↳so tired of handwritten assignments, they truly are the worst. Already handed in the history of China one on Monday, now I gave to hand in this history of Japan one on Friday (I’m halfway done) and then finally I have to send by mail the Culture of Japan one so it gets there on July 20th.

WEEK 10/14 | This week’s summary notes and studyguide pages on “History of Visualization in the Media”. There are only 4 weeks left to my exams and I’m in delay with my studyguide work 😅 BUT I’m trying not to get too stressed or overwhelmed, just keeping on doing one thing after another 🌱

Getting my Communications 122 study on. Decided to use my favorite highlighters (Pilot Frixion pastel colors) instead of different colored pens. People wonder why I take the time to make my notes organized and it’s because I can’t study from a piece of paper I don’t find aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention, I don’t think you can question my study habits with a GPA like mine. 😜