hang venture

upperstories  asked:

So we've seen bits of wrath, pride, lust, greed, sloth, and gluttony... but is there anything that Bendy is particularly envious about? He seems like he's got it made in the shade-- what (or who) would ever make him feel jealous?

“First off, learn the difference between jealous and envious! Hell’s bells, learn some fucking grammar and talk good; like what I do! 

Second, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want no prissy ‘love’ like Mickey and Minnie love each other. No. I want love from everyone. EV-ERY-Y-ONE! I want to be adored. Revered! Worshiped! And I’m envious of Mickey cos everyone fucking loves him and I don’t know why!!! He doesn’t even have to bloody try!!” – Bendy

 [Here we see some of the layout of my Toon-Town. The abandoned warehouse that Bendy is currently squatting in that he turned into Devil’s Roost. Everyone knows he’s there illegally, but it keeps him off the street causing mischief if he’s there so the fuzz look the other way, for now. 

Opposite, on the other side of the canal, is the Sunshine Café, where Mickey and the others like to hang out. Bendy sometimes ventures over there for some strong coffee in the depths of a hellish hangover (they also have nice cakes). He likes to sit under a parasol because it gets a bit bright for his liking in the middle of the day. ]