handwriting text


Name: J-HOPE
Purpose: meet ARMY around the world, deliver hope to ARMY around the world
Belongings: J-hope banner ㅋㅋㅋ, cool water
Restricted Items: bouquet that resemble hobi, a cute puppy that resembles hobi, hobi’s firework like passion

Name: SUGA
Purpose: meet ARMY of many countries, to feel alive, fun
Belongings: ARMY BOMB, love towards bangtan, ticket
Restricted Items: hitting(?), cutting in, fighting

Name: JIN
Purpose: to see ARMY’s faces, ARMY’s enjoyment, my happiness
Belongings: ARMY bomb, twinkling ARMY bomb, ARMY bomb 3rd mode
Restricted Items: pork belly, chicken

Purpose: to fly together with ARMY around the world
Belongings: Ticket, time, wings
Restricted Items: rapmonie (you’re so cute my heart is straining), Holly (shh), Jjanggu (just putting him there)

Purpose: because I want to, because Bangtan want to see ARMY, because ARMY want to see Bangtan
Belongings: Ticket, good condition, our hearts that you miss
Restricted Items: going to play (but) everything is tiresome(?)

Name: V
Purpose: I want to see you, I want to meet you, I want to have fun together
Belongings: ARMY bomb, cheers/support, groove
Restricted Items: pets, my own chair, bed

Purpose: happiness, memories, strength
Belongings: ARMY bomb, water, love
Restricted Items: Camera, sleepiness, timidness

trans; @hobuing
scans; @sweaterpawsjimin

“And when we lied on the beach, drunk, with our legs intertwined, I gazed up at you and damn, did you look more beautiful than the sunrise that was less than 30 minutes away. Did you look more fascinating than the stressed sea fighting with its frothy crests. But it wasn’t because I drank too much. I equally enjoyed watching you sleep in the next afternoon with the sun pointing out your messy hair. It was probably the best cure for a hangover.”