120kg/265lb hang snatch.

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aaaaaah first session back from my hiatus… feelin good. took me all the sets before this the figure out how to hang snatch. jus happy i figured it out. #68keys #fun #training #journey #roadtoao2016 #life #love #hangsnatch #snatch #basagym #solo #work #hustle #grind #weightlifting #happyplace #makeithappen

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  • In Levi's office
  • Hange: Happy birthday, Levi! Sorry, I wasn't able to buy a gift for you.
  • Levi: Thank you. Your presence is enough.
  • Hange: So you won't be needing this (brings out a can of tea)?
  • Levi: You liar! I'm going to punish you with my lips.
  • Levi kisses Hange then snatches the can of tea from her.
  • Levi: I'm going to take this as your Christmas gift for me. Merry Christmas, Hange.
  • Hange: Merry Christmas, Levi.

I haaaaate high hang cleans and snatches, but I’m getting better at ‘em. I added 5 kg onto my 3 RM from last week! This is 52.5 kg/116 lbs. (at CrossFit Green)

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CrossFit 2/10/2017

Strength: 3 position snatch (hang, below-the-knee, floor)

2x1 33#, 2x1 53#, 2x1 63#, 2x1 73#, 1x1 83#

Funky funky funky today. I kept over-pulling from the hang, and then getting all messed up for everything after that, and they all felt weird.


5 rounds (not for time):

  • Sled push (low handles down, high back)
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 5 box jumps (30in for rounds 1 and 2, 33 3/4in for the rest)

Sled weights: 50#, 70#, 90#, 110#, 130#. Played around with box jumps a bit after and did one at 37 ½ inches, but I can definitely do more.

170220 MONDAY

Juggernaut: Deadlift
5 Lap Run or 600M Row
12 Hang Power Snatch
4 Lap Run or 400M Row
9 OH Squats
3 Lap Run or 200M Row
6 Power Snatch
Bendy Badger:
• 2 Minute Bike Easy Pace
• 2 Rounds
5 Cuban Rotations
10 Behind The Neck PVC Press
:30 Down Dog


I love this. She goes in, totally committed to her routine and pops out a couple hang snatches, no le le. BAM!!! 


173lb Hang Snatch. Felt like going heavy on these last Saturday because we never do. 

Watch on onlythefit.tumblr.com


Courtesy of outlawcoach.wordpress.com.

CrossFit 09/13/2014


A) 3x6 OHP @65-70% - I used 60#

B) Timed mile run - 9:19 (surprised the coaches cause they know I suck at and hate running, I want sub 9)

C) 3 rounds:

200m run

6 Manmakers 35/25#

Finished in 11:43 RX. Fuck manmakers. 

Then the new oly class that started as above…

Hang Snatch 5x4 @65% = 45#

Drop Snatch 3x4 @65% = 45#

Power Clean 5x4 @65% = 65#

Push Press 5x4 @65% = 65#

Front Squat 5x5 @80% CJ = 85#

Box Jump 2x10 using 20"

Oly class was simultaneously great and shitty. The dude teaching it is a competitive weightlifter not a CF coach and he obviously knows his shit which is sweet. I just suck at everything having to with snatches and cleans and jerks so it kind of sucks. But the only way to improve is to keep doing it. Was definitely the weakest and worst there. Oh well. 

THURSDAY 21/03/13


Hang snatch (3x3)

  • 3 x 30 kg
  • 3 x 35
  • 3 x 35

Strict press (5x3)

  • 5 x 35 kg
  • 5 x 40
  • 5 x 45

Strict pull ups (6x3)

  • 6
  • 6
  • 6

Squat snatches are still the bane of my life. Have been working technique quite a bit, but they’re still a long way off from being perfect. I think I’ll stick with snatches from the hang/high hang positions until I nail down the hip drive/extension.

Strict presses were good. Really close to my 1RM of 47.5, hoping to equal that sometime soon in reps! Pull ups were sweet. 

* * * * *


5 rounds.

  • 1 Power clean/1 push press, 2 power cleans/2 push presses, 3 power cleans/3 push presses..etc, performed nonstop until you can’t complete the round (Pick your own weight)
  • Once you fail, that’s the end of the round
  • 3 mins rest between each round

COMPLETED: 5/4/4/¾ @ 40kgs.

Really hard! My grip and forearms were killing me during this one.

The push presses were definitely the harder of the two, and though you want to rest the bar in the rack position - that bloody takes up some energy too lol.

Always felt the burn nearing the end of the 3rd set of pc’s and pp’s. 

Feruary 3, 2015

Snatch Complex:
Build up to a Heavy Power Snatch+Hang Snatch+OHS

Complex Max: 145#

Decided to not go too heavy and work on my technique instead. Hang snatch felt off a bit, realized I wasn’t pulling the bar in and focusing to hard on trying to stomp my feet instead of just letting it happen.

Every :40 for 7 rounds complete the above complex @75% of complex max

Weight Used: 115#

Used 115# since I really didn’t go heavy on the complex and 75% wasn’t going to do much. Was able to hit all my lifts which was good.

18:00 AMRAP
40 wall balls 30#
30 burpees
20 power snatches 135
10 OHS 135

WOD Score: 1 round + 40

Took my time, went nice and slow since my shoulders were super tight from the day before. Wall balls felt heavy at 30# today, but what can you do other than power through…amiright?

(Hang) Snatch PR!

I did the CrossFit WODs today and yesterday, but don’t care to post my score. My conditioning is still pretty horrible (and I’m lazy); however, I did get a snatch PR today. I initially just thought it was a hang snatch PR, but it turned out to be my best snatch, in general!

Snatch (HB) – MAX
[50/3×2  60/2  70/2  80/1  87/1  93/1  97/1]

[65#/3x2  65#/2  75#/2  85#/1  90#/1  95#/1  100#/1  105#/1]

My coach said I probably have up to 115# in me, but I decided to save that for another day.

CrossFit 03.25.13

Cleans (105#): 5/6/7. Practiced using my hips more on the fourth set. Did three singles.
Ring Dips (red band): 10/11/12/7.

1 + 1 RX
HSPU (1 abmat): Kipped 6 quickly, then I fell apart. Couldn’t lock out the next six. Attempted 14 to get the last 6. These took me 5 minutes!

KB (35): Boomsauce! Look who can snatch a 35# KB! This chick! Did sets of 3. Reps were 12 reps per arm, so 24 total.

Push-ups: No problems.

Lunge (25): Oh my quads! Reps were 12 per leg, so 24 total.
Week 7, Day 3
3 @ 45
3 @ 65
3 @ 75
3 @ 80

Hang Snatch from box
3 @ 65
3 @ 75
3 @ 80

I need to work on my muscle memory. I am not using enough hips to get the bar up, rather I rely on the momentum from jumping forward to get under the bar.

Working from the boxes helped tremendously. I know I can snatch 100#, I just to need to correct my bad form.

Wednesday's Training 12/12/12

Hang Snatch –> Video of my heaviest today

33/3, 63/5, 83/3, 93/3, 98/3, 103/2, 108/2, 113/1, 113,1

These felt nice and fast. A friend pointed out how much better my form looks compared to a couple months ago. :)


From my workout log: “Shit if I know. Couldn’t get comfy on the GHR. Did some reps and some 10 sec isometric holds”

Conditioning - Burpees

3 sets of 50 burpees - 13:17 not including rest between sets