Sci-fi RP Plot Generator

Send me a number and a letter from the following lists, and I’ll write a starter based on the scenario. 

My character and your character are doing (number), when (letter) happens!

This generator is designed for a sci-fi setting, but you could adapt the prompts to another setting. It may need some communication between the players/muns to finish setting up the scenario. But for those of use who want or need a quick idea for a thread, try this out! Based on an idea by setsunafreakinseiei.

This is a test run of this format, so let me know what you think!

Scene Set-up Numbers:

1) Hanging out in the cafeteria/bar/gym/etc.
2) In the hangar helping with mecha/shuttle/robot maintenance.
3) Alone on a reconnaissance mission.
4) On the bridge or command center for a graveyard shift.
5) Docking a shuttle or other craft after a flight.
6) Preparing to launch a space ship into orbit.

Conflict Letters:

A) The ship’s radar picks up an unknown or enemy! We have the chance for the first move- or first assault.
B) One of our muses has a traumatic or angsty flashback! The other has to help them recover or get them to sick bay, STAT!
C) One of our muses discovers a secret function in one of the mech/ships/etc!
D) We’re attacked and on the defensive (optional: and one of the enemy soldiers/pilots looks just like one of our muses!)
E) The local authorities want to inspect our ship! Are they known for friendliness or brutality, though?
F) We’ve received word that a secret laboratory/ forced labor camp/ other human rights violation is nearby. Do we act?

Agents of SHIELD Weekly Headcanons #21

"Come on Jemma! This is fun!", Leo called out as he hopped on a trashcan lid and went skidding down the snow covered slope behind the hangar.

Jemma sniffed indifferently and shook her head.

"No!", she called in reply. 

"Spoil sport!!", came her lover’s chiding response as he stopped at the bottom of the hill and began trekking back up to the top.

A bang from behind Jemma caused her to jump and turn, only to find that the screen door had slammed against the wall.

"Sorry Simmons, it blew out of my hands…", Skye said as she closed it behind herself and Grant. 

The couple had been dating for a few months now and Skye had been helping Grant through his therapy. 

When Grant had returned on Thanksgiving, he had been  offered a chance to redeem himself, one that he graciously accepted. After that, his therapy began and he had been working hard towards regaining everyone’s trust, a task that was much easier said than done.

Grant had apologized to everyone he had hurt. When he apologized to Leo, Jemma didn’t think that he would even accept the apology. Leo had done something quite different. 

Leo ended up saying, "I know that ye’ only tried to save us by doing what ye’ did. It’s not your fault that the pod didn’t float… I know now that ye’ only brought us on the BUS that day in the hope that we might be able to fix Garrett’s cybernetic parts…ye’ did that because Garrett was the closest thing ye’ had to a father, even if he was a sick bastard… I don’t have a father, my dad abandoned my mum when she was pregnant with me, so I know how it feels to not have someone to look up to…", Leo extended his hand, "I forgive ye’… you’ve been through hell and I’m getting better, so it’s the least I can do to forgive ye’." 

Leo came to stand next to Jemma at the top of the hill.

"Does Coulson want us inside?", he asked.

Skye shook her head.

"Nope. There aren’t any new assignments and there are no new projects unless you’d rather help Hunter take care of inventory…Coulson is giving us a snow day."

"Then what are you doing out here?", Jemma asked, looking at the two dark bags that Grant had slung across his shoulders.

"Well, seeing as it is a snow day and  we have a perfectly good hill out here that’s covered in snow… I was going to teach Skye how to snowboard…”, he said and handed a bag to Skye.

Jemma nodded.

"Well that sounds, um, fun, uh… do be careful…”, Jemma replied.

Skye gave Jemma an incredulous look.

"Simmons, are you afraid of riding down the hill?", Skye asked.

Before Jemma could answer her, Leo replied.

"Yes, she’s absolutely terrified…", the Scotsman said before wincing as Jemma elbowed him sharply.

"I am not terrified.”, she replied, “It’s just a bit dangerous…”

"Only if you aren’t careful.", Grant stated, "The more you know about it, the less likely you are to get hurt. Now I’m not saying that accidents don’t happen to people with experience, I’m just saying that education, protection, and practice can prevent them from happening…"

 ”If you’re trying to persuade her, it won’t work… Jemma’s as stubborn as a mule when it comes to this…”, Leo said as he sprayed WD-40 on the bottom of his trashcan lid and adjusted his helmet before taking a running leap and zooming down the slope.

Grant and Skye just shrugged and told them that they’d be over in the clearing on the other side of the hangar where the smaller hill was before they trekked away.

Jemma noticed how Leo leaned to one side as he neared the treeline and stuck one leg out to drift as he skidded to a halt. 

Jemma began to mentally figure out the physics behind Leo’s ride and was done when he reached her again. 

"Jemma, ye’ look like you’re deep in thought…care to share?" 

As Jemma began explaining, she didn’t notice how Leo was shaking his head and smiling at her.

"I’m just trying to figure out the maths and physics behind your outcomes when you slide and now I’m putting my own variables into the equation so that, theoretically speaking, I could find out what my outcome would be if I slid, which I won’t but—"

Jemma didn’t get to finish because Leo had surged forward and slanted his lips over hers, his hands gripping her waist and gently pulling her closer when she melted into the kiss with a contented sigh. Jemma let herself relax in Leo’s embrace and wound her gloved fingers up into his curly hair.

When they broke apart for air, Leo cupped Jemma’s cheek and murmured, 

"Sometimes it isn’t all about science and maths, love…Sometimes ye’ have to take a chance and just try something out to see if it works for ye’…"

Jemma pressed a soft kiss to his lips and murmured, 

"Trial and error… brilliant darling…"

Leo chuckled.

"So, are ye’ going to try it out?", he asked after a beat of silence.

"No.", Jemma replied firmly. 

"Suit yourself…I’m heading in…", Leo turned and walked towards the door, expecting Jemma to follow.

Little did he know that Jemma had a very different intention in mind.

Leo paused and turned around.

"Are ye’ coming in Jemmaugh!!”, Leo asked but Jemma Simmons’s snowball hit him right in the face and he recoiled in surprise and stumbled backwards while sputtering in shock.

"Jemma!", he exclaimed as he looked up to find his lover smirking at him. 

"We already know that Scots can beat the English on a sled, but can they hold up in a snowball fight?", Jemma asked, packing another snowball.

Leo shook his head and grinned.

The gauntlet had been thrown down and Leo would be damned if he didn’t accept.

"Aye right lass!", he replied, "If I win, ye’ owe me a sandwich."

"You’re on.", Jemma replied.

"What are your stakes?", he asked packing a snowball of his own. 

"If I win, I’ll tell you…", she said before lobbing another snowball at him to turn tail and run.

"Get back here lass!", he said, playfully giving chase.

They chased each other, pelting the other with snowballs as they went, until Jemma tackled Leo to the ground and straddled his hips.

"Looks like I win…", Jemma declared as Leo pouted up at her and with one roll, and a squeal of surprise from her, she was on her back. Leo grinned down at his lover, where she laid in shock from the cold snow.

"Now lass, don’t go declaring yourself a victor so fast…", Leo replied softly, his breath coming out in a cloud of vapor, his sapphire eyes connecting with Jemma’s own honey brown eyes.

Jemma sighed as she rolled her hips up into his and pulled his head down so she could kiss him.

"On second thought…we could…ah…Jemma…just…declare a truce…”, Leo gasped between kisses, winding his gloved fingers around her wavy locks.

"I think I like that…", Jemma replied and Leo helped her stand up.

Once they were on their feet, Leo retrieved the trashcan lid and Jemma leaned towards her lover, whispering in his ear.

"Perhaps when we get inside where its warm, we can help each other get out of our wet clothes…"

Leo dropped the trashcan lid and with a groan of "Bloody hell Jemma…", wrapped the biochemist up in his arms to kiss her soundly before picking her up and carrying her inside as she squealed with glee.

Several hours later, Jemma and Leo panted and let their sweat cool as they laid under the covers in their bed hand in hand, the sheets acting as their only clothing as they came down off of their latest rushes. 

Jemma was the first to speak.

"I can’t wait until our next snow day…", she panted, looking at the engineer beside her, who shot her a sated and seductive grin back.

 ”Why wait for the next one? Why not make the most of the one we have?”, he asked, wagging his brows suggestively at her.

Jemma grinned and rolled over onto Leo.

"Dr. Fitzy, I love the way you think…”, she murmured before kissing him again. 


a little step by step process for my “hangar image posted today”.
sorry i know i should do videos, but i guess i’m getting old. all the tests from a few years back were slowing down my machine, transforming the experience into something really crappy. must try again.

a small explanation for all steps:
01 - basic block in of the hangar
02 - further refining, mostly blocking a good compo
03 - adding the vehicle
04 - a small overlay in the greens to emphasize shadows
05 - auto color (or auto tone?) to obtain richer tones
06 - describing the loco
07 - 2 overlays and one darken layer to take care of slightly limiting the bright white areas, as well as obtaining better shadows and dark areas. also putting a touch of bright light in the upper left.
08 - another describing phase. lights done simply with a color dodge.
09 - smoke and flags. self explanatory
10 - final pass using once again the “auto color” mode. erasing afterwards to leave the background with the original yellow. this step is reintroducing colder tones where needed.


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