handstands are fun


It’s been about 6 years since I tried this transition from #adhomukhavrksasana to #pinchamayurasana I’ve made it my mission now to slow it right down for a soft landing. The come back up the #handstand 🙌🏻 super fun! (at Body Mind Life)

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dragonthorku  asked:

Jax quick question about Abs. Ive been training mine but Idk how to get them to pop up? My friends said to do crunches everyday and to eat a lot of seafood, but Im not sure what to do. Can you help me get my Abs ripped?

Of COURSE!!! First things first we need to find out what type of Abs you are going for/have. and Yes there are differences and we will talk about 

the Main 4 Abs there are

First things first though, if your diet is shit you are gonna fuck yourself over. Always remember this

Now lets get to it. Like I said there are 4 Main different types of abs out there. So we need to see where you are


I’ve seen this GOD KNOWS how many times from when I was growing up. To nowadays. This is literally when you are a kid and your abs just naturally develop on their own. like they literally just appear. I remember in the locker room these skinny kids would have abs and we thought they were so jacked haha it was funny. But heres the part that makes me so Jealous. I keep it real with teenagers who are naturally cut If you have the genetics for that. you have HIT THE GOLD MINE my friend if you start working out! When you are a beginner working out you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. So the fact that you are already have Abs is gonna make you look super Impressive when you add size to your frame


and Legit if you are training consistently you can Eat a LOT of FUN FOODS! Some of my best friends bragged about how when they were training they knew they had to eat big to get big so they feasted on Burgers, Protein Shakes, Pizza, Chickens, Eggs and Steaks and they got huge and every cheerleader wanted them. If you got the genetics for it, you are teenager and you havent started training yet. Enjoy the Fun times of high school


these are kind of similar to naturally cut abs but they take a while to get depending on the amount of flab covering your body. They mainly come from when your body fat percentage is low enough from training and dieting and you can see them. 

You literally don’t have to do any ab work to see these ones. They come eventually from fat loss But training them does make them look nicer. They dont have any Bulk to them so sometimes you have to get really lean if you want them to feel nice. These are the type of abs most fighters have and are worked/maintained with High Reps and Ab circuits. you know like 8 minute abs everyday


These are abs with Deep Crevices, The TYPE that people want to feel on and want to punch a lot haha. These are Abs built by Weight Training the Abs like any other muscle and letting them rest and regrow. 

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Now the cool thing about these Abs is that if you fall off from Training and get fat Since you built up so much muscle they will poke through. So next time you want have to lose as much fat to make them look nice again

These are some of the most aesthetically pleasing abs and then there is number 4


THESE ARE THE TYPE OF ABS that show they aint all just for Show, The types Gymnasts and those Calisthenic Athletes have 


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Some of my best Friends Just Do Calisthenic work and their cores look amazing and they tell me they don’t do crunches, situps or anything like that. Just Core work

These static movements help work your abs in ways traditional crunches cant and work all these lil stabilizing muscles the others dont and the results (with good diet and consistent training) are something to marvel at. My Friend Myles (third picture with girl) always tells me how when he goes to beach His friends usually keep their shirts on haha cause he stands out haha

But yeah see what type of Abs you want/Have and then go for it. Wishing you the best of luck so you can get Gainz and make all the girls swoon @dragonthorku ;)


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Rainy monday. Hard to get the heat on. Plus i feel all the yummy unhealthy food i enjoyed over the weekend weigh me down. Inverting to feel better. That dismount lacked control and grace but I feel better. :)

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Don’t be a person who has something to contribute to the world but is too afraid to do so. #ChaseYourDreams

SN: This video is from yesterday. It was my first time holding a handstand! 2 years ago I started doing handstand push- ups on the wall to build my strength and prepare myself, this past year I started watching yoga videos to get more help.

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I finished shoulders and back with some bodyweight and calisthenics…it was rough. @strengthwraps @armyfreshfitness @militaryfreshfitness #fitness #hspu #bodyweight #movement #yogi #fun #core #handstand #practice #workout #spent #tired #instagood #igdaily #gymlife #gymnastics #pushyourself #dedication #strengthwraps #streetworkout #armyfreshfitness #militaryfitness #gains #fitgoals #nutrition #instalike #me #balance #practice #strength

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Sometimes girls just want to be left alone and do their Stretch & Tone Workout 😉
Forget the world for just 20 minutes and have have some time for yourself. Play your favorite music, and let’s stretch & tone that body.
See you guys in the ZGYM (at ZuzkaLight.com)

🎶Natalie Imbruglia - Leave me alone
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‘Limitations can only be undone by the mind that created them.’ -Erin Fall Haskell

Set yourself free! Believe in yourself, believe in your dream!


I remember trying these shoulder taps back in 2015 and falling to the ground quicker than an asteroid hitting the earth and making dinosaurs extinct…sooo well call this progress.
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Player Five - Jayfamily Fic

Double Blessings (part 1) | Twas The Night (part 2)

Prompt: Could you do the “Imagine your OTP welcoming a new baby. Person A would post lots of cute photos on social media gushing about how blessed they are and the exact times and weights, etc. and Person B would just post a photo of themselves holding the baby like ‘I spawned’.” With Jason as person B and the reader as person A by anon

A/N: I know this probably isn’t what the anon had in mind, but I told @cheshire-phantasiam my idea and they got really excited so I HAD to write it.

Breakfast was relatively peaceful at the manor. Rose and Matthew were quietly eating the cereal their Aunt Cass had made for them. They were staying at the manor while Mommy and Daddy were getting the new baby. Mommy had told them to be good for their Aunt, Uncles, and Papa. Daddy had told them he would bring them toys if they did what Mommy said.

The quiet was broken when Uncle Dick came bounding into the room with his phone in his hand and tears streaming down his cheeks.

“OMG HOLY SHIII-SHIPS! TIM LOOK Y/N HAD THE BABY.” He cried out has he shoved the phone in front of Uncle Tim’s bleary face. He had just sat down with a cup of coffee. He blinked several times before taking Dick’s phone to look at the pictures. It was a picture of a newborn baby with with the name, weight, and date/time of birth as the caption.

“Elizabeth Bronte Todd. Born June 25 at 6:00 am.” Tim read out loud. “Has Jason posted anything?”

“I don’t know. I got really excited when I saw Y/N’s picture so I ran in here to show you. Look and see.” Dick said as he looked over Tim’s shoulder. Tim scrolled for a few minutes before he found a picture of Jason, sitting in a hospital chair with his glasses on and his new baby in his arms.

“Awwwwwwwww, this is so cute.” Dick squealed. “What is the caption?”

Tim scrolled down and said “Pffft. He wrote ‘I spawned’.”

“He used that joke AGAIN? Isn’t that the same caption he used when Rosie and Mattie were born?” Dick asked casting a glance at the two kids in question. They had finished their cereal and were now crowding around Tim’s elbows trying to look at the phone. Dick smiled and picked up Rosie.

“What do you think of the new baby, Princess?” He asked her as she nestled her face into his shoulder.

“I dunno.. I just want my mommy and daddy to come home.” She said in a small voice.

“They’ll be home soon, sweetheart. Your daddy just called me and told me they were on their way here.” Bruce said from the doorway. Rosie wiggled until Dick put her down so she could run over to her papa. He picked her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Not too long after breakfast, the doorbell rang and Jason and Y/N brought the new baby inside. They settled in the living room and the family gathered around. Jason took the baby out of the carrier and handed her to Alfred. He cuddled her close as his eyes misted over. He had once thought he would never get to see Jason’s children, but here he was holding the third Todd child in his arms. The room was silent for several minutes before Bruce cleared his throat. “Alfred, may I have a turn holding the baby?” He asked gently.

“Of course, Master Bruce.” Alfred said, as he carefully settled the infant in Bruce’s waiting arms.

“Do we all get to hold the baby?” Dick asked excitedly.

“You each will get a turn after Rosie and Mattie get theirs.” Y/N said tiredly, as she cuddled her older daughter in her arms. As soon as she settled on the couch, Rosie had nestled into her side. Matt had quickly found his way to his father and was currently perched in Jason’s lap. Bruce slowly and carefully moved to the couch where Y/N and Rosie were. He sat next to Rosie and gently laid the baby in her little arms. He helped her to properly hold her sister in her arms. “Hi, Lizzie. I’m your sister Rosie. And that is Mommy and there is Daddy and Mattie. When you get big, I am gonna teach you how to play with dolls and drink tea and do handstands and all sorts of fun stuff.” Rosie rambled as she looked down at the little face that was similar to hers. She laid a little kiss on her head before looking up at Bruce and saying “Okay, I am done. You can take the baby back now.”

The adults in the room all laughed as Jason moved to pick up the baby. “Okay, Mattie, it’s your turn.” The little boy walked over to where the baby was and looked at it curiously for several moments. “I don’t think I wanna hold the baby right now.” He admitted quietly.

“That’s fine, sweetie. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Jason, bring me my baby please.” Y/N said from where she was seated.

“You can have a turn next, Cass, but I haven’t held her since I was in that hospital bed.” Y/N said with a sigh as Jason settled little Elizabeth in her arms. Jason sat on the edge of the couch and kissed Y/N’s temple. “You two should probably get some rest soon.” He said as he delicately brushed the hair back from her face. Y/N hummed in agreement as she looked down at her baby.

“Okay, time to go upstairs now.” Jason said as he took the baby from Y/N.

Y/N sighed as she sat on the bed. She took off her shoes and laid down. She watched as Jason carefully laid Lizzie down in the bassinette. “You are a really good father.” She said quietly.

He turned to her and smiled. “Well, you are a really good mother.” He teased gently as he got in bed beside her.

They laid in silence for several moments before Y/N spoke again. “You know.. We have a really nice little family.”

Jason smiled and cuddled her close. “Yes, we do. Now get some sleep before Lizzie wakes up again.”

Y/N smiled as she let herself drift off.


It’s Sunday - do whatever feels good. For me it’s a little bit of stretching, a little bit of handstand practice and baking delicious pumpkin cheesecake pie!!
If you need a Strerch & Tone workout, then I guess I’ll see you in the ZGYM ;)
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Week Recap

Okay so my weekend was so nice that I forgot to do the weekly recap I want to start doing - on the second time doing it, oops. But, here it is, two days late. As I already mentioned, last week was HARD, so I didn‘t move as much as I usually do :)

Tuesday, 14th of November
I was going to go climb with a friend, but he wanted to go later than me so I went alone and it was really good. I worked a lot on a problem that I’m struggling with because of a dyno move - I’m kind of scared of those, so I practised jumping up and touching the holds without actually pulling myself up, and made some progress. Then I also did some fun climbs, tried a really hard one a few times and almost sent it, and did other stuff like monkey bars, handstands and slackline. It was fun :)

Thursday, 16th of November
I ran to the track as a warm-up, then ran repeats there (200, 400, 600 and then 4x100) with minimal rest in between. This felt great - I’m not where I used to be pace-wise, but I still put in a lot of effort and felt fast and awesome. Then I ran back home as a cool-down and had breakfast. Perfect start to my day. 

Sunday, 19th of November
I was going to do a little “long” run, but I got home from my best friend’s so late that it was already mostly dark and I was tired from lack of sleep, so I just went for a nice 5k on the trails with my mum. A good decision, because it was super relaxed and nice. I even used it to work on my form a little, because I’m trying to switch away from heel striking since it surely doesn’t help my shin problems.

I also biked to the barn twice and rode my horse both times (we went for our first little hack from the new barn on Saturday!) but I don’t count either of those as a workout because that’s kind of not the point and it’s not training for something :D but both were nice too.

As per my goals from last week:
- Run twice, slowly building back up - I ran twice, one of them was even a little speed workout, and both runs were hella fun and exactly what I needed.
- Climb twice again - only climbed twice but it’s fine bc life
- Reach 10,000 steps 6/7 days - I’m actually kind of proud that I managed to do this one! All days except Wednesday.
- Drink more water - nope. Still need to work on that.

Goals for this week:
- Run three times, including one longer run
- Climb twice
- Reach 10,000 steps 5/7 days
- Drink more water!!! For real this time lol

What is everyone up to this week? Any fun workout plans? :)