handtooled leather


Before uploading the stitching video promised yesterday, thought I’ll how rounded corners are achieved. <Disclaimer> video lighting is rather poor, apologies in advance for that.

Now, in consideration that these coasters are meant to be thick (approx. 6mm thick). I find using a trim knife and pulling a cut around such tighter curves to be quite tough and potentially leaving a slanted side angle as oppose to a perfectly vertically straight side. Although this can usually be rectified with heavy sanding to shape the corners, that would be rather time consuming and heavy sanding may at times leave an undesired “lip” from the skin layer of the leather, which then requires further removal. In summary, the piece might end up looking overworked as opposed to a clean look. (Although this method showcased isn’t time-efficient either, and there really is a ton of better methods in cutting corners (pun), but seriously get a dye cutter or round corner punch).

In the clip, I’m essentially using the round ruler to guide my blade in a chopping style manner around the corner. My main focus is to keep my blade perfectly vertical and maintain consistently smaller “chops”. There is always the temptation to chop a larger chunk away but cutting smaller portions at a time leaves a much smoother curve. Some light sanding thereafter will ensure its perfectly smooth and rounded.

Lastly, and I cannot reiterate this enough, ensure your blade is as sharp as possible. I’m barely using force to cut through and this facilitates more control and greatly mitigates any risk of slipping.

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storiewriterkalyn  asked:

Henry and books? Maybe at work in the library, or just reading, or something. Just. Henry and Books.

For his 35th birthday, Mabel got him bookbinding lessons at a little craft store outside of Bend. 

(and why had he never considered learning this? True he had no words or pictures of his own to fill pages with, but so many of his loved ones did)

The lumps of beeswax that left his hands smelling of honey as he ran them up and down lengths of string. The awl to punch holes through folded paper, and the long, stiff needle that threaded in and out, creating ever more intricate bindings. Covers made first of paper, then out of wood, leather, cloth- anything that the teacher threw at them. Going from tiny booklets, to a hundred pages, to finally large tomes, bound expertly by his hand.

He no longer had to send their older books out from the Library for repair (which made Stan, and more importantly, Stan’s wallet, happy.) He made sketchbooks for Acacia and Mabel, books full of hand-lined paper for Hank and Willow.  And Dipper got large tomes, full of blank handmade paper and handtooled leather covers, his to fill with whatever dread knowledge (or not) that he wished.

Henry made the majority of his books for Dipper, because he knew he would never be able to make enough for him.