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Do you have any trivia on kasuka?

Literally Novel 4 is just a fucking treasure trove of Kasuka trivia tbh so you might want to read that. Since you know, that was back when Narita wasn’t rushed and could properly develop his stuff. Ruka helped me with this again so here is what we got. 

  • His cat Yuigadokusonmaru , is a Japanese/Chinese idiom meaning “Only I am holy.” It was first said by the Buddha when he was born, and later used to describe a holier-than-thou attitude. [source]
  • Kanji for kasuka heiwajima is 平和島幽 while the kanji for yuuhei hanejima  羽島幽平 so you can see he pr much just mixed em up.
  • His talent agency is called Jack Lantern Japan [novel 4]
  • His manager, Max Sandshield, constantly makes random comments in order to hide ‘Yuuhei Hanejima’s real age’
  • “He’s a cyborg born in 3258.” “He’s a thousand-year-old vampire.” “He’s a true warrior of light - not a reincarnation of one! - who came straight from the ancient land of Atlantis.” are some of Max’s existing claims [novel 4]
  • He has a wide variety of hobbies ( All sports, fishing, billiard, darts, horse riding, investments, collecting automobiles, going to the theater, going to the movies, painting, calligraphy, home carpentry, table magic, aikido, flying small planes, flower arrangement, et cetera.) [source]
  • Kasuka dislikes people judging others based on rumors alone  [source]
  • He also dislikes chewing gum since he’s never sure how long he should chew before he throws it away  [source]
  • He was obviously born in the Toshima district [novel 4]
  • He has a great respect for Shizuo and mentions him in his interviews [novel 4]
  • Most Journalists don’t know Shizuo is his brother. Any that get close to uncovering the truth find their cars mysteriously turned over [novel 4]
  • Kasuka was scouted when he saved the life of a talent scout who had been trying to recruit Shizuo (who, needless to say, didn’t like the scout) [novel 4]
  • He eats beef rice bentos for dinner from convenience stores.
  • He modeled first before debuting in Vampire Ninja Carmilla Saizou [novel 4]
  • After Carmilla Saizou, he appeared on Money Gamer where he made 1.2 billion yen in only a month due to smart investments. As per the rules of the game he was allowed to keep it all. [novel 4]
  • Originally he had a wealthy pretty boy stereotype, but as his amazing acting skills became more and more exhibited the public’s opinion changed.[novel 4]
  • He has shown skill in singing and athleticism, and has performed in wide array of acting roles from cross dressing to serial killers [novel 4]
  • He is unpopular as a guest on tv shows due to his lack of emotions. But his fans think that is what makes him cool [novel 4]
  • When he was young, Kasuka said he laughed and cried like any normal child. It was the negative example that Shizuo set with his unconstrained emotions that made him like he is now. Despite that Kasuka still claims he has a deep respect for Shizuo. [novel 4]
  • He is known for his unusual behavior. When a show hired delinquents to threaten him into cleaving off his pinky Kasuka almost went through with it until the same staff stopped him. [novel 4]
  • [novel 4]
  •  When he got a call from a stalker, Kasuka didn’t speak a word. After 20 hours of silence the stalker collapsed and turned themselves into the police. [novel 4]
  • Since he seems capable of anything he is nicknamed Captain Embarrassing on the internet. The reasoning for this is he’s so perfect he is like a middle schooler’s fantasy and when that middle schooler grows up all they feel is embarrassment over that crush/obsession. [novel 4]
  • When max heard about this he made Kasuka dress up in the infamous devils horns and angel wings. This poster appeared in several fetish magazines. Somehow this impossibly earned him even more fans.[novel 4]
  • Although Kasuka remained emotionless throughout this entire process, rumors spread that he was actually very furious. Fearful of Kasuka’s wrath Max fled to the U.S. for two weeks, thus proving how fearsome Kasuka’s icy expression is.[novel 4]
  • He has hardly any friends in the show business [novel 4]
  • Kasuka’s private life is a mystery and no one has filmed the inside of his place.
  • He owns several cars, of which the majority are imported convertibles.
  • He is going to star in "Cruiser Field" by John Trox,a hollywood director. [novel 4]
  • He respects all characters he plays. He considers them all to be very complex and to possess a lot of depth while he considers himself to be very hollow - especially in comparison.
  • Carmilla Saizou is considered his most embarrassing role but to everyone’s shock he agreed easily to the sequel. He explains it is because Carmilla is a character worthy of respect. No one knows if he meant it or not. (He did.) [novel 4]
  • Although Shizuo notably relaxes around Kasuka, Kasuka still speaks rather formally to Shizuo. [novel 8]
  • It is impossible for most people to read Kasuka, but Shizuo is able to easily pick up the subtle changes - enough so that he can tell just how worried Kasuka is for Ruri/during the stalker situation [novel 8]
  • I know that often times in fanfics etc despite being the older brother Kasuka is often times the one taking care of Shizuo or giving Shizuo advice. But in novel 8 especially you can see that Shizuo really is the older brother and is there for Kasuka in the way that an older brother should be ie by giving him his support and offering advice to assist Kasuka in his endeavors. It is actually really cute the way they interact like typical older brother to younger brother. 
  • Shizuo actually teases Kasuka for being so formal with him. [novel 8]
  • Novel 8 also shows how, just like with irl siblings, sometimes they say things to each other that make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE to other people but make perfect sense to each other. To make it even funnier they don’t explain anything they just go ‘oh okay’ then move on.
  • Kasuka can calm Shizuo down with only a few words when he is about to fly into a rage. Celty compares it to a beautiful maiden taming a wild animal. [novel 8]
  • Kasuka and his cat ‘cured Ruri’s body of grief’ [novel 8]
  • edit//I forgot Kasuka’s fashion. His wardrobe consists of anything, from things he has a personal fondness for to expensive articles. He will wear 100 yen accessories coupled with designer accessories though he doesn’t think that is really weird [novel 4]

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alt? *jiggly kawaii popstar eyes*

Send “alt” to hear about a random alternate universe involving our muses.


Wow, an alternate universe where these two have a relationship? Boy, that’s gonna be a stretch even for me…hmmmm…what abouttt… 

I’ve gone this route before, but what if Kasuka is an artist and Akane is his inspiration? Not in the way you’d think, however, it isn’t that he looks at her and the rosiness in her cheeks inspire him to color or the wide look of curiosity in her eyes drives him to sketch. It’s a little different. 

It’s more like Akane’s view of the world enlightens him. Her viewpoints are all so simple, childlike, yet incredibly complex. Talking to her for simply an hour turns his mind around, makes him look at everything differently. Simply put, Akane gives Kasuka perspective that he can then use for his drawings. 

She’s almost like a therapist. 

As before, Akane’s mother is single after a workplace incident killed Mikiya Awakusu. Tomoko is reluctant to let Akane go with this stranger, but Akane enjoys his company and he pays for her time. They could use the money. 

Eventually, however, Kasuka becomes a friend of the family. 

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Six names? Anri-chan, me, Kadota-no-danna, that famous actor-- Yuuhei, Kida and that other friend of yours, the mixed one.

Push off a cliff: Push… you off of a cliff! Wouldn’t you survive, anyways?

Kiss: I would definitely kiss Yuuhei Hanejima.

Marry: Marry Dota-chin! 

Set on Fire: Ehh, I’d set Masaomi-chan on fire… his loyal subordinates would put him right out.

Wrap a Blanket around: Anri-chan needs this kind of comfort!

Be Roommates with: I would be roommates with Yumacchi! 

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"Do you feel like your outside appearance is a fair representation of the “real you”?"

“Of course. Why would I hide the real me?” 

Kasuka paused.

“That young man you see on TV that looks and sounds like me? That is Yuuhei Hanejima. The serial killer, or a moron thug, or a cross-dresser in love… those are the characters I play. Only a part of the human heart. If they are of my own heart or someone else’s…” 

He didn’t know. There was your answer.

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