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Hi! Can i please have a ship? I'm a Girl, I have green eyes, I where glasses that I have mixed feelings about if I like or not, and dark brown hair to the chest( that's always hanging loose), I love reading and I'm a big movie nerd, I love discussing all kinds of things and hearing people's thought (especially on books, movies and tv series) I'm also really goofy,shy, really smart, and bad at maths, I also love languages. I don't really where dresses and get self-conscious when I where shorts.

Hello lovely!

I ship you with Bruce Banner! Bruce loves your pretty green eyes and he especially loves them when they are accompanied by your glasses (Bruce thinks you look adorable in them). I feel like when Bruce gets a spare moment, he loves to read so the two of you will often exchange books and then talk about them. He enjoys your goofy side and doesn’t mind that you’re shy. I think he would totally help you with math if you needed it. He hates it that you’re self-conscious when you wear shorts because he thinks you’re beautiful and loves all of you!

I hope you enjoy your ship!(:

Aegyo and Why It's Evil- Kris Scenario

As requested: “When their girlfriend has a nightmare and asks to sleep in their bed.”

With a slight twist because I’m running out of ways to execute this ask.

Pairing: You x Kris

Word Count: 1032


“If you get scared, you can cuddle up to me.”

“I don’t want to watch it.”

“It’s not even that scary!”

How did you get in this predicament? Standing in the middle of the your shared apartment, arguing with your boyfriend over his choice in movies. Which, by the way, you were not having any of. If Kris wanted to watch a horror movie, he could watch it by himself on a night that wasn’t your date night. Movies reserved for date nights included romcoms, mystery, and the occasional action movie. Not a movie about zombies, or exorcisms, or ghosts. Honestly, did he really think you were going to agree to this?

The two of you had reached an impasse. Kris stood across from you, towering over your small form. In one hand, he held the case of that dreadful movie. The other he had hanging loosely to his side. However, you were taking on the traditional image of a pissed off girlfriend. One hand rested on your raised hip, while the other mimicking his empty hand.

There was no way you were backing away from this fight.  At least, that’s what you thought before Yifan pulled out his secret weapon on you: aegyo.

Quickly, he tossed the case on the couch behind him, and knelt down in front of you. Both of his hands laced together, and he held them underneath his chin while he looked up at you with a pleading look in his eyes. “Pleeeease, jagiya?”

It wasn’t often that Kris pulled this kind of thing. Usually, he was serious (although talkative), and kept the silly affections to a minimum. That’s why, whenever he did use aegyo, it worked like a charm.

And that’s how you ended up on the couch, curled into your boyfriend’s side, with your head buried into his neck. The only light came from the television screen during the rare sunlit scene. Not bringing yourself to even look at the picture, you were unaware of what was actually happening in the film and engulfed yourself into dozing in and out of sleep on your boyfriend’s side. Every time you actually looked at the movie, it always happened to be during an edgy scene, resulting in pressing yourself further into the couch and Yifan.

Eventually, he loosened his grip on your shoulder. You looked up from his neck to see him staring at you, the deafening sounds of shrieking taking away from his beauty. Shaking, you brought your head down again and latched onto his t-shirt. He sighed, and brought his unoccupied hand up to run through his hair. Honestly, he loved the way you reacted when you were terrified. The way you clung to him for dear life, whimpered at sounds that were barely even horrible, and clutched onto anything and everything as if you were actually in the movie. It was the only reason he wanted to watch this with you, but knowing you weren’t as into the moment as he was filled his heart with guilt.

“You can go to bed now, if you want,” he murmured, causing you to glance up at him yet again.

“Are you sure?” You responded, feigning a brave face.

He laughed at your fake courage, and affectionately brushed a piece of hair out of your eyes. “Yes, go to sleep.” Following the loving remark, he brought his lips to your forehead and removed his hand from your shoulder. Afterwards, you left a kiss on his cheek and gave him a hug, but quickly obliged to take his request.


Waking up in a blanket of sweat, the first thing you did was check the clock. 3:37 in the morning, and you couldn’t feel Yifan’s weight on the mattress. Instead of turning around, you just brought your arm back and felt up the sheets. He wasn’t there, and for a second you thought that maybe you hadn’t been asleep that long. You were quite aware of the mirage a deep sleep can put on you, and you were certainly tired enough to get coaxed into such a dream.

Of course the one time you watch a horror movie, you get woken up from a terrible dream. Now, you couldn’t remember it, but you were still frightened all the same. If Yifan wasn’t MIA, you would have crawled into him just like earlier. Instead, you were forced to get out of bed and search for him. Maybe he was playing a prank on you, and somehow managed to wake you up and exit the room before you noticed. That thought was pushed away once you entered the living room and saw his mop of hair cascading over the back of the couch. The television glowed blue, and indication that the movie had been over for awhile now.

“Kris?” No answer. Rounding the corner, you could finally see why. Your boyfriend had his head thrown back, eyes closed, and mouth wide open. Asleep. The sight would have made you giggle if you still weren’t terrified from the nightmare.

It didn’t take an earthquake to wake Yifan up. You simply had to say his name, and shake his shoulder a little bit, and his eyes responded immediately. Confusion swept over his face, as he awoke and briefly forgot where he was and what he was doing before he drifted off. The movie wasn’t even over yet, and he had really wanted to see the ending. Kris, to say the least, was pretty disappointed with himself. Then he looked to your face, blacked out by the glow of the television behind your head. “What’s up?” He resounded in a sleepy voice, holding back a yawn.

“I had a nightmare, thanks to your stupid movie, and you weren’t in bed to comfort me,” ending the statement with a pout, you gave his still limp arm a girly punch. While you were complaining, the yawn he had been pushing back slipped out, and he made an awkward sound as he giggled in response to your haphazard accusations.

“Well then, princess. I guess we’re going to have to go to the bed now so I can make it up to you.”


Lay. Baekhyun. Chanyeol. Tao. Xiumin. D.O.

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Have you ever considered screenwriting a romance movie?

yeah… i co-wrote “hang loose" 

that had some romance in it, rom-coms are my guilty pleasure.

i’m a hopeless romantic when it comes down to it.