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Something Worth While

The Samwell legacy is continued when Jack and Bitty’s son attends Samwell University after a horrible accident, in hopes their son will find something worth while like Jack did all those years ago. A tale of stolen recipes, fire extinguishers, and of course- the SMH feud with the lacrosse team

(Angsty and containing a character with bipolar disorder.)


It was a frat house, and not even a good one. It looked about one hundred years old, the steps creaked with the horrifying idea of collapsing under each step, and the yard contained rusty old lawn chairs. Even if Jeremy Zimmermann did go to college, he would definitely not live in a frat house that looks like this.

“You cannot be serious.” Jeremy hisses, hitching his bag higher on his shoulder, but not turning around to face his parents.

“One-hundred percent serious, honey.” His Dad says, and the passive-aggressive southern hitch to his voice makes Jeremy to shut up about his current position.

“Why can’t I just live in a dorm or something?” Jeremy tries a different approach, finally turning around and looking at his Papa, specifically not his other dad. You would think Jack Zimmermann, NHL superstar, would be the hard ass. 

“Because this is better.” His Papa shifts his feet from side to side, looking extremely nervous. Either because his son was about to live in a death trap, or because he would be forced to go to Samwell, Jeremy didn’t know.

“We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think it was best.” His Papa adds, and his hopeful and still worried eyes broke Jeremy’s heart a little than it already has, because he always hated disappointing his parents and goddamn did he screw up this time.

“I’m an adult. You can’t force me to stay here.” Jeremy argues, and he sees his older sister bristle a little from behind their dad.

“You sure ain’t actin’ like an adult, Jeremy.” His Dad pipes in, his voice more firm. “And you’re right, we can’t keep you here. But you told us in the hospital you wanted our help and that you were trying to get better, but you felt alone. And honey, we never wanted you to feel like that. Ever” His Dad takes a deep breath, and his tone holds no malice. Just a tremor of fear for what their son was going through. This was Jack’s idea after all.

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in with the new
  • i love the roses everywhere it feels so springy and wonderful
  • ransom and holster fighting makes me emotional
    • he s a coral r e e f remember your words dammit
      • idk what im doing either bud its ok
  • I kinda want to make… money?
    • same
      • soft same
        • me: hard same
  • lardo looks like a hacker that hasn’t digested anything other than leftover pizza and orange soda in days
    • help her
  • n e w m a n a g e r!!!
  • the trio. nursey dex and chowder… i love my sons
  • wow i love her 
    • dex throwing the papers in the back
    • will nurseys chill-ness ever not hurt him?
  • tag yourself im the girl that doesnt even go here!
    • I’m a fr-freshman….. free him :(
    • y e s maam
  • I want to hang out with my best friend in boston for another year
    • :’( im not crying you’re crying
    • bros bein bros
  • tearing up,,, bros
  • big and emotional is an alternative title of check please, to be honest
  • in conclusion: i love my children, someone help lardo, and can we please get the new manager to yell at me to get my life together?
Dubbelsäng Does Not Mean Twin

Written for NurseyDex Week Day 2: Bedsharing and Room Sharing

Nursey/Dex Week: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

(Read on AO3)

Nursey is standing in the middle of the room staring at the box that just came in from IKEA. When they had argued about furnishing their new shared room, he had told Dex a million times that he could be trusted with the simple task of ordering them bunk beds. Only an idiot could screw it up.

Derek Malik Nurse was that idiot.

Somehow the bunk beds he had ordered were transformed into a queen sized bed, that was flatpacked and staring Nursey right in the face. Dex was going to kill him.

Grabbing his phone, the D-man dials the customer care number he found online and begins the waiting process to speak to a human, pacing the room as he waits. He has one day before Dex comes - he can totally fix this. Right?

An hour later, Derek is finally on the line with a human, being informed that while he could return the queen bed today, he’d have to wait two months to have the model he wanted delivered - it was on backorder and the IKEA outside of Boston was all out of stock. Hanging up, he begins to bang his head against the wall, realizing he was screwed. Better to get this over with now.

“What do you need, Nurse, that can’t wait until tomorrow?” Dex asks as he answers the call.

“So you know how I told you only an idiot could screw up a bed order? I’m that idiot,” he starts, explaining to his fellow d-man the mix up.

“But I’ll totally get an air mattress and sleep in the living room until the bunks can come in,” he assures the redhead over the line, totally hearing the other man mentally counting to ten.

“We’ve shared a bed on roadies, we can share a bed for a few months. Just try to assemble the damn thing without killing yourself, alright?” Dex finally answers, sounding exasperated.

“Umm…I’ll get Chowder to help.”

“Brilliant idea, Nursey,” he mumbles, before hanging up the phone.

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Summary: Sammie and Chris go to the Super Bowl. Sammie experiences fanboy Chris at his finest. 

Warnings: Smut, being a Falcons fan and having to relive this experience of losing a 28 point lead. (I am by no means a Pats fan.)

Words: 3022

Author’s Note: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for taking the time to beta read. You’re the best!

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, Sammie had decided to get in on fun. She had managed to get video of some of her students rooting for both the Patriots and the Falcons and planned to have Chris watch them before the big game.

She was happy with the videos from her students and couldn’t wait for show Chris.

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Hi can u do percabeth #4 for the mini fic thingy

This is set during Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Sword of Summer, immediately after Annabeth discovered Magnus at the funeral home.

(no longer taking requests for this particular challenge, sorry!)

things you said over the phone

“What do you mean you aren’t coming back to New York yet?” Percy’s voice drifted down the line, confused and concerned.

Annabeth twirled a loose curl around her finger and sighed. “I can’t leave Boston, Percy. Not yet. Magnus needs me -”

She expected him to protest, to ask her how she could blow off school, how she could ignore him, but Percy surprised her by instead asking, “Is your dad staying with you?”

She shifted, resting one of her feet against the cold cinder block interior wall of the church she was leaning against. “No, he’s going back to California tonight, after the funeral. Magnus said I can’t tell him he’s still alive… Not yet, anyway.”

“Okay, so your dad is going to leave you alone in Boston after the funeral you’re having for your cousin who isn’t actually dead.”


“The cousin who you saw standing over his own dead body.”

“Yes, Percy.”

“Annabeth, come on. That’s weird, even by our standards, you have to admit.” Percy sounded agitated on the other end of the line. She pictured him pacing up and down his small kitchen.

“Could be a fake body,” she said, chewing on her thumbnail.

“You don’t think it is,” he said, easily interpreting her tone.

“No, I don’t think so. Which is just all the more reason for me to stick around! He’s definitely a demigod, he never knew his dad and he said that Randolph had told him some stuff about our family history -”

“Does Randolph know you’re a demigod?”

“No… I don’t think he does, anyway. Hard to say for sure when I haven’t seen the guy in ten years, and Dad’s too wound up by Magnus’s ‘death’ to talk about anything like that.”

Percy huffed, probably running a hand through his hair. “Annabeth, I don’t like this. I’m going to come stay with you.”

She straightened, glaring at the wall opposite her. “You will not. I’m more than capable of looking after myself, Percy, and Sally needs you there -”

“I know you can take care of yourself, Annabeth, but we always work better as a team. Mom’ll be okay with Paul for a few days -”

And here came the part Annabeth had been dreading. “But that’s the thing, Percy, I don’t know if this will be over in a few days. I don’t know how long I’m going to have to wait for Magnus.”

There was some muffled cursing on the other end of the line, as though Percy had pulled the phone away from his mouth to swear. When he next spoke into the receiver his voice was tight and constrained. “Annabeth, you can’t just hang out alone in Boston for an indeterminate amount of time waiting to figure out what’s going on with your cousin. That’s not a plan.”

“Since when have you ever needed a plan?” she countered, somewhat snidely.

“You’re not me,” he said, close to a snap. He caught himself and sighed, and all the fight left Annabeth at the sound. “This isn’t how you work, Annabeth. You’ll go mad waiting to hear from him, and without any more information there’s nothing you can do in the meantime. And if something does go wrong, if monsters track you down, you’re on your own. Even if you do meet up with Magnus and he is a demigod, he obviously isn’t trained, so he won’t be much good in a fight.”

She rubbed her eyes tiredly. A part of her desperately wanted to tell him to get on the next train to Boston, to come stay with her, that they could work it out together. But instead she said, “Okay. What if we compromise?”

“Compromise?” Percy asked warily.

“Just give me a few days to see if I can find out anymore information, or to hear back from Magnus, and if I don’t find anything you can either come here or I’ll come home.”

He paused, considering her offer. “Just a few days.”


“And you’ll call and Iris Message whenever you can?”

“At least twice a day, morning and night.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Percy sighed, clearly not completely happy. “Deal.”

Down the hall, one of the doors swung open, letting in a blast of cold air and a few arrivals for the funeral. Annabeth’s dad was at the front of the group, looking exhausted and sad. He met her gaze, questioning, and she waved a hand to let him know she was fine.

“I have to go, the funeral’s about to start, but I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Percy said, and she smiled instinctively. “Be safe. And remember, just a few days.”

“That’s the deal. Be safe, give Sally a hug from me.” Annabeth hung up and tucked the phone back into her jacket pocket, making her way over to where her dad waited.

He smiled sadly down at her, and Annabeth’s stomach twisted with guilt. She really hoped Magnus wouldn’t need a few days to get back to her.

I don’t understand how Kevin can treat Ramses like a son and say he wants him to visit Boston and hang out with his kids and then completely throw him under the bus and ruin his entire game by blaming his vote on him? Like who is this man? I still stan but that is cut throat as fuck.

Like who would’ve thought he was plotting his demise this whole time? 


We’re about 1 week out from the first official practice for the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki. The anticipation is building and I’m both excited and nervous, as usual.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I made some Yuzuru button pins and left over stickers and key chains from Skate Canada for any fellow fans who will be in Helsinki. I’ll post on Tumblr where I’ll be watching practice or where I am in the arena for anyone who would like a set, or anyone that just wants to say hello.

I made one jumbo banner to hang in the arena, let’s see if the staffers actually contact me this time to return it (I never got contacted and lost the one I turned over in Boston for them to hang - so if you want yours back, either ask or take it down yourself at the end of the event).

During the Yuzuru’s SP I’ll be holding the purple “Let’s Go Crazy” mini banner and for the FS I’ll be holding the “Hope & Legacy” one.

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Cole is now in the same city as KJ and choosing not to hang out with him the night before his birthday. Bostons instagram shows they went out too just not with the cast. Interesting.

(thanks to @dorothytv10)

Well I find it heart breaking!!!


Look at how sad and lonely, our Fav Faux Ginger is!!! And he’s also been forced to peruse the Beard Lady Catalogue and pick one for himself

And one unidentified beard for his unidentified friend…..

You have to understand, KJ and Boston are required to be beards for one another as well as having lady beards—–all to keep him from being the Beloved Power Bottom of Cole and they are all compelled to do so.

Have these PR overlords no shame?? Have they no decency?? Oh the PR!!!

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I had a dream last night where I was at an airport in Boston (I have never been to Boston) and you were just hanging out there dressed as Nino waiting for a plane. It was funny cause I was dressed as Mari and was super shy about talking to you. I asked for a picture and to make you feel more comfortable I let you hold the camera for the picture so you could get the best angle for you.

that is mega personable and sweet?? I also like the vagueness of me waiting for a plane, because i like to pretend that i was actually the pilot but just chose to do so cosplaying as Nino. Or the other implication in which i am traveling out of Boston (or possibly linking up with a connecting flight) and decided to endure this travel day in cosplay. 

I love that. Thats so totally cool I adore it when people have dreams that I get to star in. Like a guest star that waltzes on intermittently in the season with finger guns and a wink

Summertime Loving

My best friend growing up, Erin and I were hanging out in my childhood bedroom. I was laying on my bed when my cell phone dinged to alive on my nightstand. I wasn’t fast enough to get it, and Erin swiped it off my nightstand. “Oh, who is texting you?” She asked. “Can you pleased give it back?” I pleaded with her. It dinged again, “Oh, someone wants your attention I think. As your best friend I believe it is my duty to screen your messages,” She said to me.

“I don’t think so,” I said back to her as I tried to take the phone out of her hands. “You know you should get a new password it is way too easy for me to figure out.” She said laughing at me. “Fine, you win,” I replied. She sat down in my bed. “So, Kaitlyn like she is the Kaitlyn that got you into girls, Kaitlyn. You know your girlfriend,” She said. I blushed and looked down and whispered, “I have always liked girls but, I also like boys, so it was easy to cover it up. That is the only Kaitlyn I know surprising enough, Erin.” “Wait, you always like girls. How come you never hit on me?” She asked. “Look, you are beautiful but, you have always been boy crazy,” I replied. “Yep, guys only for me,” She said. She looked down at my phone. “Well, I can tell you that you guys are a cute couple,” She said as she looks at my background on my phone. “I think she is missing you,” She said as she winked at me.

My phone had my text messages opened, and there was a pic of Kaitlyn wearing a bikini. There was text after the pic saying, ”It is hot down here in Texas. I am missing my baby.” As I looked at the picture, my jaw dropped and typed back, “Like I didn’t already miss you too much and you do that. Oh yeah, you look sexy. Did I mention that my best friend from home saw this before me.”

Kaitlyn: 😱
MC: I love you have fun at the pool.
Kaitlyn: Oh, I will. It would be more fun with you here.
MC: I know but, we will back at school in two months. I got to hang out with Erin. She had to pick going to Boston College over me.
Kaitlyn: 😔 I call you tonight.
MC: I look forward to it.

“See that is why I don’t take my phone it is private,” I huffed out at Erin. She had a big smile on her face. If I didn’t know any better, I thought she might have something up her sleeve as I shook my face. “Ok, for now on your phone is private. Sorry, I thought it would be funny,” Erin confessed. “Ok deal?” I asked. “Yeah, deal. So in other news, your birthday is in a couple of weeks. I thought it would be fun to go out clubbing,” She said. “Why?” I asked. “We never did it together, yet. There is some fun eighteen and up night clubs and the girls wanted to come, too,” She said. “So, everyone was informed before me. Long habits die hard, huh,” I quipped back to her. “Can you trust me that I think you will enjoy it,” Erin pleaded with me. “Fine, I go clubbing with you and the gang,” I relented.

Couple weeks later

I was in the middle of getting ready for clubbing. I didn’t want to go but, I know Erin said it would be worth it. There was a knock on my bedroom door. I opened my door lo and beheld it was Erin at my door. “No, you are not wearing that,” She demanded. “What is wrong with this?” I asked. “We are going clubbing not to a library,” She retorted. “My outfit isn’t that bad,” I defended my clothing choices. “Oh, yes it is. We are going out in style tonight,” She quipped. She went to my closet trying to find anything for me to wear. Then she pointed at me and said, “Wait a minute, I got something perfect for you.”

She came back with a short golden dress and started talking about how great it would look on me. I never really care about what I wear except when Kaitlyn was around. Since she was back in Texas and I was up here. I looked down at my phone, and I haven’t received anything from her today. She knows it is my birthday. Then I thought back to her birthday and how we had one magical kiss and the rest of the day was tragic. I have been low key about it because of what happened on her birthday.

Erin got the ensemble together and asked, “What would you do without me?” “Have absolute no fashion sense,” I laughed at my comment, and she joined in. “True, True. Now, put this now and lets me do my magic,” She commanded. I was all dolled up and in a full SUV going to the club. Everyone was talking about their college that they were attending. I was the only one that stayed local with going to Hartfeld University. I was funny to think I feel closer to people that I met freshman year than the friends I had growing up.

My thoughts traveled back to Kaitlyn, and I looked down at my phone hoping that she would just text me back. Erin, who was sitting next to me, saw me staring at my phone and snatched it out of my hand. “Don’t worry about your phone for at least one night,” she said. “Yes mom,” I retorted back at her as we pulled into the club’s parking lot. The five of us finally walked in the club. The music was loud, and there was a large crowd dancing. I didn’t know where to first but, I turned to the bar I could have sworn I saw Kaitlyn or at least someone with her long silky black hair. I shook my head knowing that she wasn’t here but, some reason my feet still carried me to the bar. I was parched and signaled the bartender for help. He came by, and I asked for a coke. Better safe than sorry I thought. “Wow, I thought I became the lightweight of the group,” said the woman next to me.

I recognized the voice and turned my head to see Kaitlyn was wearing her red dress. For a moment I didn’t know what to do. She beat me to she pulled me into a hug. For a moment I felt like I was in heaven being in her arms again. Everything else just disappeared, and I was putting two months of longing into kissing her. I was running my hands all over her body relishing that in fact, she was here next to me. The bartender coughed, and we broke apart. I felt my cheeks turned red. “Wow, she surprised me this year,” I said shaking my head. I gulped down my drink as Kaitlyn said, “Let’s dance.” Having her body this close it was a dream I told her to pinch me so; I could wake up. She laughed as danced closer to me. I saw Erin make a beeline to us out of the corner of my eye. She made it to us and had the shout, “Like your birthday gift?” “Yes, I think it is the best birthday gift I have ever got,” I confessed. Kaitlyn piped in saying, “Just you wait for later on tonight, sweetheart.”

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Im not totally familiar with cheers, but didnt frasier often drink beer when he would go there? if so, how do you explain his sudden snobbery after moving to seattle? like, martin surely wouldve been someone he'd hang out with. much like his boston friends w/ less than sophisticated palates. so how did he just turn into a wine connoisseur and not join martin at his favorite bar more often?

Yeah, there were jokes about Frasier looking down at the other bar patrons as beneath him, but overall he seemed to enjoy drinking beer, participating in a lot of the inane conversations, watching sports on the tv, etc. 

I see it as Frasier being influenced by his environment. In Cheers, he only started coming to the bar because he was dating Diane, and then when she left him at the alter, was there because he was deeply depressed and in the midst of destroying his own life. Then the people there become some of his only friends. So you could say that he was drinking beer and hanging out there because it was where he felt at home [insert theme song lyrics here], not because those were really his tastes or interests.

In Seattle, he mentions in the Pilot that he was trying to reinvent his life - not just divorcing Lilith, but saying “my social life consisted of… hanging around a bar night after night.” So clearly he wasn’t going to go to a new bar in Seattle and try to recreate the situation with people he had no connection to. Instead, he ended up with surroundings like Cafe Nervosa, and the person he was closest with was Niles. Niles probably had a huge influence on him, and helped him regress to the bigger snob he was before he started going to Cheers.

After all, there’s this joke from the flashbacks in the s3 finale:

Of course the truest answer is just that it’s funnier to highlight Frasier and Martin’s differences, especially after the first few episodes/season, when the focus stopped being on how strained their relationship was because they couldn’t communicate, wanted to live alone, etc.

So..What's There To Do in Boston Anyway?

So this post is for ineedtofindabetterhobby! She messaged me and asked what are some cool places to shop, eat, and hang out in Boston? Sorry it took me a little while to answer, I was trying to compile a list and make it a meaningful post. The places I’m gonna post about are all places that I’ve been to and are by no means the ENTIRE list of places in Boston.


Anna’s Taqueria

So there’s this burrito place in Brookline, which is a short bus ride on the 66 bus. It’s so cheap and SO GOOD. The burritos are huge and they pack them full of awesomeness. Definitely a place to try.


My PERSONAL favorite is Froyoworld in Allston. There’s a lot of build your own frozen yogurt shops in and around Boston, but this is by far the best. I have to go here at least once a month. I would love to go more. They have so many flavors and of course so many toppings. Short ride on that handy 66 bus.

Trident Cafe

So this one is an exception, as I was typing this my roommate came in and INSISTED that I put this down. I have personally never been here, but she has and raves about it. (She’s trying to drag me there now). Its on Newbury Street, so you can people watch (see below), but it is a great cafe for pretty cheap with great food. They have GREAT brunch.


Buffalo Exchange

So there’s Newbury Street, which is EXPENSIVE, but always has some very interesting things, but in Allston, there’s a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. They have some of the higher priced things that you would find on Newbury Street as thrift items. They have a lot of stuff there, and its definitely a cool place to go on a Saturday. Once again, short ride on the 66 bus.

The Garment District

This place is the PLACE for costume attire, cool vintage clothes, and of course the PILE O CLOTHES. Downstairs they literally have a huge pile of clothes where people go in with socks on and sift through to get a bargain. The clothes in the pile are $1.50 PER POUND. If you’re willing to get down and dirty, this pile is for you. They also buy back clothes, so if you have some old clothes that you don’t want, you can make some extra $$$$ (what college student doesn’t need that)?

Newbury Comics

A store that is native to Boston, you can ALWAYS find something cool. They have a few locations: Harvard Square, Newbury Street, and Faneuil Hall. They have fun and quirky stuff that is pretty cheap. Also, you can find any music that you are dreaming of. 


Newbury Street

So I mentioned how Newbury Street was the expensive part of town, well its also where you can people watch! You could probably spot someone semi-famous if you looked hard enough for long enough. I’m not going to put it in the shopping part, but you can window shop. Sometimes my friends and I go in the really expensive stores and look. I mean hey, why not?

Harvard Square

This place is great to hang out because you get to go through all of Boston by taking the T there, but you also are in one of the most historic parts of the area. You can walk on campus and imagine all the super smart people that have went there (I do that, is that weird?). There’s also some cool shops and coffee shops that you can check out. Not to mention, there’s an iHOP hidden around the corner.

Boston Common

Also at the request of my roommate. There’s always something going on over here because this is literally the center of Boston. Once again, there’s a ton of history here and a great spot to people watch. There’s Emerson near here, so always a lot of college students around. And there’s a huge movie theater right there, so something cool to do on a Friday night.

So, I think that’s about it for now. Thanks so much for the idea! Made me really think about places around the city, and also makes me grateful for living in such a COOL place.

Fic Recs, 1/?

Gen Fics

(romance is not the primary focus, but may have some minor established or past relationships)

  • “Coach Z,” by thistidalwave, details the time Jack spent coaching peewee hockey and it’s adorable and amazing and you need to read it. Some mentions of past Jack/Kent. 
  • “Quebec Weird,” bySirenAlpha, is an interesting gen look at some of the regionalisms and habits Jack may have picked up in his motherland. 
  • “the heart not to lose it,” by defcontwo and sparklyslug, is my current fave Kent fic. It’s a character study and a look at the year Kent a) finally settled in with the Aces, b) got the C and a Stanley Cup, and c) started getting over Jack. Mentions of past Pimms and hookups with male OCs. Tyler Seguin is a minor character but only appears to give Parse a kitten and disappear. 
  • we’re gonna fight til we do it right,” by sparklyslug, in which Bitty sends Kent a series of spiked but still delicious hate-baked-goods. There’s texting and Jack and Parse are functional exes and everyone ends up being bros. Minor Zimbits.
  • you won’t BELIEVE these articles Kent Parson has angrily read out loud to Jack Zimmermann” is great if you like media fic, crack, or Jack and Parse as functional exes, and maybe try it even if you don’t like those things. It’s by defcontwo and sparklyslug,some past Jack/Kent mentions. 
  • brought to you by,” by HalfFizzbin, in which Jack is categorically horrible at being in commercials. Minor Zimbits. 

Shippy Fics

(sorted by primary ship- if Bitty and Jack are the main focus while Shits and Lardo date in the background, it’s in Zimbits)


  • “Ice Crew Please!”is a lovely AU of what would happen if Jack just went straight to the NHL and befriended the SMH, who are here a bunch of weirdos who clean the Falcs’ rink. It’s Jack/Bitty and LOOOOOONG and awesome. Warning for the depiction of Bitty’s parents, who are homophobic and sad and ultimately realistic, but maybe not the kind of parent/queer kid relationship you want to read about. 
  • “bold; over the worst of it” by jackzimmermann, is a Jack/Bitty fic hashing out what happened at the unholy drunken mess that was Spring C
  • au pays qui te ressemble” by tropes is a Jack/Bitty fic reaching from the end of Bitty’s sophomore year to Jack’s first year in the NHL, and has since been thoroughly jossed. It’s real good, has lots of texting and an excellent background Shitty
  • “strawberry” by peevee, is extremely in-character Jack/Bitty BDSM smut, in which Bitty figures out that Jack likes being held down and tied up, and that he himself is super into it 
  • Double Jeopardy,” by sadquebecois. It’s the fucking best. Involves a drinking game called “Jeopardrink,” a “tolerate this many outbursts, get out of this many friend duets” pact, and an “A is not for ally” airhorn. Features Jack/Bitty and NurseyDex. 
  • “You’ll Think of Me,” by alcatraz; Shitty PoV on an excellent dirtbaggy day in the Haus during which Jack and Bitty get together, with v in-character cameos from the rest of the squad. 


  • “the lucky ones,” by screamlet, is 17K of Ransom/Holster slow burn over summer break, it’s great and super in-character and I love it.
  • Best Friend Sundae,” by robokittens: “or, five times the heteronormative concept of “bromance” failed the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team.” RansomHolster, great cameos, a-plus-emoji work.
  • Things Holster Likes,” by Euphorion, is Ransom/Holster and THE BEST, it’s so goddamn great, at one point Holster gets stoned with Shitty and an OC and they start talking about queerplatonic readings of “Bend It Like Beckham”
  •  “not funny,” by applecrumbledore, in which Ransom and Holster get together and then stay at Holster’s parents’ house. It’s great, I’m not doing it justice. Some OCs and mentions of racism that a character thinks is severe but ends up being clueless-white-people standard. There is some smut. 
  • BFFWB,” by emmagrant01, is shameless Ransom/Holster smut, in which Ransom is too busy for a sex life so Holster tells him all about his hookups instead, and eventually just starts hooking up with Ransom. 
  • “Score,” by emmagrant01, is basically Ransom and Holster getting each other off every time they score a goal, and then giving up on the pretext. It’s real good. 


  • “Idiot,” by euphorion, is a great slow-build NurseyDex fic in which AFAB trans dude Dex decides to bring home a “boyfriend” to convince his parents he’s not a lesbian, and Nursey volunteers. Some smut, misgendering/misogyny/homophobia, and slam poetry. 


  • When I Wander Home,” by Lexie: Shitty and Lardo hanging out over the summer, barging into each other’s work, getting stoned around Boston and getting their shit together. Romance but no smut