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She Tastes like Candlelight 



It starts with, of all things, a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt.

Logically, he knows it doesn’t make sense. She comes to work in form-fitted jackets that go tight about her waist. She’s been foregoing the baggy slacks in favor of skirts that stop just below the knees, with nylons clinging to the defined musculature of her calves; he’s pretty sure he can count on one hand the number of times he’s seen her wear shoes other than heels, excluding the clinical, white shoes she wears with her scrubs during autopsies.

He’s seen the looks she gets. Sometimes, it’s during an interview, when a witness’s gaze will linger just a little too long on her bustline, and her hand will go up and fiddle with her necklace, her arm blocking her chest in subtle defiance. Other times, it’s men on the streets of the city, shouting out obscenities to her, having the audacity to call her “baby,” and “sweetheart,” and he fights the urge to yell right back, brandishing his badge and his gun, wanting to scare the misogyny right out of the bones of anyone who thinks they’re entitled to her body, but he knows that she would find it condescending. “Thank you, but I can handle myself, Mulder,” she’d say, and it’s not that he thinks she can’t—he just doesn’t want her to have to.

And still other times, the looks come not from strangers on the sidewalk, or from people he can reduce to photos in a casefile, but from their peers. Educated, talented men who transform themselves into slobbery, teenage boys when sitting adjacent to her in meetings, eyeing her with an inappropriate hunger while she jots down notes in the margins of her agenda sheet. More than once, Mulder has found himself in the elevator with a man who will look down at Scully, and then catch Mulder’s eye over the top of her head, just so that he can wink, including him in some inside joke he has no interest being a part of.

He supposes that he empirically knows that Scully is attractive—it’s more or less objective fact—but he’s never allowed himself to notice. He’s trained himself to observe her through a filter. He considers her appearance through what he aptly names the Sexual Harassment Video Gaze. He quickly shuts down any thought that could be used as an example in a training tape on inappropriate office behavior.

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Number 86, with jimin please.

Prompt request: “Why are you walking around naked?”

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You knew that Jimin had a reputation on campus, but this is the first time you’ve witnessed his bad habits firsthand. Then again, you knew Jimin would break your heart eventually.

Word count: 822 words

When it came to Park Jimin, there were two constants.

One: he would always be your best friend.

Two: you loved him, but he would never love you back.

You accepted these truths early on. Jimin had burst into your life at a tender age, leaving a trail of happiness and warmth wherever he went. Naturally, you had come to love him. And that ruined everything. Jimin had sworn against love after seeing his parents’ marriage fall apart.

You could never let him know about your feelings. So his smiles cut like knives and his embraces were cruel, yet you still chased after him.

That was how you ended up here.

You followed Jimin to university, and by some stroke of fate, lived across from him in your residency. Like every other Sunday morning, you woke up early for track practice. Jimin, who was also on the track team, had a tendency to sleep through morning practices, so you took it upon yourself to drag him out of bed every week.

Slipping into your worn running shoes, you let out a loud yawn. You exited your dorm quietly, as not to wake your roommate, and crossed the hall.

Jimin’s door was always left unlocked, so you let yourself in. He lived in an apartment style dorm, so the first room you entered was the kitchen (it was pointless, as Jimin and his roommate never cooked).

“Jimin,” you called out quietly, kicking away clothes that were strewn on the floor. “Are you awake yet?”

As you turned the corner into Jimin’s room, you were met by the sight of your best friend–completely naked–standing with his back turned towards you.

Squeaking, you quickly covered your eyes with your hands, peeking through the cracks between your fingers.

Jimin spun around to face you, darting to cover up his lower body. He grabbed a shirt hanging over his desk chair and hid behind it.

“Oh my god, Y/N,” he hissed, squinting to look at you in the bright, morning light filtering in through his window. “Why are you here right now?”

“We have track practice,” you replied, still covering your eyes. You could still see him though, and his sculpted body had you flushed. “Just was gonna wake you up.”

You turned around as Jimin slipped into a pair of sweatpants. Eventually he spoke. “It’s fine, I’m decent now.”

Looking, back at Jimin, who was still shirtless, you couldn’t resist asking. “Why are you walking around naked?” you inquired. “This hasn’t happened before.”

Jimin’s eyes flickered to his bed before returning to you, his mouth set in a tight line. Slowly, you followed his gaze. Then, you saw her.

A girl was tucked into Jimin’s bed, her messy hair spread around her. Hickeys dotted her neck, a line of them spreading across her chest and disappearing underneath the covers she was surrounded by.

Your mouth went dry and your heart plummeted. Unable to meet Jimin’s eyes, you stared at the floor in front of him.

“O-oh, sorry,” you stuttered, trying to keep your voice steady. You began to back out of his room. “I’ll just go run by myself then. See you later.” With that, you turned on your heel and rushed out of Jimin’s dorm.

Jimin caught up in the hallway, grabbing your hand and pulling you to a stop. He had heard the distress in your voice.

“Y/N,” he began, his soft voice laced with concern. “What’s wrong?”

You tried to hide your face as you felt your eyes brimming with tears. Jimin pulled your hands away from your face, peering at you closely.

“Why are you crying?”

Jimin’s gentle words unleashed a storm inside of you. Tears flowed freely down your face, and your lower lip quivered.

“J-Jimin, I,” you hiccuped, struggling to form words. “I c-can’t do this anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Jimin demanded, looking frantic. “What are you talking about?”

“I love y-you,” you whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

Jimin dropped your hands like they burned him. His expression morphed into a stony one, his eyes leaving yours. His jaw clenched as a slew of emotions flashed in his eyes. A heavy silence stretched between you, punctuated by the quiet sounds of your breathy sobs.

“You know how I feel,” Jimin said finally, each word feeling like a punch to your stomach.

“I know,” you repeated, your head dropping. You turned around and walked away, and this time, Jimin didn’t try to stop you.

As you passed through his kitchen, you looked at the article of clothing that you had kicked away earlier. It was a little black dress, you noted bitterly, a sad laugh getting caught in your throat.

That morning, you ran until your lungs burned and your legs turned into jelly. Your mind went blank as you focussed on putting one leg in front of the other. You just ran.

- Girl in Luv

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. Not gonna lie, I was inspired by the lyrics of Spring Day. I’m think of writing a fic based on the lyrics…

Gamer Boy Ch. 2

This is part of my submission for nalu week 2017. It is rated T for cussing and slightly suggestive themes later on. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. 

Summary: The annual ‘Call of Duty’ competition is back again. Lucy is determined to reclaim the title as Fiore’s best team, but first she has to beat last year’s winners, ‘The Dragons’. She won’t let anything stand in her way, especially not the annoying team captain of the opponent’s team. No distractions, no slip ups, and certainly no secret make out sessions with her rival. Modern AU. Romance/Humor

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. (Completed)

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Chapter Two: Gothic (Bonus Day 2)

Natsu laughed at his reflection, a toothy grin painted on his face that didn’t match his appearance. He made a trip to the mall to get ready for tonight, deciding he wanted to go all out. The ends of his bright pink hair were temporarily dyed black. The box said it would last until he washed it, so he hoped it came out when he showered tonight.

He used black nail polish to paint his nails, as well as used black eyeliner to give himself a gothic look. Though, he was starting to worry he went a little overboard. He didn’t want to look emo after all.

He wore a simple black shirt that went well with his black jeans. Luckily, he didn’t have to buy either of those since he packed them for the weekend, but he wasn’t planning on wearing them both at the same time. He did end up buying a pair of black boots, but he knew he could use those for more than just tonight since they matched some of his other outfits.

Natsu removed his scarf, playing it on the desk beside the full length mirror. It wouldn’t match with what he wore tonight, even though he hated going without it. Truthfully, he didn’t normally wear it so often, but after Lucy made a snide remark about him never taking it off last year, he decided to mess with her and make sure he always wore it around her. It was just one of the many things he did to have fun with her.

Striking a pose, Natsu said, “I could totally be a ninja!”

Gray walked by, snorting as he shook his head. “Ninja’s are supposed to be quiet. You’d never make the cut.”

“Oi!” Natsu yelled, shaking a fist at his best friend. “I’d rather be noisy than naked!”

Gray glanced down, sighing when he saw he was in nothing but his boxers, little white snowflakes adorning the blue material. “Damn it,” he mumbled, retracing his steps. “Where’d I take them off?”

Natsu turned away from Gray so he could look at his reflection again. His tongue came out, licking over the piercing on the left side of his bottom lip. It was very fresh and stung a little when he nudged it with his tongue too hard, but overall, he was getting used to the new addition to his face.

What he wasn’t getting used to was the eyebrow piercing on his left side. Gajeel told him those wouldn’t hurt, and admittedly it didn’t, but it was annoying as hell. Every time he went to raise his brow or move it in general, he felt it. Luckily for him, his two piercings were coming out after the party.

He thought it looked awesome, but his friends had other ideas. 

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Casual Part 3

Requests are open!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14

Word Count: 2480

Warnings: Smut, Bad language


    What the fuck had you done?

    You had to be the dumbest person to ever live.

    You lay in his bed considering all the choices you’d made that lead to this moment. Lying in Park Jinyoung’s bed. Naked. With severe sex hair. But that wasn’t the point.

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"Where's my shirt?"

Modern AU Elorcan flufffff bc jfisjdia I luvit. For @samaykay912 😊

Im sorry its not that good aha but its been a longggggg day at work with some vv stressful customers. 

I hope you enjoy it anyway x



Where in the hells was it? Its not like a shirt could just grow legs and walk out the house so it had to be here somewhere but for the life of him Lorcan couldnt find it anywhere.

“Elide, have you seen my shirt?”

Elorcan sighed as he was yet again greeted by silence. He let out a low grumble as he threw around another pile of clothes, he was already running late but he refused to wear any other shirt.

God dammit.

Where had Elide put it and why was there so much washing?

“Elide” he roared, what was she doing? He was beginning to get annoyed now.

He was about to call out for his girlfriend again when he heard the uneven patter of Elide’s footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Stop shouting me” her voice was soft, slightly rough from sleep but still like music to Lorcan’s ears “I might have a fucked up ankle but Im not deaf for petes sake”.

Lorcan turned to face Elide only to find her wearing the shirt he had just spend 45 minutes looking for and any anger he was feeling vanished. Man, did she look like a goddess descending the stairway from heaven. The shirt far too big for her petite frame, coming down to just above her knees and showing off her slender pale legs as Lorcan let his eyes drift down the subtle curves of her legs to her scarred ankle and back up. The arms of the shirt hanging over her hands like they would when you were a child wearing a hoody that was far too big for you.

She must have been feeling a slight chill because he could see her pert nipples just visible through the thin fabric and the buttons were only partly done up, bearing her milky white collar bones for him to see.

“Damn” he whispered as she slowly walked towards him. His fists clenching to stop him from running to her.

Her dark chocolate brown hair fell in soft, loose waves pulled over one shoulder, tousled at the roots from where she had been lying on it.

“Couldn’t you have just worn another shirt?”

“I was going to say no, I look best in that one, but I’ve changed my mind” Lorcan chuckled “you definitely look better in it than I do”.

Elides lips quirked up at one side as she looked at him with hooded eyes, her long lashes shadowing the colour of her eyes.

“Hmm I can agree with you there”

And that was all Lorcan could take. He took three large steps and came face to face with her before taking her small face in both hands and pressing his lips firmly against hers.

“Wont you be late?” Elide pulled away by the smallest fraction. Her breath tickling his lips.

“Actually, I think I can miss this meeting all together” he grabbed her soft thighs in his large caloused hands and lifted her to wrap her legs around his waist, causing her to squeal in surprise before taking her back to their bedroom…

Is that my shirt? - Lysander

This is the first in a series of drabbles. Each piece in this series will be focused around a different relationship with Candy, and each piece will have the same title: “Is that my shirt?”.
First up is Lysander.
If you would like to suggest who I write next, leave me an ask.

Public pools. They had never particularly been Lysander’s thing, but if joining Candy at the chlorine filled communal bath was going to make her happy then he supposed the temporary sacrifice to his own comfort was worth it. Thankfully he had managed to find a shady pair of chairs where he could sit his belongings and relax until Candy made her appearance. Laying on the not entirely comfortable plastic lounge chair in the shade, he closed his eyes and attempted to block out the noise of every other pool guest. Of course they would end up going on the day that everyone else had decided was the perfect day for a swim.

A small clearing of one’s throat came from above Lysander, and images of an angry mother who had wanted the space he had claimed for her and her children filled his mind. However, as he opened his eyes he saw not an angry parent, but rather a stunningly beautiful girl who he had the luxury of calling his girlfriend. And in her current attire she was able to throw any and all negative thoughts out of Lysander’s mind, she looked even more beautiful than—Wait. Was that his shirt?

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Chapter VII | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - Dirty Laundry by All Time Low

Instagrams are here - (none for this chapter, again, because the app is still being a dick)

Word Count - Almost dead on 4000

“Morning!” Gemma startled Eden as she walked out of her room and they met in the hallway. “Harry’s been up for hours, it seems. Probably wouldn’t be if he’d come back any later. What happened to you?”

It took a moment for her mind to adjust and understand what Gemma was saying before she replied. “Oh, uh…he was so slow that by the time we could back, there wasn’t any point in me going out again,” she faked a smile.

“Ah well. You all packed? Breakfast is on the table if you wanted some. Think we’re leaving in about an hour.”

When Eden left Gemma for the meantime, she walked lazily down the stairs towards the kitchen for food, and stumbled a little when she spotted the frame of Harry in the living room, his face staring into nothing.

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I know you’re taken(but will you be mine?)

I wanted to try writing in first person for this ohmtoonz, let me know how it turned out please!

Disclosure: brief mention of subspace

There’s a belief that the act of magic is a hoax, child’s play for quick money from those too willing to believe in the unknown. Those who discard it have never stood in Los Angeles at an hour where time stops, and it feels as if eternity has granted you the enlightenment of the moment lasting forever, and they don’t know the warmth of having a man’s arms wrapped so tightly and pressed close, you can feel the beat of his taken heart as two bodies become one. I felt magic in the way we swayed to nothing, and how it electrified the air around us as his lips ghosted over my ear.

“I’ll leave him. We can go to Rome, or Paris. I’ll take you to the moon if that’s where you want to rest. Have a fresh start, leave all this shit behind. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? That what you want?” His voice had a huskiness to it all with fantasy filled minds crave to hear whispered in their ear. It drove me mad. It made me believe anything he had to say. Through the haziness of that alluring control though, I knew, like those with broken hearts do, that it would be short lived. Soon that voice which held confidence and seductiveness would tire and leave my child like daydreams.

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if you're taking requests still, then chanbaek: “I’m much taller than you but you have the locker above my mine. Now I have to awkwardly crouch underneath you twice a day and I almost headbutted you in the crotch, I’m sorry.” pls and ty! :)

this was such a cute prompt!

Originally posted by dulcetyeoll

His eyes are on the clock on the wall above the door. The bell is going to ring in exactly fifteen seconds and he’s just short of a nervous sweat, perched at the edge of his seat, counting down the seconds. Before the rest of the class can even register the bell had begun to ring, he’s already up and out of his seat, books in his hands as he rushes through the door and down the hall.

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Walkers Street (Final Part Aka Part 5)

A/N: I’d like to apologize that I’m an asshole and didn’t update it for almost two weeks?? I had rewritten this like three times and it was driving me crazy ahahahaha…ha…ha…*Clears throat* Anyway. Then I was just busy and just couldn’t sit down and write it how I wanted it. Also I didn’t feel like it would be fair to give any of you some have assessed part.

 Masterlist to WAU and Pervious Part: WAU, Part 4

Summary: You think I’m really gone give you one…Ha…No. 

Warning: Swearing, Violence

Word Count: 3000+ 

Tags: @panda-girl1999 & @lost-in-the-stories

You flinched as the bat swung over Elias’ head. Sting chuckled as Elias shuddered. “Did you fucking fools think that you would be the one’s to be punished? Ha! You are all going to watch as someone else gets beat to fuck for your mistakes!”

Sting turned on his heel and looked at everyone else. He slowly paced back and forth, his bat scraping against the pavement. Then he stopped, the bat was in front of Aj. “Well, well, well. It seems as though my bat picked you!”

Before Sting could raise the bat any higher in the air, you jumped up and wrapped your arms around his neck from behind. He toppled back and fell on top of you. You wrapped your legs around his waist and tighten your choke hold on his neck.

Shouting began and things like, “Now!” “Everyone else stay down!” “Get off him!” and, “Get the guns!” were being directed around the small area, but none of it made you release your hold even as Sting shrugged in your grasp.

You could hear gunfire and when you looked were Aj would have been, he was gone as was everyone else. No one fired a single shot at you, far too afraid they’d shot Sting. Through one guy was pointing a gun at you, but Seth came up behind him and hit him over the head with Sting’s bat.

“Let go of him! We need to leave!” They rest of Stings men were shooting at your group and trying to round them back up, so far, none of them were successful.  

You released your hold and shoved him off your before rolling to your feet.  Sting placed his hands on his neck and coughed, threatening he was going to kill you. Seth grabbed your hand and began running, pulling you behind him. Shots were firing at your feet, barely missing you by inches. You both hid behind a truck. Dean and Aj were waiting there.

“What the fuck was that!?” Aj hissed, cocking a large shotgun. “You wanted to die like that!?!” Seth grabbed a pistol out of Dean’s hand and checked the clip. “If it meant everyone else getting out alive then yes!”

“Well, you’ll have to get the fuck over it! I was going to let you die!” Seth shoved the gun into your hand. “You guys going to make a b-line for that truck there-“ Seth pointed towards a large truck that was parked in the corner of the lot.

“What about a gun for you?” You asked, looking at Seth. He bit his top lip. “Seth…You’re coming to the truck right?” Dean looked away checking around the side of the car as the gunfire started up again. 

“Y/n…Listen, I love you with everything I have to give…I want you to live and if that means me staying behind to distract them…Then I’ll do it.”

You shook your head. “Don’t do this to me…” Dean looked back to you. “We need to go now if we have any chance of getting out of here alive.” 

Seth cupped your cheek and leaned forward, kissing your forehead. “If I get out alive…I will find you.”  He kissed your one last time on the lips and brushed his nose against yours. “I love you.”

He stood and tears rolled down your cheeks. “Please, Seth…” He took a deep breath and stepped out behind the truck. Gunfire began ringing out as Seth sprinted the opposite way of the truck. Aj grabbed your arm. “Come on!”

It was like everything was in slow motion. Bullets were flying past you and at your feet. Dean was shouting, “Suck my dick! You bunch assholes!” 

You looked behind you and watched Seth wave his arms in the air before running away from the men that chased him, it looked like he was laughing.

Aj pulled open the door and shoved you towards it. “Get in!” You stumbled into the truck and a sobbed escaped you as you watched a bullet rip through Seth’s shoulder. Aj pushed you further into the truck and shut the door behind him

The truck rumbled to life as Seth was tackled to the ground. Aj wrapped his arm around you as you continued to watch Seth being pulled to his knees and Sting stepping in front of him. The bat was raised above his head.

Dean took off, the truck breaking through the chainlink fence. Some walkers were stumbling towards it but Dean drove the truck right into them, the monsteras truck wheels having no problem running over them. You sobbed into Aj’s chest and his arm tightened around you.

You have no idea how long you had been on the move for. Dean hadn’t stopped driving the truck until it ran out of gas and after that you had all just moved on to a new car, driving it until there was nothing left in that one either.

Now the three of you were on foot. You had managed to scrap up enough supplies from any gas station and convenient store you came across. 

You walk behind Dean and Aj in the tree line. Just far enough inside the trees that anyone in a car wouldn’t be able to see you at first or second glance.

You looked around and had this feeling like you knew where you were. As you continued to walk everything was becoming more familiar. 

You heard the quiet chit chatter coming from Aj and Dean as the walked ahead of you, their hands resting on their weapons.

“Oh my God…” You whispered. You began walking across the road, ignoring Aj calling after you. You ducked under tree branches and stepped over roots as you pushed further into the forest. 

“Y/n!? Where are you going!?” Dean called after you. You continued to push further in, sidestepping a walker that tried to grab you.

You break through the trees and stand there for a long moment. Dean comes up behind you and Aj behind him. “The cabin…” Dean whispers. You unsheathe your knife and moved towards the cabin.

You push the door open and look inside. You boots loudly thud against the wooden floors as you walk to the hall where Seth’s room once was. You slowly open the door and stand there.

It was just the same. The sweatpants folded on the dresser, the unmade bed. A few of Seth’s arrows sat on the nightstand. 

You wondered what happened to his crossbow. Had he left it behind at Riverside? Walking further into the room, you could feel the tears welled in your eyes.

You picked one of the arrows up and a single tear rolled down your cheek. You hadn’t let yourself cry much since you left the city. 

You weren’t sure how long it had been. A couple of weeks maybe a month or so, but you knew how much was bottled up inside you.

Aj said he didn’t want to leave the state just yet. He wanted to wait a little longer. He was still in hope that someone else could’ve survived and maybe was looking for you guys.

You had zero hope. You knew that if anyone else had gotten out that they ran just like you three had, without looking back. You allowed yourself to fall into the mattress. Dean stood in the doorway, watching as you curled yourself into a ball.

Aj looked into the room and let out a sigh. “So…I take it this is where you guys met?” Dean frowned, ignored Aj and walked into the room, laying down beside you. Dean rolled you over towards him and let you bury your face into his chest and sob.

You hadn’t slept much. You would always take first watch, second even. At first, the both would fight with you about not sleeping, but once they saw why you didn’t sleep, they no longer fought with you over it.

You would wake up screaming Seth’s name and when he wasn’t there, you would begin sobbing, hands fisting in your hair as you sobbed out his name. After they both experienced that, they would just tell you to wake them if you found yourself falling asleep.

They also realized that when you woke them because you were tired, you would actually sleep, there was no screaming, no crying. It was just you curled into a ball in the front seat of the car, sleeping.

Dean took the way you were the hardest. Watching you lose who yourself began taking a toll on him. He would try everything to get you to smile. Most of the time you held a blank stare and a clenched jaw.

Dean stroked your hair as you cried into his chest, asking, “Why?” “Why did he do that?”

Both Dean and Aj agreed on staying at the cabin until you could siphon gas and get enough supplies together. No one spoke up about where it was that you’d all be going, you just all agreed that you wanted out of this place.

You had yet to leave the bed once. Dean and Aj had left a little while ago to search for supplies. They begged you to come along but you couldn’t even muster up the energy to say no.

Your head was resting against a t-shirt that once was Seth’s. You stared blankly ahead at one of his arrows. Your eyes were dry and it hurt every time you blinked. You had cried for days. Mostly through the nights until you fell asleep.

Dean had given up on trying to comfort you after the second day there. Aj tried to give you space, but fail. Seeing as every night he would end up coming in and laying by you until you had finally cried yourself to sleep.

You heard the front door open and squeak shut. Heavy footsteps sounded in the living room before making their way down the hall. Your bedroom door opened and your eyes flickered.

Dean was standing there, shirtless, his bloody shirt hanging over his shoulder. “We’re back…Are you hungry?” You shrugged. “Why don’t you come out here and eat tonight? You need to leave this room. Even if it’s just for tonight.”  

You slowly sat up and sat on the edge of your bed for a moment before standing up. You followed Dean out into the living room. Aj was standing in the small kitchen, cooking something on a camping stove. “Hey…”

You walked over to the door and pushed the screen door open, stepping out onto the porch. You sat down on the steps and looked at the small clearing. The grass was overgrown and wildflowers were sprouting up everywhere.

While you watched the grass blow in the evening wind, you heard a distant voice calling your name. You look over your shoulder to see if it was Dean or Aj, but it wasn’t. You shook your head.

As you continued to look around, you could hear the voice, it was faint and you could’ve sworn it was Seth’s voice. “Where are you?” You jerked your head to the left. That was definitely Seth’s voice. You closed your eyes tightly and shook your head. “I’ve gone off the deep end…”

“Y/n…Where are you?” Tears welled in your eyes. His voice was crystal clear. “The cabin…” You whispered, eyes looking around frantically. “I’m at the cabin…Safe and sound.”

The door squeaking behind you caused you to quickly blink back the tears and stand. “I was just coming in…” You said, brushing past Dean.

You grabbed onto a tree branch, your boots pressing against the body of the tree. You could hear Dean and Aj bickering on the porch of the cabin over what road was the best to take out of the state.

You swung your leg over a branch and pressed your back against the tree. Every night you could hear Seth’s voice telling you he was coming for you…Coming to get you.

You knew it just your mind playing tricks on you. Some weird coping thing. It never stopped you from holding onto hope. You let your shoulders drop and let out a sigh as you looked up into the Leafs.

You heard the rustling of leafs but shrugged it off to the wind that just seemed to kick up. The air was fresh and breezy. It must be spring time. 

The crack of a stick grabbed your attention. You looked down and watched the ground while flickering your eyes over to the guys every few seconds.

A walker came stumbling out of the woods, groaning loudly. You felt yourself fill with disappointment. You knew it was a long shot- an imposable shot- that Seth lived, but still, you hoped.

Dean hopped over the railing and raised an axe up high, but before he could sink the axe into its head, an arrow pierced its head. Your body froze. Had those crazy bastards found you?

You unholstered your gun and waited for someone to emerged from the trees. A small figure came sprinting out from the trees and slammed into Dean’s legs, arms wrapping around his waist. It was Jason. Dean froze and Aj raised a gun as Elias came from the trees, hands held high.

“I’m not here to hurt you! I bring no harm…” Your eyes filled with tears as you stared at Jason and Elias…They lived. They were here. You watched Aj lower his gun and stare off behind Elias.

You look down and suddenly you feel goosebumps litter your skin. Seth stood there, crossbow held in his hands, clothes filled with blood, hair pulled away from his face and once again his beard far too overgrown.

He walks further in and Dean is the first to move towards him, hugging him tightly. Seth let the crossbow fall to the ground as he hugs him back.

You wanted to move, to swing yourself from the tree, but you couldn’t muster any of your muscles to move. You hear more rustling in the trees and you watch as Tyler emerges next.

“Where is Y/n?” Seth asked, looking around. “Y/n isn’t…” Dean shook his head. “No! Y/n is in-“ “Up here…” You say. 

Seth whorls around. You force your body to move down the tree. Tyler reaches out and grabs Jason before he could lunge himself at you in excitement.

Seth moves forward and pulls you against his chest. He buries his face in your hair and you let out a sob, one that breaks Seth’s, heart.

Seth cups the back of your head and tightens his arm around your waist. Tears filling his own eyes and falling down his cheeks. Your arms created an iron cage around him, not allowing him to move even an inch away from you.

   “If this is a dream, I don’t want to ever wake up…” Seth shook his head. “It isn’t a dream, Y/n. It’s real. I’m here.” You pull just enough away to look at him, even with tears clouding your eyes you could still see his handsome face.

Seth brushes away the tears and leans forward, pressing a kiss to your lips. “I’m here.”

That night you lay curled up against Seth’s side, your face pressed against his chest. Everyone decided to stay at the cabin one more night and leave just before dawn.

Elias and Jason took Dean’s room across from you, Dean took the couch, he wanted to make sure Jason had a bed. Tyler laid out a few pillows and blankets on the floor in the living room, happy to be somewhere that wasn’t a car or the woods, even if it was for just one night.

You could hear Jason jumping on the bed, it continued to squeak even after Elias told him to stop and that people were sleeping. It made a small smile spread on your face. You looked up at Seth as he lay peacefully beside you. “How’d you know we’d be here? And…How did you get out of there alive?”

Seth looked down at you. “Tyler…He got hold of one of their guns and as Sting was going to swing the bat, he shot him in the shoulder. Everyone freaked the fuck out and covered him, running him towards a truck of some sort as he swore and called us crazy. Cause we’re the crazy ones right?”

“We got Jason out of the abandoned car after Tyler helped me up. I didn’t want to leave without him, without knowing he was safe at the very least. Elias shot one of the goons that were coming up behind us. He too was coming for Jason…”

“We took one of their trucks and waited a few moments, hoping that someone else had seen us, but there were walkers coming in…Tyler didn’t want to wait any longer after he had seen Fandango and Baron get ambushed by walkers and Tye get shot by one of the remaining goons.”

You sat up and turned your body towards him. You look at the bandaged spot on his shoulder. You place a hand on it, gently stroking it. 

“Elias said I was lucky that I lived…That my will to live must’ve been what kept me going cause I should’ve died…Anyone else would’ve in this world without real medical attention.”

“I ended up going back to Riverside with them…Just for a few days…I was hoping you were there. You weren’t. Obviously. I warned them about those assholes and demand my crossbow back. Fucking dicks tried to keep it.” 

You smiled a little. “I thought for sure Elias was going to stay, with the kid and all. But he said he owed you, he owed us. Tyler didn’t want to stay behind, that you were the only person he knew from his old life…So we all set out to find you.”

You looked down at your hand in his and frowned. “How’d you know we were here?” Seth shrugged. “Lucky guess.” You looked at him now and shook your head. “How’d you know?” He sighed. “You’re going to think I’m crazy…” 

He laughed. “While in Riverside I…I woke up one night, calling your name, asking where you were…And then I heard your voice telling me you were at the cabin…Safe and sound. So I said I was leaving and as I told you, everyone else came.”

You let out a breathy laugh. “I heard you voice asking…I was sitting on the porch when I heard it…I thought I had gone crazy but I answered…Then other times I heard your voice telling me you were coming for me…I really thought I had gone crazy.”

Seth sat up and pulled your near him, his lips pressing against yours. You rested your forehead against him as tears filled your eyes. “Never do that again…Never.” Seth shook his head ever so slightly. “I won’t. Never, ever again.”

He kissed you again. “I love you, Y/n.” “I love you too, Seth.”

anonymous asked:

how about confused and supportive dean going with sam to buy his first binder?

Dean’s not sure what Sam’s looking for, or why he’s there with her - uh, him? Whichever - to begin with. Worse, they’re at the bra section.

“Dude,” he mutters under his breath, catching Sam’s arm when he’s sure there’s no one around looking, “What are you looking for?”

Sam pulls his arm back and rubs at it with a look of discomfort on his features. He’s worn it often since he first brought up the whole gender thing, like everything’s rubbing him wrong. Physically, that is; like really, really rubbing him raw. Like sandpaper on skin.

“I need your help,” he mumbles, turning around again and fingering a black-and-blue bra on display absently.

“Dude,” Dean says again, “I can’t help you with freaking bras, do I look like I have boobs?”

Sam gives him a nasty look.
“I don’t need your help with that. I need you to tell me, honestly, if it works.”

Dean’s brows climb up.
“Works? How would I know?”

Sam sighs.
“You’ll see,” he says wearily, abandons the bra he’s been abusing, and grabs another one. Dean doesn’t know why it’s better - it’s black and pink. Blue and black seems better for a guy, if there’s such a thing as a good bra for a guy.

Unaware of Dean’s confusion, Sam stretches the pair in his hands for a little bit before nodding, lips pursed, to himself. He puts it underneath his arm and gives Dean another look, this one anxious and drawn back.

“Wait outside,” he growls and walks them both to the changing room.

Dean does as asked: he stands there, abandoned, in the middle of the women’s changing room. This thing just keeps getting weirder. He checks his watch - Dad will be home in a few hours.

In a minute, Sam’s fingers wrap around the curtain again.

“Just - tell me how I look,” his voice barely carries across the thick fabric, and Dean sees his fist tighten around it briefly before he tugs it aside.

He’s wearing the exact same clothes as before, which isn’t a surprise considering that he only went in there with a bra. His shirt is too big on him, it’s Dean’s old, but he’s been working out a lot recently (something Dean questioned before Sam finally explained to him why), so at least he’s filling up more of it than previously. A flannel hangs loose over that shirt, and - shit. He’s flat. Dean lets out a small sound of enlightenment as he, quite inappropriately, stares at his ex-sister, present brother, directly where his boobs used to be.

“That, uh,” he says, his eyes jumping back up to Sam’s as his self-awareness grows, “works.”

Sam stares at him.
“What does it do?”

“Magic, apparently,” Dean huffs.

A moment later, Sam’s profile seems to deflate. He relaxes, and a small smile crosses his lips.


“Yeah,” Dean assures him.

Sam nods. Then, he looks away again.
“I have to - you have any… cash on you? They’re - a bit more expensive than I thought, I mean, I need a couple - if I only get one, I have to wear regular ones instead on some days, and I just - I can’t. It makes me sick. I can’t do it anymore.”

Dean grimaces, but his hand’s already digging into his pocket, looking for his wallet. He opens it and counts the cash inside, then nods.

“Twenty bucks enough?”

Sam glances at him.
“Thanks, Dean.”

“No problem, little brother.”

Trans prompts?

anonymous asked:

What would you say that are the essentials for a style like bella?

x. This is a very broad and kind of in-detail at the same time link.

So if I had to say top 5 rules to have a style like Bella:

  1. Lots of accessories/jewelry. Especially chokers, sunglasses, and baseball/conductor hats. One, if not two, of these things should be in every look. Earnings are usually hoops, if she’s wearing rings, she’s wearing ten, and very rarely wears bracelets.
  2. Shirts are always cropped or sheer or a bodysuit. A lot of times she’s not even wearing a crop top, too, she has it tied behind her back to expose her midriff. But really this isn’t even general, she never wears a top that hangs over her jeans.
  3. Jackets or long sleeves. I dare you to find a look where Bella doesn’t have long sleeves and a jacket on/with her. I dare you. She usually wears leather or jean jackets, sometimes fur, and the occasionally hoodies or bombers. Matching denim jackets with denim bottoms and leather jackets with leather bottoms is very Bella.
  4. Boots or sneakers only. For boots, she typically mid-calf (fitted or leather- not cowboy styled) or combat styled. For sneakers, she’ll typically wear Nike, and sometimes Puma or Adidas. No flats or flip flops, very rarely wears heels outside of events, though boots can have a heel.
  5. Minimal color and print. Her outfits are typically black based, denim based, or white based (though usually black or denim) and she’ll occasionally wear red. The only print I ever see her wear is animal print; not a lot of graphic designs or patterns, usually her clothes have texture though.

Top 5 items for a style like Bella:

  1. Black boots: combat and leather mid-calf (with a little heel)
  2. Leather and or jean jacket: jean jacket would be slightly oversized, leather fitted well. Wear boots the most, and sometimes sneakers, no flats or flip-flops.
  3. Funky jeans: uneven hemming, torn up, splattered, acid wash, patches, stripped, two-toned/patchwork denim, leather, ect. Plain jeans are a god staple in general, but make sure you have some odd ones. 
  4. Caps: usually baseball and sometimes conductor, almost always in black and baseball caps don’t have to be plain, they can have words/a design on them but no patterns.
  5. Crop tops and body suits: don’t ever let your shirt hang over your jeans, tuck it in or tie it back, own a few crop tops and body suits (usually in black and/or sheer). 
Wedding Part 3 - Valenna

Please don’t kill me for the ending. I almost didn’t put that in there but I just had to 😉

“No” Jenna whines when she hears their alarm going off the next morning.

“We have to get up love.”

“We just went to sleep!”

“Sorry Jennachka. We’re all going over in the bus. We can’t be late.”

“I can’t even keep my eyes open.”

“I can carry you to the bathroom. A shower will help.”

“We’re going swimming Val.”


“What’s the point of showering when we are going to get into a pool full of chlorine?”

“Just stand under the water and let it wake you up.”

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Not So Tough

Originally posted by inter-somniac

Requested by anonymous:

“Can you write a Brett imagine where he saves you from the benefactor and you act like you weren’t scared or anything so he takes you home, but later that night you ask him to come over and stay? And make it cute and fluffy wit kisses?”

Warning: FLUFFFFFF, like one swear word

Note: This request is cute as fuck xx


The sound of sneakers landing on the top of a school bus echoed throughout the vacant school parking lot.


The sound of boots worn by a much heavier being followed suit a few seconds later.

Panting was the next sound that disturbed the silent night air. Ragged breaths emitted from the young girl as she landed on the ground and pumped her arms and willed her already burning legs to carry her faster.

She was literally running for her life.

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Unexpected     pt2

Part 1 Part 1.5

Instead of going home, you went straight to the studio. You had planned on working out your frustrations the only way you knew how. Dancing.

After verifying with Clara that she would be dropping off Lily in a little while, you set about getting the studio ready for your night classes. Imogen, the Secretary and scheduling coordinator usually set everything up, but you were hoping keeping busy would keep your mind off losing your potential investors.

After everything had been set up, which took about 45 minutes, you walked into your office and changed out of your business clothes.  You put on a pair of leggings, a sports bra, and thrown a large flannel on over it all.

After you’d plugged your phone into the radio equipment, you’d got into position to start on the choreo for Fire.  You knew you needed an intensive workout so you picked the most physical choreography you knew.

You didn’t know how long you replayed the song and danced, tweaking choreo every time.  You had to tweak it because it’s choreography for a group of 7, and you were just one.

You had just finished dancing on more time and when you heard pitter patter of little feet on the hardwood floor.

“Momma!!” you heard from directly behind you.  You wiped the sweat off your face and turned towards your daughter.

“Lily Bug, look at you!! You look so beautiful!” You smiled at your daughter and her new tiara.

“Ms. Clara and I went to another Princess Tea Party at the club Momma! It was so much fun! Ms. Clara bought me this crown because I didn’t bringed mine with me today!” Lily said, stroking her tiara fondly.

“I see that.” you said, smirking at Clara.

“Hey Lily bug, go change into your workout clothes so we can practice some before classes tonight.”

Lily took off running towards your office, while you walked over to Clara.

“How much do I owe you for the tiara?” You asked her.  You didn’t really have the extra money right now, but you didn’t like being given handouts.

“Y/N, how many times have I told you that I’m doing this as much for you as I am for myself.  All of my kids are grown and out of the house and with no grandkids, it’s kind of nice to have the company, and have someone to spoil.”

You had met Clara immediately upon arriving in Chicago.  Her husband was a hot shot realtor and sold you the space where you now house your studio.  He introduced you to his wife, and it was basically family at first sight for all of you.  Clara was the kind hearted mother figure you hadn’t had in a long time, and her husband served as a strong male role model for both yourself and Lily. Being a housewife, Clara had asked to babysit Lily whenever you needed, free of charge.

“Just, next time tell me when you’re taking her to the tea party so she can wear her tiara and you don’t have to buy another one!” you said, hugging Clara.

“Alright dear, I think I can do that.  Lily honey I’ll see you tomorrow morning!” Clara said before leaving.

Lily came running out of the office a few minutes later.  She wore leggings, much like your own, and had a tank top with a loose hanging t-shirt on over it.  You looked at her face and immediately starting laughing.

“Lily, baby, what are you wearing?” you asked, laughing.

“Momma, don’t laugh! How can I rap like Suga or sing like Kookie if I don’t have a microphone?!” She said, pointing towards the headworn microphone.

You laughed a little and shooed her off to pick what song she wanted to dance to.  You were proud of your daughter when you thought about how good she was at dancing.  A lot of the choreography you did with her was BTS, but it was for the slower songs.  She would practice next to you during songs like Fire, or even Exo’s Monster, but her little limbs could only move so fast.

The song “For You” starting streaming through the speakers and you smiled.  This was definitely one of Lily favorites.  You had both worked together in creating alternative moves for the song because there were a lot of lags where when someone was singing, the dancers weren’t moving.

During both Namjoon and Yoongi’s parts, you continued to dance while Lily mumbled the words into her mic while staring at herself in the mirror, adding a little choreo of her own in.

Once it ended, Lily exclaimed how tired she was and went to get a bottle of water.  You laughed at her daughter’s antics before switching the music over to Paper Hearts. You took your flannel shirt off and tied it around your waist before going to the middle of the floor.

One of your intermediate students had decided the class should make a contemporary dance to this song. While the dance would be performed at the showcase to Tori Kelley’s version, you liked dancing to Jungkooks version more. His tone and accent in the song was much more calming to you.

You were towards the end of the song, and the choreo called for a one handed back flip. Right as you started the flip, you heard your daughter scream from the doorway. Startled, you ended up falling and smacking your chin on the floor.

“Lily, what the hell kid?” You asked, laughing at yourself, still laying on the floor.

“Momma, it’s Suga! It’s Suga!”

Having thought your daughter finally lost her mind, you turned your head towards the doorway. What you saw had you jumping up in surprise.

Standing behind Lily was all of BTS.

What the actual fuck is happening you thought to yourself.

“Um, well..wow.” You said, picking Lily up as she ran up to you.

“You know who he is, but do you know the rest of us?” Namjoon asked.

You smirked at the guys, knowing Lily was about to blow their minds.

Lily went and stood in front of Jungkook, who was standing on one end of the line.

“You’re Jungkook, but Momma and I call you Kookie.  That’s my momma right there. I’m Lily.” She said, pointing at you over her shoulder, and then to herself. She then moved down the line.

“You’re Tae but people call you V.” She said.  Tae gave her a wide smile and bowed slightly. Lily followed suit.

She continued down the line.

“You’re Jimin, but I watched a video and Tae called you Chim Chim, I think that’s cute.  You’re Namjoon and my momma says you’re the best leader in music.  You’re J-Hope and momma calls you sunshine.  You’re Jin.  You’re really pretty!” Lily said, smiling shyly at him.

“No, you are pretty miss Lily.”

Lily giggled to herself and walked to stand in front of Yoongi.

“You’re Yoongi, but go by the name of Suga.  Momma calls you Yoongs sometimes, but I also hear her tell Imogen that you’re cute.”

“Oh my god, Lily, can you not!?” you asked, face flushing bright red.

“Momma, you said to never lie!” Lily defended.

“Bug, you weren’t asked a question!…Just…nevermind” you said.

Lily took a step back and grabbed your hand.

Namjoon counted down.

“Hello, we are BTS!”

Lily jumped up and down while clapping her hands.

“Can you watch Momma and I dance? I don’t know why you’re here, but since you are can you please watch us?” Lily asked.

“Lily baby, I’m sure they’re busy and don’t have time to watch us dance.” You said, hoping they didn’t feel obligated to watch you guys.

“Of course we have time.  We have no schedules today.” Namjoon said.

You glared at Lily, who just stood there smiling at the guys.  She ran over the stereo and turned it back to For You.  She affixed the microphone on her face and got into formation.  The guys took the seats at the back of the room and watched.  Lily kept watching them in the mirror and peeking behind her as she was dancing.  Throughout the song she become more and more dejected.

Once the song finished  Lily turned towards the guys. Jungkook was laughing along with Tae and Jimin. Lily walked straight up to the trio.

“Why are you laughing at me? Did you not like it? Was we bad?” Lily asked, hurt lacing her voice.

“No! We loved it. We were just laughing because Jungkook said that you could replace Namjoon huyng because you’re a better dancer. Also, your movements match Yoongi hyungs very well.” Jimin said, feeling sorry he hurt her feelings.

“Really? You liked it? But if you did, why is Yoongis face all red and he’s staring at the floor?” Lily asked.

Upon hearing his name, Yoongis head popped up. He smiled at Lily, looked at you, and immediately looked down again.

You were confused as to what was happening when you heard Lily giggle beside you.

”Momma, I think it’s cause you’re not wearing a shirt.”

You looked down, horrified. You indeed were still in your sports bra, having tied your flannel around your waist when Lily went to get a water.

As quickly as you could, you untied the shirt from your waist and threw it on your body.

Trying to alleviate your embarrassment any way possible, you asked them what they were doing here.

“Namjoon text me that he met a pretty ARMY today and wanted to come see your dance studio. He said you and your daughter were big fans. I must admit though, I expected you to be quite a bit older.” Jin admitted.

“Hyung! Namjoon hyung says it’s impolite to make such statements to a young woman!” Taehyung said.

You had to snicker a little as Tae threw the words at Jin that were used on him this morning.

“But my momma IS old!” Lily exclaimed. “She has two numbers in her age. That makes her old. I only have one number, I’m young.”

All the guys laughed, knowing Lily also considered them old.

“Momma, I need some food.” Lily said suddenly, still standing next to you.

“We should be going. We wanted to stop by and meet you. Your mother told us you’re a big fan!” Taehyung said, standing.

“Momma!! You met them and didn’t tell me?!” Lily asked, stomping her foot at you.

“Lillian Harper, don’t be rude. I met Yoongi, Namjoon, and Tae this morning. I got an autograph for you but I was going to wait until tonight to give it to you.”

“Wait!” Lily exclaimed quickly. “You guys don’t have to go! Stay and have lunch with us! Sometimes we order take out and eat in the conference room. There’s a karaoke machine and everything.”

“Lily, if they said they had to go, then they have to.”

“Karaoke huh? I could be up for that.” You heard a quiet Yoongi say.  The rest of the guys nodded their head.

Lily, child of mine, why do you hate me? You thought to yourself as you went and grabbed take out menus.


Part 3

anonymous asked:

For that 'I love you' prompt, what about 4 and 20 together? Alfred is freaking out, especially acter watching a horror movie, and Kiku tries to calm him down with tea or something.

for the “how you said ‘i love you’” prompt list!
A/N: this turned out longer than I intended, lmao. sorry it took me so long, I’ve been in a slump recently :’^)

4: over a cup of tea + 20: as we huddle together, the storm raging outside;

Alfred kept his eyes tightly screwed shut as another clap of thunder resounded throughout his flat, clutching his pillow to his chest. 

Yes, the oh-so-brave and courageous self-proclaimed hero was, indeed, afraid of thunderstorms. 

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Bring Him Home (Klaine one-shot)

Anonymous asked : Can you do a fic where Blaine is a part of the army and he is ‘missing in action’. After a year he surprises Kurt by appearing at the door. (Bonus if Kurt has moved on and Blaine has to get him back).

The kiss.

No, that kiss.

Kurt can still feel it on his lips, hard and lingering. It never goes away, that last kiss they had. The very last kiss before his husband left to fight for his country. Kurt can still feel it every time he wakes up, every time he falls asleep. Those lips, the ones he’d grown so accustom to, the ones he’d vowed to spend the rest of his life kissing, every single day.

When Blaine had told him that he was being deployed to Afghanistan, sheer terror had filled Kurt’s veins and he’d begged him not to go.

“It’s going to be 4 months Kurt. That’s it. Then I’ll be right back home”

Of course, Blaine had always been so optimistic, where as his fiancé had worried over and over their situation every single minute of every single day until he was ready to leave.

Amongst a sea of army greens, Kurt and Blaine had shared their teary goodbye’s, Kurt clinging so desperately to his love that his knuckles were white, his eyes red and raw.

“You come home to me Blaine Anderson, you come home to me” he’d managed to say through broken sobs as he was held in his fiancé’s strong arms. Blaine had smiled at him as tears raced down his cheeks. He’d pressed their foreheads together and held his love as close as he could.

“I’ll never say goodbye to you”

Kurt had laughed softly and they’d kissed, long and hard and desperate.

Kurt had stood, lips trembling as he watched Blaine wave to him until they were all gone, and he was alone.

All alone.

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Parrish: Oh No Oni

I haven’t done parrish before. I tried a while ago but it was rly difficult. But because you’re beautiful and special, and because you asked for him, i did you one, anon. (advance sorry for your disappointment)

“Parrish imagine where reader is Stile’s older sister and saves Parrish and the Sheriff from the oni in the station?” 

A guttering shout sounds and you jump, leaping for the door of the sheriffs office and freezing in the doorway as an Oni stands above a bleeding man. The mask starts to turn toward you when he’s hit by a bullet, another following seconds after, another after that.

“Oh my god.” You choke, swallowing back the bile that rises in your throat. Being Stiles’s sister and the Sheriffs daughter meant you’d seen some things, but a live murder and a live dead body were a level you had not yet been exposed to. Your hand goes to your belt, fingers scrabbling your shirt up and closing around the handle of the knife you keep on the inside of your pants. You were probably going to get in trouble from Dad when he found out you’d concealed a weapon in the station without permission but its no matter as you watch the men fire and fire from across the room.

You duck down, running lowly down the hall and through another door to end up behind the men. Stevens spins when he hears movement, nearly firing a shot into your head before he stops himself, and you nearly faint right there.

“Sorry.” He gasps, already turning back to the direction the now two Oni come from. You slip between the men, ending up behind Parrish and your father. You’re glad to be near him, a protected feeling flowing through you with a knife in your hand and your dad by you. Feeling stronger, you switch your handle on the blade, fingers closing over the tip and flinging it into the chest of the Oni before you’re kneeling, not waiting to see if your move made a difference, and snatching the other blade from your ankle.

Rising once more, you blink, searching for the first Oni, when the second begins cutting into the men. The sword starts to fall, heading straight for Parrish. You release the second knife just as your father rushes forward, the blade driving deep into the cloth chest and the sword falling off course as the Oni releases it, clutching his chest.

A deep screeching sounds from the creature and he bursts apart, silence and heavy breathing filling the air. A soft moan draws your attention to a wounded officer and you stumble into a desk, the desk screeching loudly on the floor and Parrish rushes forward to grab you.

His arms surround you while one hand cups your elbow, the other holding your other arms forearm and you fall into his chest, revelling in the feeling of someone unhurt and breathing.

“Y/N?” Your father asks loudly, concern filling his voice and you blink your eyes black open, the spots fading and he exhales in relief. You give him a weak smile, nodding toward the wounded man.

“Help him.” You demand faintly and the Sheriff grins, giving Parrish a stern look before turning his back.

You let the young man guide you into his seat. You meet his eyes as he kneels before you, palms on your knees.

“You okay?” He asks gently, voice like a warm blanket and you sniffle a little, your eyes welling as the previous minutes catch up to you. You saw a man die, you may have killed two mythical creatures and there are dead or dying men all around you.

“Hey, hey.” He coos softly and you sob, throwing yourself down to his level and into his arms. There is no hesitation as he cuddles you into his chest, whispering soothing words into your hair as you sob.

“You saved me.” He leans away and forces your eyes to him, his grin sheepish and your returning smile is wobbly. You feel his thumb slide across your cheek, snatching a tear from your skin.

“Thanks, Jordan.” You sniffle again, voice thick and he sighs a little, not answering and instead pulling you closer and a fresh wave of tears has you burying your face in his chest and uniform. You want to curse yourself for crying, for wasting this closeness and for having a blocked nose that you can’t inhale. But then you recall where you sit, the death that fills this room and you’re cursing yourself in a different way.

“Where’d you get those, anyway?” He asks quietly, and you take the bait willingly, smiling a little as you recalled the day.

“Stiles gave them to me. He said it was because silver stops werewolves and he’d asked Mr Argent to make some especially. He wanted me to be safe but I was so resistant to learning to fight. I never wanted to hurt anyone. He dropped them on my bed, sheathed, and stormed out in a huff.” You sniffle again, blinking back tears as you worry for your brother, for his friends. “I’ve worn them ever since. They actually…” You chuckle and blush and Parrish gestures for you to go on. “They attach to my ankle or… Or my underwear. And if my shirt hangs over my pants, no one can see them.”

“So you’re carrying an illegal concealed weapon?” Parrish smiles a little and you shrug, causing him to softly push you off his lap and stand. “Sorry, Y/N, I’m gonna have to write you up.”

Your soft chuckle cuts off when he grabs his pad and pen, returning to the floor where you sit.

“Are you being serious?” You gape disbelevingly, relaxing when he gives you a teasing grin.

“Of course not.” He scoffs, pen scraping across the page before he tears it out and hands it over. “I know you’re upset and this is a terrible time and I’m an idiot but… If I wait, I’ll talk myself out of it. So when you’re feeling better, or if you aren’t and you want to talk, you can call me.”

You look down at the page, seeing digits scrawled blockily across the page. You are unsure how to react, barely managing to look up into his face and recognising the nervousness that is sprawled across his features in your own.

“I will.” You promise softly. “I’ll call you.”

“I want to take you on a date.” He blurts, groaning softly when he realises what he said and your giggles build into laughter you try to keep quiet.

“I know. I figured if you just wanted to play therapy you would’ve given me your extension.” You mock playfully and his cheeks go a bright pink. “We can still play therapy one day though. I’ll lay on the couch and you can use your mouth to make me feel good.”

He gapes at you and your own mouth falls open at what you said.

“I- I- Uh- I-” You stutter uselessly, arms waving to try and bat away the words you’d just uttered. Why the hell had you said that? What in the hell were you thinking? Were you insane?

“Tomorrow. Can I see you tomorrow?” Jordan bursts out, expression delighted and you groan loudly, his laughter burning through the sound.


Its short and weak but i did go back to the episode

and there was something more i was going to say but i forgot???

have a good night