handwritten pack

I was messaging my friend and she sends me this…..haha MuffinMendes

Bet you Mendes fans thought of yo boy shawny 😍😍😍😂😂😘😝😝😝

Thank you so much you guys! I’m terribly sorry for being completely inactive on this blog over the last year but I’ll do my best to get more involved in making new resources and helping you out with any photoshop questions you might have! So, to thank you for believing in this blog and to celebrate the 800 followers, you’re more than welcome to make any requests regarding photoshop resources and I’ll make a big special resource post:

  • PSDs
  • Handwritten Textures
  • Tutorials 
  • Overall mixed texture packs
  • Themed texture packs
  • anything that might tickle you
  • go over to my main blog to request graphics or other graphicy things


SO, to get this pack is easy, follow the rules:

  • reblog this post
  • follow twicarpenter (x)
  • and send me an ask (x) like “twicarpenter music pack + albuns you wish”
  • EXAMPLE: “twicarpenter pack + eyes wide open, four, X, Salute”

the albuns are: 

Eyes Wide Open + Bonus

My Everything (Deluxe) + Bonus

Four (Deluxe) + Bonus

X  (Deluxe) + Bonus

Demi  (Deluxe) + Bonus

Reflection  (Deluxe) + Bonus

Not An Apology + Bonus

Salute  (Deluxe) + Bonus

Cry Baby  (Deluxe)

BADLANDS  (Deluxe)

Handwritten  (Deluxe)

Midnight Memories  (Deluxe)

5 Seconds Of Summer (Deluxe) + Bonus

Nick Jonas

Yours Truly 

Christmas Kisses + Bonus 

+ (Plus) 

Take Me Home (Yearbook)


Electra Heart (Deluxe)

Meet The Vamps (Deluxe)

DNA  (Deluxe)

The 1975 

Up All Night  (Deluxe)


I am literally crying bc Shawn is coming to Mississippi in October and I’m going to get to see him 😭 I just can’t believe after 2 years of watching him on vine and YouTube and then staying up until midnight to get his first ever single that I’m finally getting to see him. I’m so so proud of him and I hope I get the chance to tell him that❤️

also happy belated 17th birthday to Shawn, I love you! 😊