Justice for All 

Hand embroidery on calico, approx 15 cm

“This first piece entitled Justice For All represents something which is very close to my heart, social justice and equality for all people oppressed by the societies we live in which harbour racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism. I am an intersectional feminist, and this means critically thinking about how various forms of oppression overlap, and actively working towards breaking down barriers and changing behaviour which contributes to these systems of oppression. Protesting, creating new media, taking ownership of ourselves and uplifting fellow babes are all ways we can change the world we live in. This piece is a combination of things I believe in to my core and ways I nurture myself. Feminism is about having choice.” - @hanecdote


Here are a few patches from my new range called Positivity Patches. These mean as much to me as The Little Victories do. The aim of these are to promote happy messages to others and yourself. My bestie helped me come up with lots more. She’s a ray of sunshine in my life so these patches mean so much to me.

Protect our Planet

Hand embroidery on calico, approx 15 cm

“The last piece in this series is Protect our Planet which is a collection of motifs that encompass the ways humans contribute to the destruction of our beautiful planet. Recycling, protecting trees, preserving ecologically vital insects as well as saving water are all ways humans can start to undo some of their damage. While melting glaciers and extreme weather are all made worse by our relentless use of our planets resources. As humans, we can all do a little more to reduce our carbon footprint, after all, we have a lot of making up to do.” - hanecdote 


Some of the patches I just put up for sale on hanecdote.bigcartel.com 😍 When I relaunch my shop next year there wont be any handmade patches so now is really time to grab one and give em a loving home ❤️ Thanks for everyones love and support over the years, these handmade patches really kicked things off for me and my business, but after making thousands Im really ready for something new ❤️ International shipping 🌎

From Hanecdote.

[image: three Girl Scout-like badges. Left one says “keep trying” with a shooting star and rainbow. Middle one says “don’t give up” with a rainbow. Right one says “you are strong,” with a heart and arrow on it.]


Just started a youtube channel with the help and encouragement of my brother Josh. We’d really appreciate if you could watch and subscribe and share!