hang over

No, it wasn't worth it (but i'll probably do it again next weekend)
i awake on the tile of my bathroom floor
in a pool of my own vomit
bits of blood splattered on my door
mixed in with superfluous amounts of Budweiser
and late night fast food burritos
i can barely prop myself up to soak it up with a towel
elbows on the toilet seat, dry heaving
thinking about the life decisions that have led me to this moment
and i’m not sure if i’m trying to justify my actions
or blame it on the stress
but eventually i can drag myself off the floor, by the edge of the sink
but unfortunately, in doing so
i am forced to look at myself  in the mirror
matted hair, caked in lumps of burritos
bloodshot, crying eyes.
so I close them
and it helps with the head ache
but not my self worth
so I hop into the shower 
and wash off the night