hanfu revival

okami-kotori  asked:

Do people in china still wear this kind of traditional clothing? Like in Japan you might find some people wearing them for various reasons. But is it socially acceptable in China nowadays?

Hi, thanks for your question!

Hanfu has only recently just started undergoing a revival as a living, breathing fashion after being displaced for three centuries. Before the revival movement began in earnest around 2003 (although there had been attempts at revival before), hanfu was mostly relegated to books, paintings/art, clerical traditions in Daoism/Buddhism, and the stage/TV. Therefore, currently hanfu is considered a niche rather than mainstream fashion. When it comes to traditional clothing, most people will still be seen wearing qipao/tangzhuang. However, as the revival movement progresses, more and more people are wearing hanfu not just for traditional/formal occasions like weddings and holidays, but also for daily life.

So in short: wearing hanfu is not yet “socially acceptable” in the sense that you’ll probably still get some strange looks if you wear it out in the street, but as it gains legitimacy and popularity as a revived fashion, public consensus is also changing and becoming more accepting. For more information, Wikipedia has an article on the hanfu movement here, if you’re interested :)  

eh it really bothers me i guess when revival shit is done sloppily, with traditional cuts imposed wholesale onto modern prints.  like taking a historical hanfu pattern and cutting it from fucking leopard print doesn’t make it innovative or modern, just tacky. v v tacky. 

idk i guess this is why i support the ~hanfu revival movement as an aesthetic, not just as a raid-a-period-drama-set-and-wear-it-to-work sort of deal. bc integration bw past and present draws from complex emotions (pride, loss, diaspora-like elements, anti-euro-centrism, etc) and it is difficult. it’s hard to fucking make traditional-inspired clothing that function, aesthetically, practically, and socially, in the present - to do so is a labor and a sensibility. 

iddddkkk laziness doesn’t cut it and some respect man