hang over

Hey Tumblr fam, I need some help

I created this anti-hangover popsicle, have tested the crap out of it, and yes it works amazing. My friends love it, but I’m struggling with sales. Just being honest here. 

Anyway, if you get a chance please check out our website Lushzie.com I would love your feedback.

And for all my tumblr fam we are offering the popsicle that will literally end your hangovers with $5 off your order using the code “TUMBLRFAM” at checkout (This means you can try a sample for just $1!!!).  

The popsicle contains coconut water, electrolytes, and nutrients to protect your liver and help your body metabolize alcohol faster preventing a hangover. Also if you’re interested we are looking for some bomb affiliates. You will get your own code and % of every sale.

I vow to love you at 2 in the morning, when your cheek is pressed against the bathroom floor after numerous shots of vodka.

I vow to love you at 10 in the morning, when you’re sitting on the couch with a duvet wrapped around you, nursing ‘the worst hang over ever’ and you’re grateful for the cup of coffee I hand you.

I vow to love you at 4 in the afternoon, when you try to kiss me with your frosting covered mouth because there isn’t a day that passes where you don’t eat cake at 4 in the afternoon.

I vow to love you at 9 in the evening, when we’re a tangle of limbs on the pull out couch and you’re trying to keep your eyes open because they hadn’t quite gotten to your favourite part of the movie yet.

I vow to love you at 3 in the morning, when you’re covered in sweat and your hair is plastered to your neck and forehead because you’d been having nightmares again. I vow to love you especially then.

I vow to love you at 6 in the morning, when you’d just fallen asleep and the morning sun will turn your hair into a light shade of brown and your face will look so peaceful, untwisted with emotion.

But most especially, I vow to love you at all hours of the day and night. I vow to love you even with greying hair and wrinkles. I vow to love you even when you make horrible, dirty jokes all the time. I vow to love you, for as long as I still walk the earth. Even if I’m bedridden, or if i’m rocking a wheelchair. I vow to love you even when your demons become too strong. I vow to love you then. Especially then.

—  Z / An Excerpt from A Book I’ll Never Write #13 Vows