hang my self

tfw u go to the same uni as your friend but he keeps hitting on u but ur a tsun mess

i love how i crop drawings cause im too lazy lmao


i sure love me making some lazy backgrounds

how i celebrate my ship showing signs of sailing tbh

Puberty hit Hange like a truck. Seriously, from the most precious adorable cinnamon roll to the hottest badass prettiest scientist ever.
DAMMMN. Anime designers, I can’t thsnk you enough.

The love I felt once has turned into anxious aches

Though the winds and pines roar ever persistently

I cannot help but hang my head in self pity

For what once shined brightly is now dull

The fire that once burned inside me has turned to ashes

I am numb to the simple pleasures

How I long for its resurrection

—  “How Cliche”- MTJ

Pet Peeve #5

There is nothing worse than lukewarm.  Coffee or people.  Just pick a fucking lane.  Be somebody.  Make choices.  I can’t stand when people are ify because it reminds me of how I used to be and I hate who I used to be.  If I wanted to hang out with my old self, I would have never changed.  So if you can’t make decisions, you’re gonna annoy the antlers out of me and yes I said antlers.  I don’t care if it didn’t make sense.  It came out and I went with it.  I punched.  I made a choice.  Also, thank God for microwaves.  

- Angry


not that anyone seems to have noticed my hiatus since the queue is on and all but yeah hi I’m alive I’m still on hiatus I’ll be back next week probably until then here’s me dying because of the heatwave and me taking luhan’s advice to live in big ugly shorts for the rest of the summer bye for now ~