Hello! My name is Shawna! My friends call me Tatertot because I can eat them nonstop!

My favorite color is pink and I LOVE glitter! My hobbies include: Video games, Art, hanging with friends, makeovers, and watching old horror movies.

I love the summer time because I get to go down by the beach and splash in the water for hours!


personal shrine notes rambling:

gods, i’m so dissatisfied with the Theoi shrine. when it was smaller, it was just Hermes, Dionysos and Ariadne, but now that it gets a big shelf it’s more generalized and i want that! but it’s very scattered and blegh. i need to build up, and i’m thinking these style curio boxes to hold stuff for individual gods. i’m also considering sticking a crate/box in the middle for when i get Hermes’ statue to add height?? or maybe a tiered platter??

the akhu/death shrine is doing much better, but needs a nice nonporous offering bowl - i want to keep fresh water on it daily

the main shrine is good. i’m happy with Wenut added (and Set’s pic just chilling out). less room with the pig planter instead of a vase, but the Netjeru like the plants. need to replace the offering bowl, though, and need to hang art over it.

Taweret’s orchid got moved outside so i’m thinking of bringing in one of the neglected aloes for Her. Mama doesn’t seem to care about an icon right now. i’d really love this icon of Bes to go on there too, and maybe a pic of Twtw hanging from the line above. (…a netjeri shrine.)

the ‘Iluma will eventually get space. i’m still thinking, but they’ll probably get the end of the bureau beside the akhu. or possibly a curio wall hanger.


“in the end we will all be judged by the courage of our heart”

My fave fours and their most common characterization among the fandom, I don’t know which is the saddest: being reduced to one stereotype despite being one of the most important characters showing different sides of their personality; being so mischaracterized that there are two of him: canon one and fanon one; despite showing to be the bravest among the trainees and struggle with his personality, he’s still the crybaby ‘cause he cried once at the beginning of the story (reacting realistically, let’s be serious); receiving hate because of a ship because of his actions despite those being for humanity’s sake and despite him being the most crucial character without whom most part of this story wouldn’t existed. It’s not like the fandom used these exact words toward them, it’s the way they’re often portrayed in fan art, fanfiction, cosplays and so on. They’re all like ”they’re my favorite character” and than they act like didn’t read the manga at all. There is no black and white in snk, each character has many faces, many sides. Most of the fandom treat them as they treat other people irl: labelling, judging uncaring of their personal stories. but we know their personal stories, so what’s the fucking problem?

P.S. of course I’m not referring to puns and funny comics/FF

anonymous asked:

Hey Sophie, I'm sorry to bother you but i just had such a bad day at school to the point that I don't want to go anymore. I feel like shit, if its okay can you please make doodle of Levi being happy, just smiling, your drawings always make my day no mater how bad school was. Thank you, you are amazing.

tfw someone makes a joke about poop [hope you like it!]

snapdreygon said: hange, freshly bathed, cracks a joke about how she showered after she took a big dump, then gives him a coupon for $2/off a bottle of Windex.

this is exactly what went down


it needed colors nd some attempt at backgrounds so colors and backgrounds happened (with lots of glow and screen abuse), also modified some panels and fixed some glaring errors

as per the lineart version (this post), scene taken (with some bending interpretation) from part 4 of rhinocio‘s hot damn kickass Homeworld T fanfic series, Tenacity: A Traveler’s Dissertation on Distorted Truths and Separation Anxiety (a rupphire origin story). Also with a lot of reference to jen-iii ‘s extensive pile of art  for the same and go look through that tag if you haven’t because she is an amazing artist just like rhinocio is an amazing writer??? both of them are huge inspirations to me

(context for those who haven’t read the fic: ruby and sapphire just went through a messy fight against a diseased plantzombie gem, they were about to re-fuse but rose quartz (”pink diamond”) caught them and they think they’re pretty much screwed on so many levels but Sapphire’s the first to throw in this straight up moment of defiance against rose’s and homeworld’s judgement and it’s just A Lot Of Feelings Happen. The quotes in the black frames are all from previous parts of the story that felt relevant to Sapphire’s gaining strength to stand up in that moment.)