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rule 1: always post the rules.

rule 2: answer the questions the person has asked then ask eleven new ones. 

rule 3: tag eleven people.

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1. What is something you love doing, and why? :p I love playing video games, i guess 

2. Where would you like to visit? :o I’ve never been to Europe before :>

3. What is something you hate? >//////< 1 ply toilet paper

4. What’s something that makes you happy? o/ Hanging out with friends 

5. Favorite food? :3 I like Chinese and Indian food mm delicious

6. What do you look for in others? >.< A warm heart and honesty. Even if the truth hurts, i think it’s better to be real

7. Favorite song? Okay, that may be too hard, so you can put more than one lol ;-; UMMMMMMM idk dood

8. Favorite artists? \o i dont have one sorry :/ 

9. Do you want or have tattoos? If so, what do they mean to you? :p I don’t have any tattoos 

10. What’s your go to place? ^_____^ taco bell lmfaooo

11. What do you think of yourself? unfortunately, I hate myself and see so many flaws

It’s good to break rules sometimes, so i’m not asking new questions heh >:]

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U guys don’t need to do it if you don’f feel like it. Hope you are doing well

Luke and Ashton with Joel Madden at the G’Day USA Gala - Jan. 28th [HQ] [Gallery]