“This is not about one man. This is about structural racism in a country built on Black slavery.”


Victims of police brutality… Art by Ashley A. Woods.

“This is my submission for the APB - Artists Against Police Brutality book - with John Jennings and Bill Campbell. Please take the time to read about the victims in the subsequent posts.”


#SayHerName: A Vigil in Remembrance of Black Women and Girls Killed by the Police. Although Black women are killed, raped and beaten by the police, their experiences are rarely foregrounded in our popular understanding of racialized state violence.

“Yes, all lives matter, but we’re focused on the Black ones right now, ok? Because it is very apparent that our judicial system doesn’t know that. Plus, if you can’t see why we’re exclaiming #blacklivesmatter you are part of the problem.”

“If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X


Vigil for African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church Massacre in Charleston, SC. The mass shooting of nine innocent people in South Carolina has rocked the nation. This act of terrorism is being investigated as a racially motivated hate crime. Black Americans are being gunned down and murdered at an alarming rate.

RIP Antonio Martin.

An unarmed 18 year old boy shot by police today as he exited a gas station, reportedly because he ‘fit the profile of a suspect’. 

How unspeakably terrible, to be murdered on Christmas Eve. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and to the families and friends of the many other people killed by police simply for the colour of their skin.