Uniq: He confesses he likes you

Yi Xuan:

Yi Xuan was the bad boy at your school. All the girls like him or thinks he’s cute hell even the boys think he’s good-looking. Even you have a crush him but everyone thinks he’s gay because he always turns down girls. You didn’t know if it was true or not. You were walking in the hall when everyone stopped and was staring. You looked to see and it was Yi Xuan and his friends. They were all looking at you and talking. You didn’t think nothing of it and just continued to walk.

You stayed after school to help your teacher clean. As you were walking you saw Yi Xuan standing around. He turned around and saw you. He headed over to you. “Hey Y/N” he said. You got butterflies in your stomach when he said your name, thinking he didn’t know your name. “What’s up? Did you need something from me?” You asked him. “I wanted to walk you home” You stared at him blankly. He wanted to walk you home. “Okay” you guys began walking. Once you got to your house you turned around. As you turned around he kissed on your lips. You were too shocked so you didn’t kiss back. He pulled away. “What was that?” You blinked. “Do you want me show you again” he leaned in but you stopped him. “Why’d you do that?” You asked. “Come on are you serious? I like you that’s why” he said. “What? You like me?” He nodded his head. “So you’re not gay” you said. “Of course not why did you think that?” “Because you turned down the girls that asked you out” you stated. “That’s because I wanted you” You couldn’t believe this. “So do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked. You nodded yes and he smiled.


You were at a party with your “friend” more like an acquaintance that dragged you everywhere. You saw Sungjoo there. He was your parents’ friend’s son. You had to admit you had a lil crush on him in middle school but you pushed those feelings aside. Plus you knew your “friend” liked him.

Someone shouted “7 minutes in heaven!” Your friend was quick to pull you into the circle. The girls that were playing had to put all their names in the hat. You sat next to your friend and saw that Sungjoo had joined the circle. “I hope I get him” she whispered in your ear. Someone spun the bottle and it landed on Sungjoo. Your friend was hoping he would pick her. He took a piece of paper out of the hat and said your name out loud. Your friend looked at you surprised. You got up and headed in the closet with Sungjoo. Once you were in the closet you stood as far away from Sungjoo as possible which wasn’t very far considering it was a small closet. “Why are you way over there?” he asked you. “Because” you simply said. He came closer to you. “Do you not like me?” My friend likes you" you tried to move farther away but your back touched the wall. “I don’t like your friend I like you” he closed the space between you two and kissed you. You were surprised at first because he likes you but you snapped into reality and kissed him back. Few minutes later the door opened. “Times up!” the person shouted. Sungjoo pulled away and grabbed your hand. Your friend gasped as she saw you and him holding hands.


WenHan was your brother’s best friend and you hung out with him when he came over to your house. You liked him because he was cute and so sweet to you. Today he was over your house again, you wanted to avoid him because if you saw him you’ll probably admit that you like him or come off as a rude bitch. You waited a while and then you decided to go downstairs because you were hungry. Once you got downstairs you saw WenHan getting a drink. You stopped in your tracks and looked at him “Hi Y/N haven’t seen you all day” he smiled at you. “Yeah well I’m busy” you headed back upstairs but WenHan caught your wrist. “Why are you leaving, didn’t you need something?” he asked you. “I can get it later” you shrugged. “Are you trying to avoid me is that it?.” You didn’t say anything and he let go of your wrist. “I’m sorry I bothered you” he apologized. Your heart broke at his voice, it sounded so hurt. “It’s because I like you” you confessed. You saw him stop and just look at you. “I know it sounds stupid but if I saw your face I would’ve done something stupid” He walked closer to you and cupped your face in his hands. “I like you too” he pecked your lips. You smiled, “Yeah I probably would’ve done that but more intense” He chuckled and kissed your nose.


You and Seungyeon had been best friends since elementary school. Along those lines you have fallen in love with him. Girls envy you because you get to be close with him and he was very affectionate with you. You walked into school and saw Seungyeon talking to Chaerin, one of those girls who likes Seungyeon. As soon as he saw you he ran over to you and hugged you. You saw Chaerin scoff, you kind of felt bad for her. “I missed you” he hugged you tighter. You laughed and pushed him off you. “Stop it we just barely seen each other yesterday.” “Who cares” he ruffled your hair. You glared at him causing him to smile.
When you came out of the girls bathroom, Chaerin came up to you. “You need to stop hanging around Seungyeon, you’re ruining his chances with me because you’re a loner.” You couldn’t believe what she was saying. “What do you mean?” “You know what I mean, every time you’re around he only looks at you. Why do you think girls glare at you and been crying over him” You thought about everything she said and it was true.

“Y/N!” You heard Seungyeon calling your name but you ignored him and continued to walk. He grabbed your arm and twisted you around. “What’s wrong?” He asked you. “Nothing” you mumbled. “Then why are you ignoring me” “Was I? Sorry I couldn’t hear you” “You’re lying.” You looked at Chaerin who was staring at you. “Nothing I’ll talk to you later” you walked away. You heart broke every step you took away from. Seungyeon saw what you looked at and instantly knew what the problem was. “I LOVE YOU!” You stopped in your footsteps. He ran up to you. “I’m in love with you” he grabbed your shoulders. Everyone was staring at you guys. “Everyone’s staring” you whispered. “I don’t care” then he kissed you. You were taken back but then you kissed him back. You heard gasps and some cheers. At that moment you didn’t care because he was in love with you.


Yibo was the popular guy at school. He knew everyone and talked to everyone. You liked him, how could anyone not he was an awesome person to be around. You were at lunch with your friend when all of a sudden Yibo came with his group of friends and they all sat at your table. You thought nothing of it but was super nervous he was sitting right beside you. You continued on your conversation with your friend. “Y/N” you looked to your left and was face to face with Yibo. “Yes?” you asked. “May I talk to you please?” You nodded and he grabbed your hand leading you out the lunch room. He stopped and then turned to you. “I-: he was cut off by the bell and students piling into the hall. "I’ll tell you later” and with that he just walked off.

You waited all day to know what Yibo wanted to tell you and you were happy you had the last period with him. You took your seat and waited. Yibo walked in and sat next to you. “What did you want to tell me?” you asked him. “I wanted to tell you that I-” Again he was cut of but this time from the teacher. Yibo sighed and slumped in his seat. You giggled because he looked so cute. He looked at you and then you got butterflies. “Hey Y/N and Yibo pay attention!” the teacher yelled. You faced the teacher but you could still see Yibo staring at you from the corner of your eye. You felt his lips on your cheek. “I like you” he whispered. You blushed super hard. “I like you too” you shyly said. He left a chaste kiss on your lips before he made you guys get in trouble for PDA in the classroom.