hang out

anonymous asked:

hey can you do vocabulary on chilling with your friend. Like, to hang out, to spend time with, to go out and things like that

Sure. That’s not a problem, Amigo


pasar el rato - to hang out

pasarlo/la bien - to have a good time

salir - to go out/to leave a place

salir con amigos - to go out with friends

pasar tiempo con - to spend time with

visitar a un amigo - to visit a friend

divertirse - to have fun/have a good time

pasar bueno - to have a good time

ir a la marcha - to go out on the town/night life

quedar/encontrarse en un bar - to meet at a bar

invitar a una copa - to buy a round of drinks

disfrutar de - to enjoy something

farriar - to party

compañero de farra - drinking buddy

pasar el día - to spend the day

pasar tiempo de calidad - to spend quality time

pasar por - to stop by

caerle a - to go down to

bajar a - to go down to

quedarse en casa - to stay in/stay at home

relajarse - to relax/chill out

trasnochar - to stay up really late/to the wee hours

jugar videojuegos - to play videgames

jugar (a) play - to play Play Station

jugar (a) xbox - to play Xbox

la discoteca - club

la pijamada - sleepover

fiesta de pijamas - sleepover

el bar - bar

la pista de patinaje sobre hielo - ice skating rink

la pista de patinaje - (roller) skating rink

la consola - gaming console

el control/mando - game controller

el aguafiestas - partypooper

Really, this list could go on and on. It really just depends on what you want to do.