things to imagine with your otp:

  • one of them falls in love first before the other and has to try and be super chill and casual around them but oh fuck they just brushed hands
  • one of them by themselves but throughout the day they see little things that remind them of the other and they just randomly start smiling
  • trying to make a gift or do something special for the other but getting super embarrassed when giving it to them so they just leave it on a table and run away
  • getting into a heated shit talking session about a shit tv show whilst pulling an all nighter watching it together anyway
  • star-gazing, flower festivals and making out behind dingy diners on a road trip
  • trying fishing for the first time and one of them getting pulled into a lake by a fish and another getting attacked by a gaggle of wild geese

“Yoonseok is onesided”


  • ‘Yoongi hyung is my everything’
  • ‘when i’m near him all the bad thoughts stop’
  • ‘you were like my saviour’
  • ‘you were always there by me’
  • he actually thought about the fact that yoongi was the first person he saw when he woke up
  • ‘look at Suga-hyung’s clothes coming off’ *giggle* (he noticed him in the backgroud, when others were talking about jimin, i mean…)
  • ‘look at your butt’ *slaps yoongi’s butt with a cheeky grin* (or just liking yoongi’s butt in general)
  • *tells yoongi he looks good/handsone/cute*
  • *gets giggly and flustered when yoongi complements him*
  • *laughs at yoongi’s lame jokes when nobody else does*
  • *dreaming about yoongi dancing pineapple apple pen* (i died laughing at this)
  • *joins in when yoongi does something silly*
  • *smiles softly when yoongi doesn’t look*
  • *‘hesitant hand’*
  • *heart eyes*

it may be hard to see sometimes, because hoseok is all bubbly and extra, but he really does love his hyung a lot

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what is bokuroo's lovechild's personality like? and what's his name? he's so handson....<3

I kinda want the lovechild to be a sweet boi who loves bubble tea and rescue animals and rainy evenings 🐶💛 a soft pupper

I’m really bad with names tho so no idea

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Do you do Rowaelin? If so, 15 and 18

Anon I will gladly give you Rowaelin HCs!

Touching (can be NSFW or innocent): (Both. Both is good.)

  • It’s a rare sight to see Rowan and Aelin not touching each other in some way. They are quite physical when it comes to showing affectionate displays.

  • Aelin claims that Rowan’s crown is crooked or that his hair is ruffled in a mess from flying so that she has the excuse to run her fingers through his white hair.

  • Note: Aelin has a weakness for petting animals so sometimes the Cadre will shift in their animal forms when she is angry and more often then not she will melt at the sight and proceed to have a petting session.

  • Another Note: Fenrys and Connall will shift into wolf forms for Aelin to pet them just to piss off Rowan as Aelin’s attention is fixed on the twins instead of Rowan who jealousy seethes on the throne.

  • The Queen of Terrasen also is a fan running her hand up and down Rowan’s thighs during meetings

  • Honestly it’s a game they play in which Rowan attempts to maintain his composure as his mate inches further up and up his leg until she at last holds the hardened weight of him in her hands

  • One time Aelin managed to unsnap one of his pant buttons, before Aelin’s Court, specifically Aedion and Lorcan, immediately requested that they continue the meeting another time since they knew it was only a matter of seconds before the Queen and King were about to use the table for reasons other than the use for political meetings.

  • Rowan will trace imaginary patterns on Aelin’s skin.

  • He usually runs his fingers in swirling motions to get an idea for any new tattoos he could give his wife.

  • His innocent touching though turns into heated brushes of skin as he runs in calloused hands up Aelin’s body and underneath one of those tempting nightgowns she always has.

  • Eventually his hands are toying with her breasts and he is sinking deep into her folds in a rough play for dominance.

What “turns them on” Headcanon:

  • Aelin is all about trying to get Rowan to grow his hair back out. When he does she can finally play with it and pull on it during sex.
  • “Do you think if I pull you hair hard enough would some of your feathers be plucked in your other form?”

    “And do you think if I make you scream loud enough for me in pleasure would you bring down the Staghorns mountain range my Fireheart?”

  • She also can’t deny that watching Rowan wrestle with the rest of the Cadre gets her turned on. (A fact that most of the Terrasen Court can agree on.)

  • Seeing Rowan mud-splattered with sweat running down his chest is feast for Aelin’s eyes.

  • Rowan was never one to enjoy fancy material items, but he now is one of the most visited customers at a woman’s intimate store where he buys Aelin all sorts of lacy, sheer and silk garments.

  • He can no longer bring Aelin to the store, because one time they did and they ended up clearing out the backrooms due to their loud session of “trying out the garments”

  • Rowan immediately gets turned on when Aelin nips at his ear or neck. Feeling her teeth grazing against his skin unleashes the primal urge to claim her right there on the spot.

some adrien headcanons bc why not

  • the first morning after he finds out who Ladybug is, he absolutely barges into her house with a box of Lucky Charms cereal and watches morning cartoons with her
  • had one of those really elaborate “don’t look in this folder i mean it” things that eventually leads to a picture of a sleeping cat
  • feels really bad when he accidentally kills a bug
    • almost always sets them free outside if he doesn’t kill them on accident first
    • has never killed a ladybug tho
    • or a bee
  • he’s demisexual panromantic and trans
  • just wants to hold hands w/ all his friends
    • is upset he only has two hands
  • one day he ordered sea monkeys online and it quickly spiraled to the point he had to explain to his father why he was asking Nathalie about getting a large fish tank
  • he’ll wear sunglasses inside, and when he does, Chloe flips hers down too
    • “Is it just me, or are you too radiant this morning?”
  • he can fall asleep literally anywhere
    • dangling above the city of Paris with half his body hanging from the edge of the eiffel tower? great place for a catnap
    • on Marinette when he’s hugging her from behind while he watches her bake? perfect, warm, and soft
    • modelling for a shoot where he isn’t allowed to move for awhile? time passes faster if he’s not awake to watch it slink by slowly
    • on Alya when they’re waiting for her latest video to upload? super comfortable
    • on Nino when they’re chilling and listening to music or hanging out in the park? no place safer
    • in the store when he’s waiting for Chloe to come out of the dressing rooms? easy and quick power naps
  • he thought ‘blue raspberry’ was an actual berry until lycee
    • he only found out when Nino and Marinette walked into class arguing over the flavor
  • thinks sporks are the actual best invention mankind has ever made
  • feels really bad when he lies about things, but doesn’t say anything about it
  • doesn’t tell anyone when he gets sick because he doesn’t want them to worry
    • but does get super happy when his friends figure it out and come over anyways with gifts and soups/warm beverages
  • can twist his leg (knee-down) half way around and walk with it like that
    • thinks he’d make the best zombie ever because of it
    • he loves to use this as his ‘interesting thing about me’ answer
  • blows bubblegum bubbles so large they pop and cover his face
    • nino, mari, alya, and chloe have all had to help him get it off and out of his hair