Why I'm proud to call myself a Tom Hardy fan

So, finally this post is here, omg so sorry for the long wait! It’s my story of when I met Tom Hardy on the 17th of November in London for the Blag Magazine signing. I’m telling this story with the intention of letting his fans and other people know what an amazing human being he is. I’m so grateful for having had the chance to get to meet him and it made me believe that anything can happen to anyone. Because I never thought this could happen to little ol’ me who lives in this small country he would probably never visit. That’s why I would love to share my experience to, maybe, give hope to others. But most of all to let you know that Tom Hardy is awesome in every possible way.

I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely Marina, for saying it to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. She even wanted to go for me if I couldn’t make it. So, really thank you SO much!

And of course a huuuggee thank you to Sophie and her brother, for coming with me, for waiting, for saying that all to Tom and for making pictures and ugh just everything! Thank you so so so much, I’m forever grateful!

And of course also to Anique and Hannah for your support and for being excited and just akjgajsghdj I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Hobbits in London; A9

Finally the post is here omg, I’m so sorry for it being so late. I was just so exhausted and couldn’t properly fangirl about it haha! I have no idea if people are still interested or even want to know it at all. But it’s also for me as a sort of memory to keep, so it’s good to write it down <3

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Just a shout out to two amazing people! This is just a post for them or for others who are interested. This is also a reminder for me whenever I’m feeling down or just to look through again to know that I’m blessed to know these kind of people. This is for the two amazing people who went through the trouble of making or finding me something and sending it to me. I want to show them my love and gratitude, because they didn’t have to do all this, I really don’t deserve it. But they did anyway and that makes them amazing and beautiful. Just like all the other people who made me smile throughout these years, god knows I don’t deserve it. <33

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anonymous asked:

hi what does handsomeemily mean when you write it in your tags? is it like your queue kind of thing? :)

Hey there!

Handsomeemily is a tag for this dork right here :’) Her name is Emily and we both love Tom Hardy and in one movie he’s called “Handsome Bob” so we called each other “handsomeemily” and “handsomeamy” We like to tag each other in posts we think the other one loves to reblog and that’s how it ended up ^^

I also have a tag for this lovely which is called “my khaleesie anique” which is from the TV Show “Game of Thrones” which we are both a fan of. I just really love to tag my friends in things they love and makes them happy :D

t-starkjr replied to your post: I love Emily so much, it’s actually kinda gross…

you’ve turned me into a 12 year old girl who gets to meet her celebrity crush and then actually gets to have them stay and love them back aisuhd what have you donee to mee

omg we are so gross :’) ssshh it’s okay, you are my celebrity crush, we can be famous together and occasionally cry over each other