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I think my favorite thing about Voltron is that I can easily determine where all the characters would be if it were and RPG. Like, Keith? Training deck. Pidge? Hangar. Hunk? Kitchen. Lance? Lounge (stargazing. Not being lazy). Coran? The Medbay. Shiro? The bridge. And then Allura would be in the Holo deck until you had to destroy her father’s AI. Then she moves to the bridge with Shiro.

Turning for the door, [Qui-Gon] continued, “The four of us had better get going to Esseles. Come, Obi-Wan—”

“Perhaps I was not clear, Qui-Gon,” Mace Windu interrupted. “A Jedi Master is missing. This mission could be extremely dangerous. As an apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi is not ready for such an assignment. Your Padawan should remain here at the Temple.”

Qui-Gon glanced at Obi-Wan, searching his face for any reaction. Obi-Wan wore a relaxed expression and wisely remained silent. But Qui-Gon sensed he was disappointed.

“Understood,” Qui-Gon answered Mace Windu. “Obi-Wan will help us prepare for departure.“


Turning from the hatchway, Qui-Gon looked to the hangar deck and called out to Obi-Wan. "Padawan! I want you to take a look at this hatch. I think it’s stuck.”

Wondering why Qui-Gon hadn’t requested a proper droid mechanic, Obi-Wan left the deck and stepped into the cruiser. As soon as Obi-Wan was inside, Qui-Gon quickly sealed the hatch.

“Ah!” Qui-Gon exclaimed. “It seems the hatch works after all. Now, Padawan, since you’re on board, you should find yourself a seat. We’ve a long trip ahead of us.”

“B-B-But, Master…“ Obi-Wan stammered. "Mace Windu said I should remain—”

"I know what Mace Windu suggested,” Qui-Gon interrupted, “but you’re my responsibility. If I’m going to Esseles, I want you where you belong: at my side!”

Search for the Lost Jedi by Ryder Wyndham

qui-gon is fucking incredible

“A side view of a section of the carrier Yorktown (CV-10) that shows the hangar deck (with hangar deck catapult) and flight deck, an F6F-3 Hellcat of Fighting Squadron (VF) 1 visible on the latter with its engine running.“ 1943.

(National Museum of Naval Aviation: NNAM.1996.253.7171.001)


At 0740, 25 October 1944, during the Battle of the Leyte Gulf, a Japanese plane made a suicide dive on USS Santee (ACV-29), crashing through the flight deck and stopping on the hangar deck. Santee was the first ship to sustain a kamikaze attack: the plane tore a 30-foot gash into the flight deck, killed 16 men, wounded 27 others and started several fires. At 0756, a torpedo from the Japanese submarine I-56 struck the ship, causing flooding of several compartments and a 6-degree starboard list. Emergency repairs were completed by 0935.

Note: Most people believe that the first kamikaze attack of the war was the attack on Taffy Three after the Battle off Samar, where USS St. Lo (CVE-63) was sunk. St. Lo was the first carrier to sink to kamikaze aircraft, but she was not the first to be struck by one.

squirenonny replied to your post: So, this might sound like a weird question, but…

I headcanon that there’s a central storage area (where they first got their armor/bayards) that can be accessed by, idk, pneumatic tubes or teleportation or something, from various locations. (That’s why the armor was in individual tubes–so it could be transported at need.) Seems like they would want to have easy access from the bridge, hangars, and training deck at the very least, so any single storage location would be inconvenient at best.

Ooh, that makes the most sense of any idea I’ve thought of. Thank you!

You’re Late (Steve Rogers x reader)

steve rogers x reader where her and a group were gone on a really long mission and they lost contact but finally made it back and when they’re coming off of the helicarrier, steve’s all nervous bc he’s scared she didn’t make it and it takes her a while to come off bc she’s last and he’s just so relieved and tears and angst/fluff thanks man i love your writing

supercarricat said: Could you do one, where he’s on a mission and comes back to reader a little later than expected? Lot of fluff? :D

Steve was taking the North with his team, and you were directed to the South with yours. Normally the two of you worked as a pair and had done so for every mission since you joined the Avengers a few years ago, so the feeling of running in opposite directions felt foreign and admittedly scary to you.  

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Imagine that Spock loses his sight permanently after the Deneva incident and Starfleet Command won’t let him continue as First Officer even with a sensor net.  He has already outlined several other careers he might begin and, upon hearing the rumor Spock could be leaving Starfleet, Spock already has many, many job offers… but as he stands on the platform of the hangar deck, ready to board the shuttle that will carry him away from the Enterprise, he finds it strangely difficult to move his feet.  He doesn’t question the hands on either side of him, supporting him, guiding him, for he knows they belong to Kirk and McCoy and one doesn’t have to be a touch-telepath to sense the enormous grief the pair endures in heavy silence.  He realizes then that he is grieving too, not just for the loss of his sight but for what might have been had he been able to remain by their sides.  They stay together like that for the longest time until at last Amanda (who came immediately upon hearing of her son’s injury) gently breaks the contact between them and leads her son to the shuttlecraft, the sound of weak goodbyes trailing behind.  

“Are you still able to see them, Mother?  How are they?” her son asks her in a roughened voice.  

“Crying,” she answers, touching his cheek lightly.  “As are you.”

Spock bows his head.  Now and through the future, that shuttle ride becomes the most painful event of his life.

Inside the Hangar Deck. The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Hell’s Kitchen. The hangar deck is massive (think shopping mall). It sits below the flight deck and served as a ‘garage’ for the Intrepid’s aircraft. These days, it serves as a comfortable place to check out endless exhibits away from the heat, cold, rain, snow, (you name it), on the flight deck. (No complaints the day I visited the museum, the weather was NYC perfect). As you walk the museum, it’s hard to believe that everything you see is in the hull of a huge ship on the Hudson.


“I’d like to propose this.  You seem hell-bent on paying some kind of penance for whatever it is you think you’ve done.  So instead of resigning, why don’t you get up and walk out of here, meet me on the port hangar deck tomorrow evening for this ceremony, and let me pin a frakking medal to your chest?”

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I'm a bit late perhaps but 26?

This is from the domesticity prompt, and the topic is rubbing noses. It takes place during The Journey to Babel.

The door to Spock’s quarters swished open without request for entry and Jim quickly strode into the low light and heat within. Spock was solemnly sitting at his desk and began to rise to his feet in an apparent attempt to offer apology, but Jim simply lifted his hand to deter it; he crossed the space so fast that he was soon close enough to place his palm against one boney shoulder and deliver a gentle shove.

Spock helplessly dropped back into his chair and Jim followed him down, his legs spreading as he straddled his first officer’s lap. Both hands raised to cup Spock’s face and their lips met in a kiss that conveyed all the words that had just gone unspoken.

Jim’s digits splayed carelessly over and beneath Spock’s ears, his palms holding both cheeks tenderly as he deepened the kiss until their mouths breathlessly parted. They both heaved for air when the contact was broken, and Jim’s forehead fell forward to press against Spock’s.

He nuzzled their brows and noses together, continuing to cradle Spock’s face. “They’re wrong,” Jim declared suddenly in a strong tone, his eyes opening. He pulled back just far enough so their gazes could meet. “They’re wrong,” he repeated, lessening the volume in his voice but not its firmness. “And don’t you think otherwise for a moment.”

Spock’s hands had latched to Jim’s hips at some point, and they now offered a soft squeeze. Two slanted brows raised. “Jim, they are my parents. They—“

“—don’t know you and they never have, Spock,” Jim interjected pointedly with a shake of his head. “They have no idea.”

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