hanfu revival

eh it really bothers me i guess when revival shit is done sloppily, with traditional cuts imposed wholesale onto modern prints.  like taking a historical hanfu pattern and cutting it from fucking leopard print doesn’t make it innovative or modern, just tacky. v v tacky. 

idk i guess this is why i support the ~hanfu revival movement as an aesthetic, not just as a raid-a-period-drama-set-and-wear-it-to-work sort of deal. bc integration bw past and present draws from complex emotions (pride, loss, diaspora-like elements, anti-euro-centrism, etc) and it is difficult. it’s hard to fucking make traditional-inspired clothing that function, aesthetically, practically, and socially, in the present - to do so is a labor and a sensibility. 

iddddkkk laziness doesn’t cut it and some respect man