BTS Reaction To You Being Stronger

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Jin: “You may be stronger than me, but at least I still have this handsome face.

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Jimin: Would be a bit embarrassed but proud that his girlfriend is so strong. He’d just make that cute laugh he does and his cute eye smile. “My jagiya is so strong”

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Suga: “Great. Since you’re so strong give me a piggy back ride to the room… I dont feel like walking.

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Namjoon: He would be a bit critical. If you guys were handwrestling he would be like “You cheated, you didn’t have your elbow all the way on the table. Rematch.” Then if you won again he’d just be like “Awhh” embarrassed that he’s weaker.

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Taehyung: Similar to Jimin, he would be proud, standing there with his arms crossed with a smile on his face nodding in approval.

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Hobie: Jhope would laugh but at the same time be shocked at how strong you were.

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Jungkook: He would smile and claim that he let you win. But deep inside he knows he didnt and he’d be kind of upset that he’s weaker, but at the same time kind of turned on that you’re so strong.

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