Remington 870 MCS

The Modular Combat Shotgun is a variant of the 870 that is designed for different combat roles. Primarily a close quarters breaching gun, it comes with a variety of barrel lengths and stock options, as well as the ability to mount to an M4 with the proper adapter. One of the most sought after parts on the MCS is it’s unique forend, which has an integrated handstop. The MCS is not readily available to the general civilian market, instead the main customer demographic are LEO and military buyers. (GRH)

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Can’t say enough about this thing, obsessed doesn’t cut it.

What’s on the rifle:
- ARES SCR lower (Fightlite)
- Fortis Night Rail (16" Keymod)
- Primary Weapons Systems CQB Comp
- New Frontier Billet Side Charging Upper
- 16" Ballistic Advantage Modern Series Barrel (5.56)
- ZeroBravo Handstop
- Burris MTAC with PEPR Mount (1-4X with illuminated reticle)
- Carbine length gas tube and DI low profile gas block

Big ups to @violinceofaction for making it happen!


Vector Arms V53K

U.S made pistol variant of the HK 33 and HK 93. Uses the same magazines as its rifle counterparts and is chambered in 5.56x45mm. Due to the shortened length it now uses an MP5K handguard. The one installed in the photos is the standard handguard with the handstop to prevent your hand form sliding forward towards the muzzle. However there is a vertical grip version, but installing that on the V53K changes it from a pistol to an AOW (Any Other Weapon), which is regulated by the BATFE and requires paperwork. Don’t just go swapping parts because it could land you in a lot of trouble if someone finds out. (GRH)