hang gun


❛ They’re safe ❜  
❛ She’s/he’s/they’re safe, just like I promised. ❜
❛ And you get to die for her/him/them, just like you promised. ❜
❛ We’re all men/woman of our word. ❜
❛ This is either madness or brilliance. ❜
❛ It’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide. ❜
❛ Me? I’m dishonest. ❜
❛ And a dishonest man/woman/person you can always trust to be dishonest. ❜
❛ It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly.. stupid. ❜
❛ This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught NAME. ❜
❛ You cheated. ❜
❛ Pirate. ❜
❛ You are without doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of. ❜
❛ What’s your purpose? ❜
❛ I confess, it is my intention to commandeer one of these ships. ❜
❛ I confess, it is my intention to raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out. ❜
❛ I said no lies. ❜
❛ I think he’s telling the truth. ❜
❛ If he/she/they were telling the truth, he/she/they wouldn’t have told us. ❜
❛ That’s not true. ❜
❛ I am not obsessed with treasure. ❜
❛ Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. ❜
❛ You’re supposed to be dead! ❜
❛ The only rules that matter are these: what a man/woman/person can do and what a man/woman/person can’t do. ❜
❛ Pirate is in your blood, boy. ❜
❛ I can let you drown. ❜
❛ So, can you sail under the command of a pirate, or can you not? ❜
❛ Drink up, me hearties. Yo ho. ❜
❛ You burned all the food, the shade.. the rum! ❜
❛ Yes, the rum is gone. ❜
❛ Why is the rum gone? ❜
❛ It is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels. ❜
❛ The entire Royal Navy is out looking for me. ❜
❛ Do you really think there is even the slightest chance they won’t see it? ❜
❛ There’ll be no living with him/her/them after this. ❜
❛ I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against PLACE. ❜
❛ There are a lot of long words in there, Miss/Mr. ❜
❛ We’re naught but humble pirates. ❜
❛ What is it that you want? ❜
❛ I want you to leave and never come back. ❜
❛ I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request. Mean’s no. ❜
❛ I didn’t steal it, if that’s what you mean. ❜
❛ Too long I’ve been starving to death and haven’t died. ❜
❛ I feel nothing. ❜
❛ You best start believing in ghost stories, NAME. You’re in one. ❜
❛ No survivors? Then where do the stories come from, I wonder? ❜
❛ If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. ❜
❛ I want you to know that I was rooting for you. Know that. ❜
❛ It never would have worked between us, darling. ❜
❛ I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t know. ❜
❛ How far are you willing to go to save her/him/them? ❜
❛ I’d die for her/him/them. ❜
❛ You need to find yourself a girl/boy, mate. ❜
❛ Who are you? ❜
❛ No one. He’s no one. Distant cousin of my aunt’s nephew twice removed. Lovely singing voice. Eunuch. ❜
❛ A wedding? I love weddings. Drinks all around! ❜
❛ I love this song. ❜
❛ You’ll be positively the most fearsome pirates in the Spanish Main. ❜
❛ You stole my boat! ❜
❛ I borrowed. Borrowed without permission, but with every intention of bringing it back. ❜
❛ It’s frightful bad luck to have a woman on board. ❜
❛ She/he/they go free. ❜
❛ You only got one shot. ❜
❛ We can’t die. ❜
❛ Don’t do anything stupid. ❜
❛ The crew are not to be harmed. ❜
❛ Curse you for breathin’, ya slack-jawed idiot. ❜
❛ You should know better than to wake a man when he’s sleepin’. It’s bad luck. ❜
❛ Savvy? ❜
❛ It’s not worth you getting beat again. ❜
❛ You didn’t beat me. ❜
❛ You ignored the rules of engagement. In a fair fair, I’d kill you. ❜
❛ That’s not much incentive for me to fight fair then, is it? ❜
❛ The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers. ❜
❛ You know nothing of hell. ❜
❛ How can we sail to an island that nobody can find with a compass that doesn’t work? ❜
❛ I’m actually feeling rather good about this. ❜
❛ You could surrender. ❜
❛ I’m gonna teach you the meaning of pain. ❜
❛ You like pain? Try wearing a corset. ❜
❛ Wretch. ❜
❛ I couldn’t resist, mate. ❜
❛ That’s got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen. ❜
❛ I cannot just step aside and let you escape. ❜
❛ This shot was not meant for you. ❜
❛ You’re pirates. ❜
❛ Hang the code, and hang the rules. They’re more like guidelines, anyway. ❜
❛ You lying bastard! ❜
❛ Don’t dare impugn me honor, boy/girl! ❜
❛ I always liked you. ❜
❛ It goes with your black heart. ❜
❛ I really rather hoped we were past all this. ❜
❛ Perhaps you’ll conjure up another miraculous escape, but I doubt it. ❜
❛ Do us a favor. I know it’s difficult for you… but please, stay here, and try not to do anything… stupid. ❜
❛ Even a good decision if made for the wrong reasons can be a wrong decision. ❜
❛ Any man who falls behind, is left behind. ❜
❛ Take what you can! Give nothin’ back. ❜
❛ I hardly believe in ghost stories. ❜
❛ We are cursed men. ❜
❛ Will you be saving her/him then? ❜
❛ I can’t swim. ❜
❛ I’m watching over you. ❜
❛ I should have told you from the moment I met you. I love you. ❜
❛ Hang him. ❜
❛ Keep your guns on him, men. ❜
❛ How did you escape last time? ❜
❛ This man/woman/person saved my life. ❜
❛ One good deed is not enough to redeem a man of a lifetime of wickedness. ❜
❛ Come out… and we promise we won’t hurt you. ❜
❛ I invoke the right of parlay. ❜
❛ I can’t breathe. ❜
❛ You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before? ❜
❛ I had a dream about you last night. ❜
❛ You don’t want to be doing that, mate. ❜
❛ I’m curious. After killing me, what is it you’re planning on doing next? ❜
❛ Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death? ❜
❛ You forget your place. ❜
❛ So, this is where your heart truly lies? ❜
❛ I already feel like a fool. ❜
❛ I admire a person who’s willing to do whatever’s necessary. ❜
❛ You’re a smart man/woman/person, but I don’t entirely trust you. ❜
❛ I’m not sure I deserved that. ❜
❛ I may have deserved that. ❜
❛ You’re safe now. ❜
❛ You’re despicable. ❜
❛ I saved your life, you saved mine. We’re square. ❜
❛ I can get you out of here. ❜
❛ I’d need a lot more to drink. ❜
❛ It was a good plan.. up ‘till now. ❜
❛ Do not make the mistake in thinking you are the only man here who cares for NAME. ❜
❛ Is there a problem between us? ❜
❛ Every decision you’ve made has only brought us from bad to worse. ❜
❛ Easy on the goods, darling. ❜
❛ I’m not entirely sure that I’ve had enough rum to allow that kind of talk. ❜
❛ He’s still breathing. ❜
❛ Easy on the goods, darling. ❜

Fallout 4 wasteland ex-gunner sniper for hire Lance

So here is a tiny thing I noticed in UTRH a little while ago that I was just reminded of

Do you all remember that scene in Under the Red Hood where Jason steals the helicopter?

You know, this helicopter with a shipment for Black Mask lands among a bunch of guys there to meet them…

And then the lead guy gets into the helicopter and the following exchange happens-

Helicopter Pilot: Hey, protocol says I’m only supposed to be on the ground for six minutes!

Lead Guy: *pulls back hood to reveal he is in fact the Red Hood*

Jason: It’s okay, I won’t be staying that long!

Anyway, Jason being a dramatic and entertaining little shit here is a great scene, but I was always so distracted by it that I never really paid attention to the guys he had in the background. I’d just quietly assumed they were actually Jason’s men or mannequins or something.

Except then they sort of… get the pilots thrown into them and don’t do anything? So I took a closer look and-

See how those sleeves are hanging empty with the guns hung over the shoulders?

That’s because these guys are tied up

And now I just can’t stop laughing at this? Like. These guys are conscious and everything, you can see them moving. Heck, if you look back at the opening to this scene again, you can even see the sleeves hanging suspiciously empty-

So Jason fucking jumped all of the guys who were supposed to meet Black Mask’s arms shipment, tied them up and probably gagged them under the mask, presumably threatened them into cooperating, hung jackets and guns over them, and then just stood them up as props for the scene

Never let it be said that Jason Todd does not fucking commit to his theatrics.

(Bonus points:

Thank you animators for this handily labeled crate so we know that this is in fact supposed to be a shipment of guns.)

Sh*t Evgeni Malkin does:
  • Decides to buy Alien/Predator sculptures in Dubai and have them shipped to Pittsburgh to guard his driveway

  • Puts a scarf on the sculptures when it snows

  • Wears rocket shoes over the sea

  • Cuddles lions

  • Gets kissed by dolphins

  • Takes a polar bear selfie

  • Swims with a whale shark

  • Dresses like a sultan while in the Burj al Arab in Dubai

  • Flexes while wearing just a towel and being pelted by sprinklers (also at the Burj al Arab in Dubai)

  • Tours bunkers of former communist Soviet leaders

  • Takes photos with the Stanley Cup….while using a urinal

  • Catches a hammerhead shark….then has it stuffed

  • Paints teddy bears

  • Takes photos mocking drunk friends

  • Dresses like this 

  • And this 

  • Pretends to be a sculpture

  • Plays with actual sculptures

  • Shoots large guns

  • Visits bath houses (complete with authentic Russian hat)

  • Embarrasses himself in front of dignitaries

  • Falls asleep in flower beds

  • Beats up small children

  • Takes selfies with the goal cam

  • Plays himself in odd Russian movies

  • Wears 4 sets of pool floaties simultaneously

  • Has a crystal Stanley Cup

  • Wears eyeball glasses

  • Hangs from the guns of tanks

  • Thinks everyone looks better with his face

  • Owns Halloween

  • Wins

(Request) Save Me, Keep Me

Title: Save Me, Keep Me

Characters: Negan x you/Reader

Requested by: @jeffreydeanmorganownsme

The reader is rather young (between 20 and 25) and she has been living her last months in the company of a man she hated, for he had created nothing but trouble in the group she had and basically made all her friends die for his bad decisions.

Warnings: NSFW, 6k+ words, filthy smut I guess lol

Note: Looooooooong overdue request! Sorry it took me so long to get this up ugh. Anyway, this was requested by my fave girl and I hope you’d like this! There’s more details to this request but that’s basically the summary of it. To be honest, this isn’t my best piece and I apologize. Please forgive me if this sucks lol.


Fending for yourself was something you were weak at and you totally hated yourself for that. World’s gone to shit and it’s been shit for a few years now and yet you were still struggling. It wasn’t easy to just fight off the dead and for some reason, you never got used to it. The fact that you had to stay with a man you hated in order to survive made you hate yourself even more.
Jake had been a part of your survival team from the beginning and although he was a good fighter, he brought trouble along with him. He played the part of a leader, a terrible leader to be exact. He never listened to any of you and always did things on his own, which eventually led to everyone you know, dead. Now you were stuck with him simply because you want to survive, you needed to.

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mafia au

[part two]

Damen was in a meeting when he was told the news, whispered softly into his ear by one his men. He inclined his head slightly without taking his eyes off of his current business adversary, and nodded to indicate he’d heard, signaling for the man to leave so the meeting could continue. He shuffled the information to the back of his mind, and carried on, ignoring the curious look Nikandros sent him. He made himself not react as he faced the golden-haired man in front of him. 

“Something the matter?” Auguste asked from across the conference table, looking squarely at Damen.

Damen shook his head, allowing an easy smile to grace his features. “No, nothing of import.”

Sharing none of their emotions, they carried on with the negotiations.

Afterwards, Damen watched Auguste carefully until he could see outside the conference room windows that he had gotten into his car – alone – and had left the premises. He waved for Nikandros to follow him as he got into the elevator and pushed for the basement levels.

As soon as the doors were securely closed, Nikandros turned to him, his eyes narrowed.

“It was a ploy,” Damen said, answering the unasked question. “The little brother, Laurent, was caught sneaking around the top floors.”

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  • hange: erwin, guns do not go "pew pew"
  • erwin: well then, how do they sound?
  • levi: they go *finger guns* bang bang bang!
  • hange: really? i thought they always sounded more like [epic gun fight sounds] to me.
  • erwin: ...
  • levi: ...
  • hange: :D
  • levi: ...i'm not even going to ask how you made that sound

I might or might not make a series depending on how it goes but as a followup to my post kinda meandering about how certain folk react badly to protagonists in video games no matter what I’ll go into protagonists in games that are actually genuinely bad and I’ll attempt to explain why they don’t work, in my opinion.

As a general warning for this series, there will be spoilers for every game that I cover (of course) and content warnings for the specific games will apply, which I’ll tag to the best of my ability.

This one will be about

Originally posted by victoryagamii

(with apologies to the gif maker)

Dante, from DmC: Devil May Cry, the intended reboot of Devil May Cry (aka Donte, aka YOUR PROM DATE YOU UGLY SACK OF SHIT)

More under the cut, cause this gon b a lonnnnnng one

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Mary is acting out ‘a post- Reichenbach’ Sherlock

The ultimate revenge. She jets off around the world, seemingly to keep John safe… just like Sherlock did in The Reichenbach Fall. 

Except, here comes the diabolical bit. This is Mary taunting Sherlock, twisting the knife in further: she is saying all the things Sherlock wanted to say when he came back to John in The Empty Hearse, but couldn’t.

That’s why her letter to John is so melodramatic: She is mocking Sherlock, imitating what  he would be like writing such a love letter to John. Just make a few alterations and imaging this is Sherlock writing to John, if he was able to let him know that he was simply ‘leaving’ during The Reichenbach Fall:

My darling, I need to tell you this because you mustn’t hate me for going away.  I gave myself permission to have an ordinary life. I’m not running, I promise you that, I just need to do this in my own way.  But I don’t want you and Sherlock hanging off my gun arm, I’m sorry, my love. I know you’ll try to find me but there is no point. Every move is random and not even Sherlock Holmes you can anticipate the roll of a dice. I need to move the target far, far away from you and Rosie, and then I’ll come back, my darling. I swear I will.

Sherlock was trying to ‘give himself permission’ to have ‘an ordinary life’, to fall in love.

And then, Mary goes one step further. She imitates what Sherlock would have liked to say to John during his reunion with him in The Empty Hearse:

You’re always a good man, John, I’ve never doubted that. You never judge, you never complain. I don’t deserve you, I… All I ever wanted to do was keep you and Rosie safe, that’s all.

This is her revenge, excruciatingly painful for Sherlock. She is throwing all of his deeply intimate, unspoken words out into the open, spitting them back in his face. She is saying: See? This is what could have happened to you, but it didn’t. You’ve failed. 

Oh, she is wicked, that one.

Woman in Black (Part One)

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Full Story Summary: As the Avengers take down another Hydra base, they are greeted with a powerful, emotionless soldier being controlled by Hydra. Bucky vows to save her.

Word Count: 2031

Warnings: Injuries, fighting, angst? I guess, near death

A/N: Heyo! So this was originally gonna be a oneshot but as I started writing it, it turned into a lot bigger of a project than I imagined so I’m going to make it a little mini series of like two or three parts. Probs three. Well I hope you guys like it! And I’ll try to post the next part soon.

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

Bucky never expected to find a person so incredibly similar to him, ever. He thought he was the only person, the only one to have memories ripped from him by Hydra. The only one to have lost himself to the evils of brain washing, mind numbing torture, and impossible physical fitness that couldn’t be achieved without hours upon hours of constant training and beatings. But here he stood gazing at a woman very similar to himself when he was the Winter Soldier. Her eyes were a beautiful (E/C) but they were hooded and dark, dead and emotionless. She was truly stunning but years of abuse showed in the stoic set to her lips, the greasy and untamed nature of her hair and the jagged scar that spans across her jawline and down, disappearing under the collar of her tactical suit. The sight made him sick, sick that he wasn’t the only one, that this gorgeous creature was turned into a tainted weapon and could no longer be called an individual. And he knew that if she ever returned to her right mind, she would be forever haunted by the ghosts of her victims and be forever in regret, he knew this first hand. So as she approached he promised to himself that this girl would be saved, she wouldn’t be alone, he would help her no matter the cost, since he knew. He knew what being controlled like a puppet did to your sanity. He snaps back into action with a few members of his new family, all who noticed the new threat, the woman in black.

“Heavily armed target exiting the base, keep your eyes on her.” Bucky speaks through the coms even though he knows they’ve seen her.

“Steve… I think she’s… I think she’s being controlled.” He once again speaks through the coms though now his voice is barely whisper. Steve’s head snaps up to look at Bucky even while fighting the other enemies, and then snaps towards their new guest, most likely recognizing the look that Bucky wore when he was under the control of Hydra. The woman saunters towards the battlefield with a grace none of the present Avengers expect considering the heavy outfit she wore. This was just as shocking as the swiftness that she moved with when attacking.

“Guys, we need to try to capture her ali-” Steve is cut short. Natasha, Sam, Wanda, Bucky and even Clint in the quinjet are caught off guard when the woman decks the great Captain America with a high kick sending him crashing to the ground on his back. Though Steve shook off the surprise quickly enough to roll away from the deadly curb stomp sent towards his skull. He quickly recovers and snaps up from the ground to quickly dodge a flying punch. The woman’s attack were relentless and continuous leaving no room for Steve to counter or even get away from the flurry of attacks, all he could do was dodge and even then he would still get grazed. The others are unable to help him as they are busy with the hordes of lower ranked troops, though they are quickly diminishing. Natasha rapidly takes out the soldiers surrounding her with a spiral kick giving her just enough time and space to go and help the Captain. 

She runs towards the duelers and launches herself into the black clad woman, swinging around her body and locking her legs around the threats neck, using her weight to drop the girl to the ground. The ambush seemed to barely phase the woman because even as she fell towards the ground she was prepared. Her arms shot out to catch herself before pulling herself into a ball to perform a somersault, dislodging Natasha’s from their place around her neck. She rolls forward and recovers before driving her foot behind her quickly, catching Natasha in the jaw. The pure force of the kick sends Natasha tumbling away from the (blonde, brunette, etc.). Thankfully though Nat had given Steve enough time to recover from his battle with the girl and he was quickly on top of her in Nat’s place. Before the woman was able to turn to face him again, Steve slams into her with his shield as his battering ram, so to speak. He can hear the sound of the woman’s ribs cracking under the force he used and mentally cringes. He is astounded when the woman doesn’t even flinch, no reaction, no scream, nothing. She is forced forward and stumbles over her feet before regaining her balance and charging back towards her previous attacker. Steve expects another barrage of punches but is startled when launches herself at him and swings herself around him to wrap her legs around his neck and pulls him toward the ground.

“Holy shit! She learned that after it getting used on her once?!” Sam sounds as bewildered as Steve feels. Steve is unable to recover like the woman in black did after she was taken down with the same move. Steve hits the ground hard, face first and the girl shifts so she is digging her knee in between his shoulder blades. He lets out a groan of pain and tries to push up but she grabs his arms and pulls his arms far behind his back and he feels one of his shoulders pop out of place. He lets out a yell at the sudden pain. With one of his arms disabled he knows he won’t be able to get free without help but just as he thinks this he feels a belt wrap around his neck, the woman had pulled a belt off her uniform just to strangle him. She starts to pull up on the belt and Steve struggles, scratching at the belt with his non-injured arm to try to get at least so relief. And then the pressure is gone and the belt falls, the girl is sent tumbling with Bucky after he tackled her off of Steve. They roll for a second, both of them fighting to get the upper hand. Bucky ends up on top of her leaning his weight down on top of her, metal arm pressing down hard, trying to push her shoulders to the ground. He is unsuccessful though because she snaps her head up and head buts him, breaking his nose. He rears back in pain and she takes the chance to switch the rolls and tosses him to the side and comes up on top, straddling him. She wastes no time and starts bashing his face with punches, right hook, left hook, right hook, left hook, right hook. Luckily this doesn’t last long before she is wrenched away from Bucky and two arms wrap under her arms and pin her to a chest.

“Got her!” Sam yells before the girl throws her body weight forward, throwing Falcon over her back and onto Bucky. The shock and impact make both men groan, but the girl lifts Sam off of his teammate before throwing him away. Clint watches the whole thing from above in utter bewilderment, the heroes of the world getting there asses handed to them by one person. How was this even happening?

Natasha is once again in action and fighting the nearly unstoppable enemy, her broken jaw throbbing. She is dancing around the woman in black, bending and folding, dodging all of the powerful attacks. After a few more missed attacks, the woman takes a step back before yanking  a Sig P320 pistol and fires a shot at Black Widow, though it was not a deadly shot, the bullet pierces through Nat’s shoulder. A scream is ripped from Nat’s throat as she collapses to the ground. The woman stalks toward the injured Black Widow with gun hanging limply in her (right/ left) hand. She reaches Nat and hovers above her, raising the gun to point it at her head. Nat looks up into her eyes defiantly, not cowering away from her death. The woman’s finger twitches at the trigger but she hesitates and lowers the gun, Nat noticing something flash in her eyes, something looking like pain and regret before the woman is torn away by Bucky. He grabs her wrists pulling them behind her back before snaps industrial looking handcuffs onto her wrists. The woman just struggles, still no sounds leaving her mouth. She pulls and kicks and thrashes but Bucky doesn’t let go, arms holding tight around her middle. As this happens Clint has landed the quinjet running to help Natasha and Sam has helped Steve up from the ground, all of the other assailants taken care of much earlier. The girl keeps thrashing, trying to get away and Bucky stares into her eyes, trying to anchor her down.Then in a flash, she stiffens unnaturally and Bucky swears he sees a look of pure terror form on her face before her eyes dull and she slumps over in his arms. Her sudden dead weight makes him nearly drop her, but he recovers. He doesn’t know what happened.

Did she pass out? Did she hit her head on something and knocked herself out? But I thought I saw her expression change. And she stiffened, is that a normal thing that happens before you pass out? His thoughts run wild, not knowing what to think.

“Buck, we have to go now! Nat needs medical attention and she needs it soon!” Steve calls to him, holding his dislocated shoulder as he stands by the quinjet, Clint carrying Nat inside to set her on one of the benches before instructing Sam to keep pressure on her wound as he runs to the cockpit to call the compound, telling them that they would need immediate medical attention when they arrived. Bucky gently picks up the woman in black, cradling her gently against his chest as he runs to the jet. When he gets inside the jet, he gently places her on the bench across from Nat but not before he undoes her cuffs and switches them to the front of her body and chains her to a bar on the wall of the jet above her head. He sits down next to her looking over her finding her gaze unfocused and body completely limp. He raises his arms up and props his elbows on his knees, placing his head in his hands as the quinjet lifts off.

“What happened to her?” Steve asks as he comes up to him and sits next to him.

“… I don’t know, she just kind of stiffened before going completely limp… Steve she was emotionless the whole time she fought us but before she became like this she looked absolutely terrified. Why would she be so scared?….” He questions more to himself than to Steve.

“I don’t know Buck.” Steve whispers back. 

“Buck, she is so beat up… and the whole time she didn’t let out a peep, nothing. She should have been screaming in pain but she was so quiet. I know I broke some of her ribs but she didn’t even react.” He says feeling sick. What could have been done to her to make her so… dead? Bucky doesn’t answer, but just stares down at the small but strong body lying beside him.

“She wasn’t completely emotionless.” Natasha’s scratchy voice draws their attention to her. 

“Nat, don’t talk, it’ll just make it worse.” Steve says standing up to walk to her side.

“She wasn’t, she was going to kill me but she didn’t. Her gun was pointed at my head and finger on the trigger but she didn’t, she lowered her gun and she looked so pained. So sorry.” Nat stops, taking heavy breaths, trying to get the rest out through her pain. 

“She could have killed all of us but she never went for the immediate kill, always one that would take longer. She was stalling so we could stop her. But she knew the consequences if she didn’t fight to kill so she did.” She finishes breathily settling down onto the bench finally relaxing. Sam, Steve and Bucky all look back towards the limp woman surprised.

“Wow… I didn’t even notice. I couldn’t even believe you wanted to capture in the first place.” Sam says, and Bucky looks towards him. 

“I thought she was being controlled but I have no idea how. And now she’s like this…” He said once again placing his head in his hands. 

“How many people’s lives do they have to ruin?” Sam asks sadly, meant more as a statement then as a question. Bucky just shakes his head.

things to consider
  • ukraine with her long yellow hair in braids that reach down to her waist when she doesn’t have them pinned up
  • ukraine with short hair and red, red lipstick
  • cossack ukraine
  • ukraine in bell-bottom jeans
  • ukraine cooking
  • ukraine smiling soft and wry and sweet when belarus isn’t looking, bright blue eyes unfocused, creased around the edges
  • ukraine grinning at poland or turkey or russia, always with that hint of some cosmic irony - challenge and/or camaraderie and/or pure delight (teeth flashing just a little)
  • ukraine laughing
  • the ridiculous face ukraine makes when she tries not to laugh
  • ukraine in loose blouses and ukraine in tight tank tops
  • ukraine in thick woolen winter coats that fit snugly down from her shoulders to mid-thigh with a notched collar and two rows of buttons
  • ukraine in full skirts and ball gowns
  • bisexual ukraine
  • ukraine in the army, graying uniform like a second skin, musket or machine gun hanging easy at her shoulder, boots planted wide
  • ukraine with overdone mascara and messy black eyeliner
  • ukraine wearing no makeup except for blue eye pencil
  • ukraine singing
Seokjin Scenario: Let Us Burn.

Request: An spy/assassin AU where y/n and Jin have to kill each other. You both know you’re very skillful so the both of you end up trying to pretend your harmless and befriend each other. The pretense friendship becomes real and something deeper, love but at one point both your boss wants you two to stop and do your mission which make it hard for the two of you Maybe an ending where y/n and Jin pretend to die together and live somewhere far from the world to be happy lol

Genre: Romance / Drama - Spy/Assassin AU

You had always taken pride in being very logical and smart, but this thing that you’d been doing could only be described one way, you had lost your mind. In all you years of working to make a strong name for yourself in the world of paid assassins, you’d never had a target so troublesome as Kim Seokjin, nobody had needed this much thought and planning and you found yourself screwing everything up on your part because for the past two months you’d thought you had everything under control but you didn’t.

You’d tracked Seokjin like usual, meeting him casually at the park where he ran at seven am twice a month to keep up his pretense of a normal life like every other, one that was of a young accountant who worked in his little family enterprise, single and attractive, with a cute dog, a nice house, women that came and went temporarily and a steady behavior. He was of course, nothing of that, you knew the real him, the Seokjin who had sold and betrayed others, who got paid to know the deepest secrets of his targets and spying on their lives, who had killed when he’d had to for the sake of a job well done; he wasn’t about to fool someone like you. You knew the kind of things he did because you’d had to do it yourself as well, but you had pretended to be harmless because you needed to proceed with caution with him. You wished you’d had that same caution with your heart.

This was new, you’d never found yourself in your current position, it was foolish of you to fall for someone you had to kill because you couldn’t leave unfinished jobs, but in all your supposed casual encounters, you got to know him. Along the path of trying to lure him in taking advantage of being a woman since it wasn’t the first time for you doing it, he lured you just the same and you didn’t know what to do with that yet, except for ignoring it and trying to follow through with this job.

Tonight was going to be different, you could feel it somehow. Seokjin had kept his facade of a correct and proper man in front of you until now but you knew time was running thin and both of you had an objective. You knew yours, and were still trying to sort out his. What did he gain with this? Was he really believing your play?

You exhaled slowly, observing your reflection. You were going to make your way into a party and you needed to be in sync with the ambiance so you’d taken care of that with your dress and your overall look. You were almost ready, so you pressed the button by the corner of your closet for the special compartment to appear. Some women weren’t ready until they had  grabbed their lipstick, well you grabbed your lipstick too, but you weren’t ready until you had your gun. You ran your fingertips over the ten guns lined up in front of you and took your favorite one first, a magnum slim and small enough to hide; now you were ready to meet Seokjin tonight.

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“I don’t need a hero, I need a husband.”

Originally posted by sweetg

Working with your husband made your job worse and better at the same time. Worse because it made you worry uncontrollably for Reid’s safety, but better because you understood each other on a whole other level than most couples did. If there was a tough case, you each had someone to talk to who knew what you meant.

Currently, working together was making your job worse. Spencer was too impulsive sometimes. It could be dangerous.

The case you were working took place in a town in the middle of nowhere, meaning that everyone knew everyone and they all wanted to protect each other. There were also endless amounts of barns, farms, and abandoned houses, perfect for an unsub to hold someone hostage, as they were doing right now.

Garcia was digging like she’d never dug before and found a connection between a man with a record that fit the profile, and the newest victim that had been abducted. She also found that the unsub’s father owned a farm that had been abandoned after he passed away. 

The unsub had been left out and bullied as a child, he was abused and neglected. After taking a look inside his past, it was no wonder he turned out troubled.

The team and others were armed outside of the barn that the unsub was in, along with his victim. You were standing next to Spencer with your gun raised towards the large open doors. 

“I can talk him out of it,” Spencer said to Hotch, “I really think I can. He’s holding a gun to the victim’s head and we can’t get a clear shot, just let me try to talk him out of it.” he pleaded. You kept quiet, of course you didn’t want him to go in, but so long as he was armed and wearing his vest, he knew what to do.

However, after Hotch approved of it, Spencer began to take off his vest and put his gun down. “Spence!” you shouted as he ran closer to the madness, refusing to look at you.

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etherealperrie  asked:

Hello there, I've been writing since I was about 14 (I am now 20) & I feel as though I have grown immensely but something I still struggle with is showing & tapping into the emotion of my character when writing in first or third person... I get too caught up in describing what is going on around them and the details of setting & looks & I think my writing would improve so much more if I could really tap into the emotion/thoughts of my protagonist - do you have any tips???

1. The first thing I would look at when facing this problem are the characters. A really well developed cast of characters should help the emotions flow more naturally. I often say that a really great story is one that is character driven. At the end of the day, most readers will follow your characters through hell and high water and the most boring plots in the world, because that’s what you do when you love someone. 

Character Development )

2. However, developing a realistic character beyond simply listing traits or piecing together a backstory, and that might be part of the problem here as well. The next thing I would suggest is working with your character, writing scenes with your character as the focus the entire time- possibly even outside of the story itself, to ensure that the focus really is on the character and not the advancement of the plot.

Get to know your characters in every situation. Send them to the beach. Write them on a camp trip. A date. An road trip. At a party. Write things that would never actually happen in the story but that bear a heavy emotional atmosphere. Write them at the funeral of another character, even if that character never actually dies. Write them grieving, or being with them as they die. Write them reuniting with a lost loved one, in any context you wish. Write them meeting someone important who they never really knew, like a parent who was absent from their lives. Write them having a huge fight, a first kiss, a nightmare, achieving a dream. Take particular care to write their interactions with other significant characters within the story as well.

Get to know their reactions to every situation and emotion. By doing this, you come to develop their own voice and perspective, that will come across more and more naturally in your writing as you work with it.

2b. Another great way to know your character is to see them through the eyes of a different character! How would their mother describe them? Their best friend? Their worst enemy? Their sibling, their teacher, their coworker?

3. This voice will then become particularly prominent in the way your character views and reacts to the world around them. It’s great that you have a great sense of environment and setting! All you need to do is connect that back to your character and see that setting through your character’s eyes. Ask yourself, why does it matter to them, so much that they feel the need to point it out? If you mention Chekhov’s gun is hanging on the mantel, talk about how that makes them feel. Curious? Frightened? After practicing emotional scenes, practice having your character react to much smaller things.

4. You can also try taking a more personal approach. When in the process of creating your characters, find things that you like about them. Find things in them that you can sympathize with. Find traits that remind you of yourself, or someone you care about. Many people will base their characters off of real people. Personally, I like to find the similar traits after the character has always been created, just because it then makes it easier to keep the two separate in my mind, but real people can be a great source of inspiration, and can help your character feel more real, because well, they are in a way.

On the note of feeling real…

5. Try to imagine them as a real person. If this was your friend, your neighbor, your classmate, what kinds of things would you notice about them? What impression would they make? Or, alternatively, walk a mile in their shoes, as they say. Imagine you are in their exact position during a particular scene. How would you feel? What would you do? Why would you do those things?

Another great exercise in imagining them as a real person is to talk to them. Just write them a letter. It can be in any context you want. It helps you imagine who they are as a person when you are using them as a pretend audience. 

6. When writing a scene involving them, identify the motivation behind their actions. Know their goals and what they are working towards, as well as what hinders them or furthers them. Every time an action is taken, quiz yourself on why. Sure, you know it makes sense to the plot for the character to use that action, but why would it make sense to the character, in the moment? Do they even know? Is that train of thought clear and realistic?

Another alternative is to study other characters in media and stories that you enjoy. Watch an episode of your favorite show and make a list of the characters’ actions and motivations. 

7. Study emotions and body language. Body language is a key part of description and showing-not-telling, but different people can react to the same emotion in different ways, and matching their body language to their personality can help you develop their reactions more naturally. Some people might get angry when insulted. Some might try to laugh it off. Some might make a witty retort. All of those reactions tell you something about the person. 

This is getting lengthier than I intended, but I tried to give you some different tips and exercises to try out. Mostly, I would focus on developing voice and understanding motivation- after ensuring that all your characters are thoroughly developed, of course.

I hope this gives you some options. You’ve got this!


“Got a case, detective?” - Rap Monster Mafia!AU

Case #1: “The homeless bomb maker”

Characters: BTS x reader, Namjoon biaised.

Words: 6058

Type: Smut (next chapter)

WoA: I’m not very happy of the result. Finally i made it a serie. Three chapter to come i think. Smut in the next one (because i’m not a big fan of quickies rn).

               Your eyes were stuck on the brown fluid hairs of the man who opened the door, you were avoiding his eyes and lips smirking, showing how surprisingly pleasant it was for him to find you here. Your eyes wandered behind him where other men in suits were aligned against a beige wall in between shelfs, proudly showing their guns lazily hanged at their hips. You knew the gigantic manor was hiding another hundreds of those men, all in black suit, all armed and ready to shoot any time he rose his pinky. You felt your fingers gripping harder on the files you were holding, and when you heard the raspy voice of the man who opened the door, you automatically lowered your head hiding your tensed face.

“Well, well, well,” he strokes up “look who’s knocking at the den’s door…”

               You refrained from showing your badge, you would have feel a bit more secured if you had, but you weren’t on duty and what you were about to do required you to be a simple civilian. You rose your head, giving him a long stern look. Min Yoongi, 28, lawyer and right hand of the East Seoul’s mafia boss. You knew you had to be careful around him, he wasn’t one you wanted to mess with, his frail and pale figure was a costume behind which one of the most horrific mind you ever had the misfortune to meet was hiding. Like a beast, lurking silently at his prey from behind bushes.

“You’re not the welcome,” his eyes were shining of pure interest, “you know it… So why are you here?”


               You closed your eyes, bit your tongue and tried to take a few seconds to put your thoughts in order. Your brain was a mess, and to be honest, your complete self was a mess. You couldn’t remember the last time you had taken a good night of sleep, your back was hurting from the chair where you worked, ate, slept, drank in. You had taken a quick shower before coming here, but didn’t put any make up on, nor took time to take care of your hairs.

“I want to see your boss…”

“Oh…” his eyes wore a fake surprised expression. Chuckling his fingers tightened on the wooden door, he looked at you from head to toes and sighed. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to come back… He’s not here for now.”

“I can wait, until he’s done, or I can call some friends and…”

“Friends?” Yoongi snapped, a devilish smile breaking on his lips. “You don’t have this kind of resources, you and I know that… I’m pretty sure if you called anyone from your department because I was shooting you, no one would come…”

               You froze when you saw his fingers run on the grip of his pistol. He was right, even if you threw an emergency call right now, no one would come for you. Not since you had accused one of your colleague of destroying evidences from embezzlement a few month ago. You had been proven wrong, but couldn’t believe it and kept following your leads anyway. You had been suspended and disgraced by your boss, your own father. Left without any support, you found yourself alone on every case you were given. If you were given one… So, if Yoongi or anyone was to shoot you, you’d be alone. And most certainly dead. You were taken aback by his knowledge. If even the mobsters knew that, it was no good news. You almost felt the urge to crawl back to your floor and never leave it ever again. But feeling the cornered files in your moist hands, you fought the urge and raised your head. If ordering wasn’t working it left you with one thing to do…

“Please!” you begged, keeping Yoongi from closing the door by pushing it with a weak hand.  “I… I know he’s here! I’ve spent the day waiting to see his car come back and… I know he’s here!”

               Annoyance wasn’t a thing you wanted to see on one of the most dangerous man of South Korea, and when you faced it, you felt a cold sweat run down your spine. His eyes darkening, he tried to push the door until you kept opened by the strength of despair. He clearly couldn’t care less about your feelings, and he was the worst of the Seoul’s Seven you could face right now. Any other would either have try to make a deal or just let you in out of curiosity, but Yoongi was inflexible and reasonable, a cop entering this house was dangerous and he knew it.

“What do you want?” he asked on a cold tone, signaling one of the man to come closer.

“I…It’s personal, you don’t get to know.” He rose an eyebrow and shook his head amused.

“I don’t think you get the place you’re in, little girl. I’m not letting you in unless I can explain why I did… Because if I let you in and you have nothing, you and I will be corpse buddies, get it?”

“I…” You gave up and extended your hand to him, giving him the files. “I need some help with it…”

               Yoongi grabbed the file and opened it. You could see his features disformed by the disgust the pictures were provoking. You kind of enjoyed to see a weakness on him right now, but just thinking about the pictures made you feel as weak as he was. He signed you to stay here, and took the file with him as he went to the back of the mansion. You looked at the guard who had replace Yoongi, you didn’t know him and took a long stare to impress his feature in your memory. Your mind wandered as you were waiting and looked at the garden. It was gorgeous, refined and delicate, the exact opposite of the man whom it belongs to. The one Yoongi was certainly showing the pictures to.

               Seconds turned into minutes which felt like hours as you looked at the gardener planting some pink roses. You knew him too. Kim Seokjin, 28 was one of the nicest of the Seven’s. His job remained unclear to you, but from what you understood, he was the one being called when someone messed up or when some bodies had to remain unfound. He would most certainly be the last man who’d see your dead body if you died here. His long fingers where gently pushing the roots deep in the ground, he was focused and looked absolutely harmless. Until someone called him and he rolled his eyes, shoulder slumping and barked some insult in return. You followed his gaze and clenched your fists when you saw who called him.

               Jeon Jungkook, 23, hitman and arms dealer. He was the third whom scared you the most, known for being extremely cruel in his ‘punishment’ towards anyone trying to damage their reputation or taking advantage of them. Your first crime scene, was supposedly his. An absolute mess, the girl had tried to leave a brothel they were holding with some money she had stolen from them. Her body had been found in the living room, her head was in the bathroom next to the burnt by acid body of what supposedly was a client trying to help her. Cruel and savage. You hoped that if the order had been given to kill you, he wouldn’t be the one taking care of it. The body of the prostitute was covered in bruises, cigarette burns and the autopsy had proved she had been strangled repeatedly. Those thoughts were the worst you could have right now, as you realized Seokjin and Jungkook were looking at you smiling. You realized, how unprepared you came when fear rushed in your veins.

“You look terrified” a voice stated behind you, you violently spin round and found yourself facing one of the most beautiful face and smile you ever had been given to see until a while. Those belonging to Park Jimin, 25, the pimp. From far the less terrifying of the Seven’s, if you forgot his bad temper and tendencies to sell and buy women. “And lost… May I help you, darling?” His hand almost reached your cheek, until a big hand fell on his forearm, keeping him from touching you.

Taehyung, 25, drug dealer, stood between you and the pimp. “She’s a cop, dude… Don’t touch her.” You snorted hearing his words and he smiled, taking his sunglasses off revealing a cold and red eyed look, that made you step aside.

“Too bad,” Jimin stated looking at you from top to bottom, devouring you with his eyes, you almost felt naked as he did. “I could have enjoyed her company…”

“You have other toys…” Grunted Taehyung as he engulfed in the house, not giving you a chance to say anything.

“Toys…” Jimin repeated pouting, looking at the dark gate he followed the lead and suddenly turned, fumbling through his pockets, he finally extended a card to you. “If you ever need a change of career, call me… I could help you. You know, some men enjoy their massage when they’re made by dominant ones.”

               You stood, amazed by the proposition and his use of the word ‘massage’ to describe his business. You snorted and laid against one of the pillar, you were running out of patience and your last encountered had put you in a state of rage you had troubles to control. You looked at your cellphone, found out your father had try to call you and closed your eyes shooting in a rock to move it out of your sight. You gave a long look at the guard who was still standing in the door frame. Then, it strokes you: Almost all of the Sevens were in the mansion, which was strange since they avoided being together in case of a police raid. This was an odd timing, only Jung Hoseok was missing.  

“Or not…” you mumbled as a tall slender man came from the street followed by a gigantic Weimaraner, they both came toward the entry running gracefully.

               Jung Hoseok, 27, unknown activity. He was sweating in sport clothes, his bangs held by a headband, obviously coming bag from jogging. His presence in the Seven’s remained a mystery. He never was linked to any troubling case. He didn’t even have any criminal record, not any fine. From his actual look you could see he was absolutely different from the six others, he didn’t drink any alcohol, did any drug nor slept around. Even if he was known as a playboy, you had the opportunity to find out he never took any girl to his place during a stakeout. He was more like a butler to all of them. He had inherited is family fortune and didn’t work at all. The fact that he wasn’t swimming in dark waters didn’t meant he wasn’t dangerous, for this reason you decided too remain extremely careful.

“H-Hello…” He managed to say breathlessly, bending as he stopped in front of you, his hands to his bare knees, he caressed and congratulate the dog gently.

“He seems nice…” you approached your hand from the dog when Hoseok snapped your hand away when the dog growled.

“He’s not.” Hoseok looked at you for a while and at the guard after letting out a pained groan. “I’m going to ask you to turn around, hands on the wall, miss Y/L/N.”

“E-excuse me?!” You blurted out, making the guard laugh.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just going to take your phone, gun and all arms that you could try to hide, miss Y/L/N.” he interrupted you smiling politely. “You’d do the same if I came to the police station, no?”

“Well, you’re a criminal…” you mumbled as you put your hands against the wall you faced.

“That remains to be proven.” He said as he tthrew your gun to the guard, catching your worried look he smiled. “Don’t be this afraid… If he’s letting you in, he’ll let you out. You know him. He’s not such a villain…”

               You tried really hard to focus on the long list of cops and civilians that the Seven’s had killed to this day instead of the warm hands which were running on your body giving you chills. This situation, and the silent pleasure you were having out of it reminded you that it had been a long time since man’s hand had fallen on you. He thoroughly felt every part of your body, twice, making you jump and when he reached your lower back. You blushed when he took a step back.

“Let her in,” he said looking at the frowning guard, he grabbed your wrist and looked into your eyes. “there’s no answer for you here, I hope you understand here. This is pointless, even if they knew anything, they’d never say anything to you… Unless you want to get your hands dirtied. And I know you, I’ve studied you as much as you studied us, you won’t get your hands dirty.”

“I’m not…” You turned silent as he smiled nodding and you laughed, an idea sparkling. “Infos… You’re handling all information needed for them to make good deals, is it?”

“I’m not a criminal, is the only thing I am allowed to say.” He replied on a cold tone entering the house, followed by his dog.

“Because of you, they commit crimes and the victims never get justice… That’s the definition of a criminal Mr. Jung…” you jogged behind him as he signed you to.

“Justice…” He shook his head. “You’re living in a fairytale Y/N… I guess you’re too naïve to even realize the world you’re living in.”

“Enlighten me, then…”

               Your voice echoed on the walls of the corridor. All the doors were locked, a measure they certainly took to avoid you from seeing something you shouldn’t see. You silently thanked them, seeing anything illegal would force you to close your eyes on it, or attempt to arrest them and die.

“You think cops are working against the mob, for starter…” he said, stopping in front of the last door, the biggest one. “They’re working hands in hands, needing each other… There’s no need for cops if there’s no mob. No mob needed if there’s no cop, that’s cause and effect miss Y/L/N…”

“Oh please…” you muffled rolling your eyes, he smiled gently.

“Avoid this when you’re in front of them… I’m not taking offence but they will…” His hand landed on the door’s handle. “You can still turn around, are you sure you want to go in there? There’s no turning back once you’re in.”

               His words were full of empathy and he seemed sincerely worried, it was making your heart flutter a bit, you had to admit. He really seemed like the perfect gentleman, and caretaker. You looked at your feet for a while, reminding yourself of why you were here and how this feeling of security won’t last once you’ll go through the door.

“If I had any other choice, I wouldn’t be there…” you finally said smiling to him, he shook his head and opened the door, letting you the place to go in. “You’re not coming?”

“I already know everything that will be said… If needed, Mr. Kim will call me.”

               He gave you one last look, and went back to the entry, letting you with an opened door and the dog to watch your every move. You took a deep breath and thought for a while. You really didn’t have much choice; this case was too much for you to handle it alone. And your father had been really clear on that matter: he won’t partner you up until a new guy comes in, the other were now too dangerous for you. You had no information, no witness, the forensics found no evidence… And a murder like this one was either the beginning of a long series or the job of a professional. Either way, you couldn’t wait and hope for a new victim. Especially not when it was this awful.

               You took a deep breath and regretted not having a flask to gulp some liquid courage from. You pushed the door a bit more and listened quietly. Not a single sound. Given what Hoseok just told you, they were supposedly all in here, chatters should be heard no? Six young man weren’t the most silent thing in this world. You jumped when you heard them all roaring. From where you were you could see an empty oak desk and some empty leather couches.

“Jimin!” a voice exploded over all the others, a voice you had never heard, deep and powerful enough to silence everyone. “I thought I have been clear the last time, I won’t tolerate cheating…”

“You have to accept it, Namjoon, he worked hard to beat you and he finally succeeded you’re not the boss anymore.” Said Taehyung.

               You pushed the door until it hit the wall behind it and came in. You found the six of them around a pool table. Five of them turned around at the sound of the door hitting the wall, the five you saw before. The mood had rapidly changed, obviously since all of them where giving you a dark look and smiles disappeared off their features. You blushed under their stare and refrain from looking down. This was not the moment for you to look weak, shy or embarrassed. Those six were devils hidden in men bodies. It occurred to you only now, that they all were pretty beautiful. Sweet features, and angelic faces for monsters, you silently judged.

               The sixth one, still had his back facing you. He bent and holding his pool cue, about to break the perfect triangle Jin just made. You came closer and admired his feature. It strokes you how beautiful and focused he was as he was observing the pool. Kim Namjoon, 26, boss and leader of the Seven’s. You only had seen him in picture, some said he almost never left this mansion because he was paranoid. Some others said he was only getting out when someone screwed and conclude deals with the Triads. But everyone agreed to say it was for the best. You cleared your throat and he gave you a quick glance.

“Out,” he said straightening, when he noticed from the corner of his eyes how tensed Jungkook had become, you and him were sharing one of this look, you hadn’t been able to prove how he was the killer during your first case, but had made it pretty clear that you won’t drop until you could prove it. You since had dropped the case, but no one knew, not even your ex-partner. When Seokjin asked if they needed to get out to, Namjoon just nodded, staring at you.

His order clearly surprised all of them, and when Yoongi opened his mouth to protest, Namjoon hit the wooden floor with the cue. No place for discussing orders, you almost smiled to Yoongi, but controlled your will, it would only make him furious and you closer to a terrifying end for this life. As they all left, you felt the weight on your shoulder increase. He bent and broke the triangle in a swift move, sending three balls in a hole. You pinched your lips and looked around, the room was gigantic, and felt like out of movie, walls of a deep green, leather seats, pool game, hi-fi, gigantic TV screen, and two book case the side of a wall each. You found some card box in the corner, full of books too.

“I always run out of place…” he broke the silence, you were surprised by his tone: nice and casual, you were expecting him to scold you, not to explain you that he had issues with house arrangement. It made you a bit more comfortable. He went on the other side of the pool, letting you catch a glimpse of his perfume, delicate but manly, santal or patchouli, you weren’t sure, something incredibly warm and welcoming, opposite to who he had to be. Actually, nothing was showing who he was, except from time to time this position of his shoulder, straight. Natural born leader always fascinated you, they had this charisma that impressed you. But now wasn’t the time to be impressed, you reminded yourself silently. He had this charisma flooding out of him, each move, each look, everything seemed to obey to his orders. He groaned when he missed his shot and sighed deeply as the white ball went in a hole. He dropped his cue against the wall and looked at you for a while.

“I’m sorry…” you started, he smiled and this instantly made you freeze. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

               You almost gasp out of surprise at your own words and tone. It was the exact opposite of what you needed to look like, and this hadn’t escaped him. You blamed this on Hoseok he had made you way too comfortable.

“But you did.” He said suddenly cold, grabbing a pack of cigarette. “So… You’re here, on a Sunday, interrupting a nice afternoon and showing me pictures of… What used to be a human being, for an excellent reason I guess? Because I’m not the type of person that waste time on such things as death, and an excellent cop as you know it.”

               His tone was cold yet an amused smile was extending his lips. And once again, his beauty was revealed, crudely to you, shaking a part of your soul that had not be shaken in a while. You looked down to your feet and bit your lips, trying to hide the blush his compliment had provoked, no one at the station would say this to you. But somehow the way he introduced the subject was the worst one, it was frightening you. What could he even do? A man was died, why shall he move a single finger?

“I need help…” you ended up saying as he lit his cigarette, his warm and deep brown orbs falling on you, he laid his head against the wall and spit his smoke out. He had something of Tony Leung, you thought remembering a movie. His white shirt, undone tie, suspenders and black suit pant. “I have nothing on this, and I know it happened on your territory… I know for sure you have eyes and ears everywhere… I thought maybe you had something that could help me.”

“You thought…” he repeated, he went to the drawer were stood a katana and you froze when he opened the drawer and got a gun out. “You thought I would help you…” he smirked, his cigarette locked in between his lips.

“I mean…” you said, trying to stabilize your voice and gulped when he put some bullets in the barrel. “I didn’t think you’d know nothing… I have identification, but nobody really knew this man. It seems he was a scientist before… And I know your time can be precious, but a life has been taken and to me this is important… I… I mean you saw the pictures”

“To be entirely honest,” he said closing the barrel, making you close your eyes. “The only reason why we let you in, is because Jimin told me you were hot.”

               You felt all colors drained off your face when he said those words, and bit your inner cheek. How foolish of you to think he was going to listen to you? Especially since your composure had obviously stayed at the door. He gave you a long-satisfied look, and you shook your head. The anger you had refrained since weeks, all the frustrations, all came out and you failed to stop your emotions from flooding.

“You’re like them…” you groaned, looking at him straight in the eyes, a glimpse of surprise crossing them at your change of tone. “Nobody gives a shit if a homeless man got his ribcage ripped out of his chest… He’s just a hobo, why shall you care?” He frowned, and you felt anger rise even more as he seemed absolutely impassive. “He has been beaten up, stabbed, open from the pubis to his throat, his heart and lungs ripped out… His last minutes must have been hell. He must have beg to die and you… And you’re letting me in because I’m pretty? And you expect me to jump around in happiness? I’m not one of your bitch, I don’t give a shit being noticed, I want this poor man’s death to be resolved! I want justice, I want to make it so it’s not vain… Because if it is…”

“If it is?” he asked, sitting on the pool board, his question surprised you. “What if it’s vain?”

“If it’s vain… I won’t… I…” you frowned as he snorted.

“It’s always vain. The man is dead, you’re running after a killer for what? Avenge him? I’m afraid you’re too late, baby…”

“Don’t baby me” you snapped going to him, facing him proudly, making him smile. “And, I care.”

“You care about every homeless guy dying? Then open a goddam hotel and welcome them all… They’ll be safe under your watch officer.” He returned your dark look a hundredfold, making your will vanish. “I’m not the red cross, or SOS murder… I’m a…”

“A jerk?” you asked as he fell silent, you immediately regretted your words and closed your eyes when he grabbed your neck. His fingers deepening in your skin, ou weren’t sure what you’ll get out of here, but bruises were an option.

“Show a little respect, officer, or I’ll teach you the hard way. Get it?” You gulped and grabbed his wrist trying to get rid of his hand, a tender smile broke his face. “Who are the others?” as you frowned when he let you go, he explained “you said I’m like the others…”

“Colleagues. My look comes first, abilities last…” you whispered as he went to the minibar and got two glasses out. “They don’t understand why I took the case, it was a dead end before we even investigate to them…”

“Is it a dead end?” he asked, showing you a bottle of whisky and smiled when you nodded. “And your old man gave you the case to keep you from burying old case of police officers receiving bribes?”

“No, he tried to keep me off this, but I fought a bit… And here I am, begging a gangster to help me… I’m…” you shut your mouth and closed your eyes, your hands running on the wooden cue, some of his warmth was left on it, you grabbed it and bent to play. “May I?”

“If it pleases you, enjoy…” he laid against the bar and smiled when you sent two balls in opposite holes, making ice turn in his drink. “You’re a player?”

“Not really, I just… I know physics, and my father used to take me to his pool club when I was a kid…”

“After your mother’s death?” you looked at him for a while surprised he even knew it, you nodded. “Sad thing, I heard it was… Awful.”

“I never really knew what happened…” you muttered, frowning as he shook his head. “What? It was a robbery…”

“Anyway…” he stated, trying to hide a smirk and failing halfway, letting his glass on the bar. ”I do know a lot of things… But everything has a price here, you know it… I’m not doing charity.”

“Okay, enough!” you threw the cue on the pool and looked at him as he brought you a glass. “You want something from me, you wouldn’t tease or receive me if you didn’t… I’m not stupid. What is it?”

“Finally…” he heaved and looked at the pool. “See, I don’t need anything at the moment, but there will be a time I might need assistance on something.”

“I am not going to get dirty…” you groaned as he came closer to you, grabbing the cue.

“Yes, I know. You’re the white knight of this police of ours…” he snorted, and looked at the game. “But let’s be honest… You have others things to deal with than this murder, officer… Rumors has it that you have created a real mess in your section.” He wasn’t asking, and it clearly wasn’t a rumor to him, he was standing close to you, and you thought that if you listened more carefully you’d hear his heartrate, or he’d hear yours, which was awfully uncomfortable, since your heart was speeding like on highway since you could smell his delicate and manly perfume from closer. “You’re almost drowning under hate mail, and this incident with your locker…” a cold sweat ran down your spine, the explosion of your locker, was something new for cops, indeed, and terrifying. “This would never happen in our place…”

“No, you’d rather kill him than just make some pranks, isn’t it?” you asked, suddenly hypersensitive and aware of how dangerous your situation was. He ignored your question.

“You should take some holidays in the country…” he groaned as you closed your eyes. “You think the cops are responsible for your locker?! Welcome to the real world: Hyunshik was the one behind this order, the bomb was supposed to blow away the whole station, but apart from scratching your colleague, nothing happen. The man responsible for this failure… Has paid.”

“H-how do you know all this?”

“As you said, I know everything that happens on my territory… And that includes Hyunshik’s men coming to torture and kill the man who didn’t killed you…”

You had a hard time to gulp, and your eyes remained on his calm features. In the depth of his eyes, you could see some excitement about all this conversation. He bent slightly, bringing his face to a few centimeters from yours, you blushed and bit your inner cheek.

“So, tell me… Y/N, do you still want justice for the man who tried to kill you?”

“I-I…” you tried to think, but his deep orbs were absorbing you in some lusty feels. “I don’t…”

“You don’t what?” he sighed, obviously annoyed by your lack of answers. “One who wants to be fair has to forgive his own murderer, isn’t it?”


“You what? You don’t know what to think anymore?” he chuckled. “I can give you an advice… Run away while you can, because no one is going to save you. Your only friend remaining will make your autopsy soon if you don’t… You’ve went too far in this case, people start to die, and you’re the prey.” His slender fingers caressed your cheek, making it burn, forcing yoou to hold your breath not to moan in expectation. “There will soon be a contract on your head, and no one, not your father, not God will ever be able to protect you. They will come for you… Unless you drop the case…”

“I can’t…” you lowered your head and clenched your fist. “If I do, I will be like them, not doing my job because I’m scared and that’s not the cop I want to be…” those simple words reminded you that you had a dream, and this dream didn’t include hiding or leaving a fight, your hand caressed his warm finger and took them away. “I will take them down… And if it costs me my life, then, I’ll die as I wanted to… Honorably.”

“There’s no honor in death…” Namjoon murmured frowning slightly. “But I admire your commitment… If half of the cops had the same, you’d be safe…”

“I’ll survive…”

“This day, I’ll allow you to come here and tell me ‘I told you so…’ officer…” You exchanged a long smile, ignoring the link that those words he pronounced just created. “I can’t help you with Hyunshik… It took me two years to bring peace back in the streets. But, don’t lose Jimin’s card… Always keep it close.”

“I’m not…”

“He’ll help you, he might look like a jerk, but if there’s a damsel in distress, he’ll come running…”

“That’s pretty contradictory, he’s the one torturing them…” you noted, making him smile.

“Jimin’s role is not to threaten them, it’s to ensure them some security…” seeing how you rolled your eyes, he became silent and smile. “No smooth talk, I get it….” He went to his office and grab a paper on which he scribbled something. “This is my direct line, if you don’t want to call Jimin, then call me… I’ll send someone to pick you…”

“I can’t have a … Mobster’s phone number.” You taking a few steps closer to him, he sighed.

“You do realize I’m offering help, no? You aren’t in position to refuse, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” you groaned as he forcefully put his number in your hand. “may I ask you a question? Why do you want to help me?”

He didn’t answered and smile, pushing on an intercome.

“Hoseok, our guest will leave. See her to the door…”

As you stand on the porch, after being almost thrown out, you took a deep breath. Looking at Namjoon phone number you bit your lower lips. You should have throw it, but somewhere inside, you felt a bit safer if you kept it with you. You registered it under “Pool club” and went back to your car.  

“That’s not a very good move, coming from you…” Yoongi complained behind Namjoon. “If Hyunshik discover that we’re helping her… You shouldn’t even have let her come in, you know she was followed, Hyunshik might take it as a violation of our pact…”

“Why the heck shall we help her?” asked Jungkook sitting on the pool board.

“Is that a remake of Romeo and Juliet?” Taehyung smirked as Namjoon it a new cigarette sitting behind his office.

“Her old man pays well…” Namjoon said, making everyone silent in surprise. “And somehow, I took some linking into her… She’s brave enough to come here.”

“If she survives and come after us, I swear…” Yoongi didn’t finished his sentence as Hoseok landed his hand on his shoulder.

“Even if Jungkook is protecting her, she won’t survive more than a week…”

“Me?!” Jungkook roared standing suddenly, furious. “Why the hell should I…”

“I’ll do it…” Namjoon said, his thumb caressing his lower lip. “Hyunshik fears me more than any of you… And he knows that if I die, Hoseok will take over.”

“I’ll kill him myself.” Hoseok said smiling lightly, making Jungkook and all of them smile.

“By the way…” Taehyung intervened, looking at the smiling man. “Why did you kill the bombmaker?”

“I don’t butcher people, how can you accuse me?!” Hoseok cried faking a wound on his chest.

“Then who did?” Jimin asked, they all looked at each other until Namjoon got up.

“I did…” Namjoon smiled as he looked at the pictures and a glimpse of pride appeared on his face. “No one shall forget how I got there… And that includes all of you.”


don’t you dare tell me that mary’s letter to john wasn’t based off sherlock imagining what he would have written as his “note” post reichenbach if he was able to

“My darling. I need to tell you this because you mustn’t hate me for going away. I gave myself permission to have an ordinary life. I’m not running. I promise you that. I just need to do this in my own way … I don’t want you hanging off my gun arm. I’m sorry, my love. I know you’ll try to find me, but there is no point. Every move is random and not even Sherlock Holmes can anticipate the roll of a dice. I need to move the target far, far away from you — and then I’ll come back, my darling. I swear I will.”

elise-the-assassin  asked:

#48 from the 'I found you' lost and with McCree xxxx please. ❤️

#48 - I found you before my last breath

Angst ahead…

There was no way you were making it out of this alive.

You and McCree had split up to cover more ground, but now you wished you would have just stayed with him. You were bleeding out and you couldn’t move without someone trying to blast your head off.

“McCree!” You try communicating with him again though you knew it was for naught. Surrendering yourself to the only logical outcome seemed to be your only option…


“Darlin’! I ain’t ever been happier to hear someone’s voice. Where are you?” He grunted out sounding as if he was fighting someone off.

“I’m pinned down, McCree! I’m…I’m hurt.” You hated to tell him that, hated to give him more to worry about, but it was better than lying to him. Though you were more than hurt.

“I’m gonna try to find ya. I’ll come to you, you stay put!” His six shooter fires again.

“No! Don’t risk your life. Don’t be stupid. Just…just…” You couldn’t finish your thought as pain gripped you again.

“Stay with me now,” he says through gritted teeth. This man was ready to risk it all for you, but you just couldn’t let him.

“I’m going to try and…” you wince again, “…move.” You say the last word through a clenched jaw as you attempted to stand. It takes you a few times, but you finally get upright. You move as quickly as you can to get behind some cover, spent shells laying all around you. You look to the spot you were laying in and see just how much blood you had lost.

“How hurt are ya?” When you didn’t answer, he lashed out. Not because he was angry, but because he was scared. “Can you just once in your life do what your told? I never met someone so stubborn in my whole damn life…and that’s comin’ from me.” You smiled a little at that.

You held your gun weakly in one hand and try to keep pressure on your wound with the other, blood seeping through your fingers constantly. You were slow moving, but finding McCree was the only thing on your mind. A bullet buzzed past your face and you take cover in the next building you find.

“McCree, you still there?” You sounded even weaker than before.

“Yes, ma’am. Are you still pinned down over there?” Worried filled his tone.

“N-no, I’m moving. I’m coming to you. Tell me where you are.” There is silence on the other end and you don’t know if it’s because he’s mad at you or if he’s trying to find out where he is so he can tell you.

“Dammit, woman! I’m-” He’s cut off, but you hear a barrage of gunfire and you begin walking in the direction it came from. Some bullets come flying your way, but you get down quick enough to avoid being hit again. Your vision was beginning to fog over but you were so close…so close. You collapse against a column and slide down to the ground, your gun hanging in your hand limply. Your eyes begin to close until you hear someone shout your name.

“McCree,” you say weakly. “Over here.” He probably hadn’t heard you, but you thought it was worth a try. “McCree!” you say a little louder and he responds with another shout of your name. You can hear his spurs as he gets closer and, hell, if that sound wasn’t like music to your ears.

“Oh no,” McCree says dropping to his knees at your side and looking at all the blood, your blood. “Can you stand? Hell, I’ll carry ya if I have to…”

“No…no…don’t bother.” You grabbed his hand and he looked down at it. “I told you I’d come to you.” You smile up at him but can only keep your head up for so long.

“Don’t do this to me now…I ain’t gonna let ya.” You only shake your head and squeeze his hand with all the strength you have left. “Please,” he begs.

“Kiss me, cowboy?”

He lifts your chin gently and presses a sweet kiss to your lips. As he pulls away, you smile and lay your head against his chest, getting one last whiff of his scent. He takes his hat off and drops it as his side then wraps his arms around you.

The last thing you remember is being wrapped in his serape as you finally closed your eyes and gave into the darkness.