“I never said that!” Aoba intercepts Mairu’s hand, grabbing Kururi’s before her sister is able. He takes a breath to calm himself before, correcting himself, saying, “I mean, if Kururi wants to dance with me, then that’s her choice, right?” He looks towards the older twin, who averts her gaze, a light red dusting her cheeks.

Kuronuma Aoba, “One Boy, Two Dates”

“So, what, you two just regularly break into your brother’s apartment and do what, plaster his walls with Hanejima Yuuhei memorabilia?” It’s probably the most insane thing Aoba’s ever heard of. He just hopes that Izaya doesn’t decide to come after him as well in whatever revenge scheme he plots against the twins.

Kuronuma Aoba, “Breaking and Entering”

“Don’t worry Mikado-senpai,” Aoba assures him after Mairu has strong armed her sister away in the direction of the restrooms. “I get it! Mairu probably bullied you into going out with her because I was taking her sister out, didn’t she?” Mikado only laughs nervously though, wishing not for the first time that he never agreed to this. 

Kuronuma Aoba, “You Can’t Date My Sister!” (or smthing idk yet)

AKA - the Aoba trilogy that will hopefully be posted during/in time for rarepair month. The first two are from Aoba’s perspective, but the last one’s most likely going to be from Mikado’s perspective. My way of breaking from Izaya/Shizaya writing for a bit.