hang out hang ten

“We didn’t call her manager and say, it would be great. Taylor Swift’s people called Alex Morgan, or whoever, and said, ‘hey, can you come and hang out?’  And the amazing thing to me was the whole team didn’t go, because they couldn’t all go hang out, so ten went, eight had something better to do than hanging out with Taylor Swift at a sold-out concert.” 

- Sunil Gulati, at the U.S. Soccer National Council Meeting

((I’m not waiting until I get the flights booked… I’m too excited to say nothing… I’m traveling from Scotland to New York at the end of next month to see @rockerrick-555p ’s mun Heather… We gonna get an apartment for a week… One with air conditioning… Hahah! We only decided this on Saturday and I’m so happy, I’m screaming! It has to be next month so I can visit before my next surgery which I think will be in September or October… Fuck I’m so stupidly excited Ahhhh!!))


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Johnny x Reader


Word Count: 5 k

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Teaser: ‘Your adrenaline kicked in and you mustered up the strength to push the asshole to the floor. Johnny grabbed you and moved you so you were standing slightly behind him, still slightly hunched over from the throbbing pain in his stomach.’

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