Handyman: Part 3

Handyman: Part 3 (m)

(Okay, I went a little over board. I got really turned on with the smut and went ham. Haha, I love this story so for the three people that read it, hope you enjoy!)

Word count: 8.1k

Genre/Warnings: sub!Jimin, language, angst, smut, dirty talk, office sex, cum play threesome

Pairing: Jimin x Reader (threesome)

Summary: You’re not sure where your relationship with Jimin is going but you know it’s different. Then again, do you miss Taehyung?

Parts: one | two 

“You still haven’t told him about your past with Taehyung?” Hoseok asked as he sat in your office, waiting for you to finish up what you were doing so you could go to lunch with Namjoon.

“Why don’t you yell a little fucking louder. It’s not like Taehyung isn’t outside of this room.” You whisper yelled. 

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My final project for Minicomics - a themed sketchbook, so I picked Bioshock. I didn’t get to make all the booklets, but at least I made one. :’D More comments in the captions!

I’ll probably be selling these at the Fluke mini-comics con in Athens, GA on April 19th, so if you’re around you should drop by <3

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Hello! Would you write a scenario with Shigaraki Tomura finding out his s/o or crush is All Might's daughter please? <3

Yes please. Shiggy is kinda evil, but kinda sweet, and I he is a mess, and I love him💜💜

You were making your way to the League’s lair, when your father appeared out of nowhere. He just dropped infront of you. He was probably on his way to the school.

“Young lady, I’ve told you that this part of the town isn’t safe.”, he lectured.

“Dad, I can take care of myself.”

“But sweetheart…”

“No buts. You have students to teach and I need to be somewhere.”, you sighed.

“Promise to call me if anything happens. Okay?”

“I can take care of myself, and you’re gonna be late.”

Your dad flashed you a wide smile, and off he went. Sometimes it was a pain in the ass to be All Might’s daughter. You didn’t even wonder how he found you. He had his ways, and you didn’t even really want to know what they were.

“What the fuck was that?”, you heard behind you.

You recognized the voice immeadiatly.

“Hiiiiii… Tomura.”, you said nervously.

“You’re his daughter? Didn’t care to mention?”, he growled.

“I was supposed to, but…”, you said quietly, not looking at him.

“But? You lied to me, you wench.”

Tears were starting to pool in your eyes. You couldn’t bare to look at him.

“This is why I didn’t tell you. You hate him, and now you hate me too.”, you sobbed.

Shigaraki was confused. You thought he hated you? He was harsh with his words, yes, but that didn’t mean he hated you. But it was too late to tell you now. You were already running away from him.

You had been so afraid of him finding out. He hated you now, didn’t he? Just because of your father. Sometimes it would be so much easier to have someone else as a dad. You hated that you thought like that, but it was a fact. You hid behind a dumpster and hoped Tomura couldn’t find you there. You were kneeling on the filthy ground, but it didn’t matter now.

Where had you ran of to? He wanted to find you, and talk about this. He didn’t want you go think he hated you, which made him regret his earlier words a bit.

“[Name], where the hell are you?”, he shouted.

You weren’t afraid of him hurting you or anything. You doupted he’d ever do that to you, but you didn’t want to face him. You didn’t want to see his scarlet eyes burning with anger. You didn’t want him to look at you like that. Whit the same eyes as he looked at your father. It didn’t really matter what he said, his eyes were the thing that really told you what he was feeling, but you didn’t have the courage to look at him before. You didn'y want to see the anger in his eyes. You just couldn’t. You were brought back to reality by the sound of footsteps. They were so close. You couldn’t run away from him anymore, so you just stared at your feet.

“You don’t need to tell me, I know you hate me and you just want me gone.”, you said quietly.

“I don’t hate you… I hate people lying to me, but I don’t hate you. You’re still mine.”

You raised your head slowly, and looked at him in the eye. The red orbs weren’t burning with hate, but there was a fire in them. It was not anger, but something far more warmer and softer.

“Sorry for running away from you.”

“Just don’t do it again, I don’t like losing what’s mine.”, he snarled.

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Could I request headcanons of what Tomura Shigaraki's (if you do villains- in the rules you state all characters so I think that means villains too) and Dabi's first time would be like with their female S/O? :)

~Shigaraki Tomura~
•He really wants it
•But he is so fucking nervous, which makes him act like a total asshole
•He wants to touch you so bad
•He doesn’t want to cause you any harm
•A few pillows and a cover fall victim to his quirk
•He is trying to be careful
•He succeeds, kinda
•He is pretty insecure, since it’s his first time
•But he wants to be the dominant one
•You’ll have to shower him with kisses afterwards, if he lets you
•He is on a better mood next day

He is nervous, but just seems like he doesn’t give a fuck
•Hickeys all over
•Keeps kissing and nibbling your neck and shoulders
•Doesn’t want to hurt you (with his stitched dick)
•Loves your moans
•You two got caught by Toga (I swear to that would happen, no matter the place)
•Dabi doesn’t make an effort to be quiet
•The whole thing isn’t fancy or anything
•It’s sex, but there is that special warmth there
•No candles, no fancy dinner it just kinda happened
•But you are very happy the next morning
•So is he
•Dabi is sleeping his arms around you


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