hard for her, he’ll read for her. She calls it Story Time with Uncle Nanu.

~ Acerola is the only person who can get Nanu to clean anything. If she stops by the station and it’s a pig sty, she’ll literally actually throw a broom at him and clean with him the entire day. He’ll never admit it, but it makes him feel good to accomplish something, and the lil shit knows it.

~ She’s honestly just an amazingly positive force in Nanu’s life. Without Acerola, Nanu would have just given up on everything a long time ago. She really does keep him going, and they’re super super close.