for you, i will face my fears, and not fall.

A poster dedicated to @julystorms’ fanfic All of Me! An amazing fic, I highly recommend reading it even if levihan isn’t your otp. (This was the fic that made me start shipping levihan in the first place!) All of Me has a great plot, great characterization, and a great amount of feels (you have been warned).

Click on the image for better resolution! There’s a little surprise in the bottom left corner hehe (it’ll make sense after you read the fic)

Hange’s hairstyle

Hange’s hair changes from manga to anime. In the anime version her hair looks limp and flat. She ties them in a half ponytail with the bottom hair let loose.

When she lets down her hair it hardly reaches her shoulders.

Meanwhile in the anime her hair is fluffier and bigger.

She ties her hair into a full ponytail. And her fringes are thicker too.

Meanwhile game version Hange has the same hair as the anime one. Bushy and full ponytail.

And so is her chibi version.

I like every version of her, limp or bushy hair.

Mmmmm let’s just skip the Opening haha
—  None, in the history of Shingeki no Kyojin opening’s ever.

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 - PV 2 is here!