hang out

Zodiac SQUAD: Gemini, Capricorn, Scorpio & Pisces
  • Pisces, pulling Gemini with them, smiling at her: Come on, stop being annoying and just meet him
  • Gemini, making a face: Is my love life that bad that you gotta introduce me to some random guy?
  • Pisces, dead serious: Yes.
  • Pisces, sees Scorpio and drags Gemini over: Hey Scorpio, hey Cap. Here is the child.
  • Scorpio, chuckles while introducing Capricorn: Capricorn meet Gemini, the child. Gemini, meet Capricorn the stick-up-the-ass.
  • Capricorn, makes a face: I'm not some boring prick, you know-
  • Gemini, complaining: I'm not lonely in the first place why would I even need to date this loser
  • Capricorn, raises an eyebrow: Loser? Wanna bet on it? Let's go to the arcade, if you win against me in a first-person shooter game, I'll buy everyone something to eat.
  • Gemini, raises a eyebrow: And if I lose?
  • Capricorn, smirks: You gotta go to class tomorrow as Aruther.
  • Gemini, nods and shakes Capricorn's hand: Bet.