なんかダルダル~・・・・な感じの兄貴です。 バレンタインチョコもらえなかったので拗ねてますw シムズの中で一番気に入っているぬいぐるみ。あひる?のダッキー・・・。 装飾品なので子供が遊んでくれないのが悲しい・・・(笑)   Pose mirumom様 ahiruchanet様 床装飾 haneco410clone様 素敵なポーズとCCありがとうございます。

/ Welcome to year 2014! /
It’s been a great year with you guys on this comm.
Through tumblr, I get to know many of you awesome people around the world.
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Hallo lieblings ;-3
Ich freue mich, dass ich euch auf tumblr kennenlernen kann.
Ihr seid absolut genial und kreativ Menschen.
Mag Luisas und Csitalys CCs sehr und Sims von Sugar gefallen mir auch.
Von euch hab ich viel gelernt!
Wünsche euch gutes Neues und alles gute im Jahr 2014!

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Tu mon cheri. You are just amazing in any way, being a person, being a simmer and being a friend.
Great thanks to you in the past half year and great love to you!
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The light breeze makes the curtains dance in the air whilst the smoke from his cigarette escapes through the open window.


“Yo,” Zoran said, grinning upon the sight of the surprised face from Damian.

“What do you want?” Damian asked Zoran, slightly irritated that he made him jump.


Zoran scanned Damian from head to toe and tapped his finger on the window ledge. He quickly leaped over the window ledge into the room where Damian was. Zoran wrapped his arm around Damian’s waste and gently caressed his cheek. Damian’s heart was thumping in his chest now.


“Seriously, what do you want?” Damian asked again. Zoran softly pressed his lips against his forehead and looked into his eyes, brushing some of his hair aside.


“Hmm,” Zoran hummed. “What do I want?”

Damian pushed his hand against his chest, trying to get away from Zoran’s grip.


“People will see,” Damian said, feeling his cheeks turn slightly red. Zoran tightened his grip on Damian.

“Who cares,” Zoran said with a cocky smile. “As long as I get what I want.” 


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現在停止中のメインアカウントの方が、お知らせしてるのにフォロワーさんが増えていくので、もしかしたらhaneco410の名前でフォローして頂いてるのかな?と思いまして(;´∀`) すでにフォローして頂いてる方には何も影響はありません。どこかでリンクが飛べないことがあるかな?という感じです。


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