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ツ Hey there! I love your theme with the birds and the pretty picture when you hover over the top box and all the little boxes for more links wow it's just all pretty okay <3

hey :) and omg thank you so much!!!! 


Comments/advice: AHHH THE TOM HIDDLESTON IMAGE WHAT A CUTIE <3 the right side of your blog is a little empty, maybe add an image or something there? c:

Alisha is doing blogrates again what a loser

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all I’ve been thinking about lately is super affectionate sirius being super affectionate with remus and pressing little kisses all over remus’ face and giving him lots of cuddles in the few days leading up to the full moon because sirius knows if he gives remus as much attention as possible then moony is more playful with padfoot and then moony doesn’t hurt himself as much and everyone’s better off

you know what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately

sherlock in thigh highs and john’s oversized jumpers [sighs dreamily]

remus in thigh highs and sirius’ oversized leather jacket [sighs dreamily]

lily in thigh highs and james’ oversized quidditch jumpers [sighs dreamily]

just cuties in thigh highs and their boyfriend’s things [sighs dreamily]