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Sorry to ask this but I'm so confused! When people talk about writing cursive do they just mean writing with the letters joined up? Because to me that's really strange as I haven't written each letter separately since I was about 6? And doesn't writing each letter individually slow you down as well when writing essays?? (Sorry there are so many questions there 😂)

hello! yes, cursive is a type of handwriting that has all letters connected. they used to teach it in elementary schools after everyone learned how to write each letter individually, but i think that stopped (which is crazy to me. cursive helps further develop your brain and handwriting skills.) 

it’s definitely faster to use if it works for you! but, i know some people that just cannot do cursive, so writing each letter separately is faster for them. 

on a side note, i feel like almost everyone can do a hybrid of cursive and normal type right now, because that’s how i write and how a lot of the people i know write. you just figure out which letters make sense connected together and which ones don’t. 

3-25-17 | 44/100 Days of Productivity

another day of apes notes *sighs* … BUT this chapter’s really interesting! it’s unfortunate that these diseases exist, but the info kinda makes you (imo) wanna find an immediate cure for this like asap???? 

i honestly wish everybody in the world could be happy and healthy, we’d live longer and get to make more memories with each other ahhhhhh just imagining this in my head gives me hope for the world (◕ᴗ◕✿)

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1.24.17+10:53am // spread 13: star ocean queen // haven’t posted in forever, but here’s the spread i made for this week (with some sunlight streaking through the blinds haha). i got pretty stressed about my inconsistent handwriting, so i amped up the freestyle this time. i really like how it turned out! hope everyone is having a great week :D

Random but important !!

Don’t ever let people make you feel bad for spending time on your notes/making your notes look pretty etc
So many times I’ve had people say ‘that’s a waste of time’ or ‘you’re so extra’ and it makes me so angry !!
If spending an extra 2-5 minutes to make your notes look a little prettier is going to help you learn them better, or even if it just makes studying tolerable then that’s okay??? Keep doing it!!
There’s honestly no worse people than the people who will try and make you feel bad about doing something YOU want to do