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AU where Remus and Sirius don't know each other until Remus becomes Harry's teacher at school and at Parent-Teacher night or whatever, Remus catches Sirius' eye across the room (because Sirius totally raises Harry) and Remus catches a bad case of Hot Dad Syndrome right away.

frick frick frick i’ve been thinking about this all day at school

  • firstly sirius raising harry and all the other parents giving him disgusted looks when he comes in with his leather jacket and biker boots because they think he’s a stupid delinquent with an accidental child
  • and everyone is so surprised when they see how much he adores harry and how well he takes care of him
  • (also anyone is going to catch a bad case of Hot Dad Syndrome when they see sirius cmon)
  • and remus flushing as harry points over at him and grins (because remus is such a good teacher and he is harry’s favourite and sirius never hears the end of ‘mr. lupin gave me chocolate, pads!! he gives me lots nd lots!’)
  • and harry pulls sirius along to remus’ little table and they sit down and remus clears his throat a little nervously as he searches down his list for harry’s name
  • and he looks back up at sirius after he’s found the details and he holds his hand out to shake formally saying ‘ah, Mr. black is it? parental guardian of harry?’
  • and sirius just smirks as he shakes remus’ hand, being all like ‘it’s sirius, please. and i’m his godfather, parental guardian makes me sound so much older than i am!’
  • and remus smiles a little at how casual sirius is with him (and the fact that harry isn’t his actual child because maybe there’s a chance there??? no, he shouldn’t be thinking like that. just a normal parent-teacher meeting)
  • and they carry on with remus explaining to sirius about how good harry is and how he’s a little bit of a trouble maker but he always tries to do the right thing eventually
  • and remus can’t help but notice the immense pride in sirius’ eyes as he speaks (even if it is when he’s mentioning what a little rascal harry can be)
  • and then just as they’re getting to the end, remus forgets he had to do some admin work
  • and he goes ‘so, you’re raising harry as a single parent— I mean, godfather?’ as he shuffles his sheets around to find harry’s document
  • and sirius just chuckles and can’t help but tease remus a little like ‘yeah, i am single, thanks for asking. could’ve just asked me out for coffee if you wanted’ 
  • and remus flushes, but can’t help himself from smiling back at sirius and being like ‘err, yes, coffee. coffee’s good.’ and he’s stuttering ike an adorable little thing
  • and sirius just slips the pen out of remus’ fingers and scribbles his number down on harry’s document
  • omggggg this is my favourite au im sorry that this went on so long  i need fic and fanart of this stat

send me headcanons or AUs to celebrate me finishing school!!

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Headcanon where James and Sirius are ridiculously affectionate; it's not uncommon to find them cuddled up asleep on the sofa in the common room or in each other's beds and even once Remus and Sirius get together james and Sirius still have this completely platonic but affectionate bromance that Remus and later on Lily completely understand and respect because of Sirius's childhood and James being Sirius's brother and soulmate in everything but blood and sex

yes yes yes hey there please come off anon and let me love you

  • okay i don’t even ship starbucks as anything but platonic but this is totally a thing
  • because james has saved sirius from that horrible family
  • and helped to convince sirius that he’s not like them and that it’s perfectly fine that he’s different and doesn’t believe what he believes
  • and is the first person to accept sirius for just being sirius and not because of the fancy noble last name he has
  • and thus one of my favourite bromances is born
  • and because sirius is such a physical person in the first place james begins to understand that physical touch is the best way to get through to sirius
  • and whenever sirius is dragged under by his depressing moods (like when he sees his innocent little brother being brainwashed and turned by his family and his so called slytherin friends) james is just there because he knows
  • and sirius can just fall into james and completely collapse in on himself and james understands and will piece him back together slowly until sirius feels like he can walk on his own again
  • and this happens over and over and everyone acknowledges it because it just becomes a way of life i the marauders dorm (as well as to the rest of Gryffindor house when they snuggle into one armchair together that is far too small for both of them but they manage to shift and make it work)
  • and when remus and lily spot james and sirius like this they wil just smile at their boys because they understand by now
  • they got into relationships with these guys knowing that there would always be the close dynamic between james and sirius no matter what
  • because they’re brothers and basically a buy one get one free deal together

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The other ballet dancers teasing ballet!lock bc there's never anyone there for Sherlock after recitals, until after one recital Sherlock's hot boyfriend John comes and kisses Sherlock and gives him a huge bouquet of flowers, and Sherlock's just so happy and everyone else is rather jealous

well this is kind of my favourite

and some of the other dancers that were teasing balletlock immediately fluttering their eyelashes and trying to flirt with john but john only has eyes for sherlock because sherlock looked gorgeous out there tonight and john just adores him and omg i need more balletlockrugbyjohn fluff

you know what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately

sherlock in thigh highs and john’s oversized jumpers [sighs dreamily]

remus in thigh highs and sirius’ oversized leather jacket [sighs dreamily]

lily in thigh highs and james’ oversized quidditch jumpers [sighs dreamily]

just cuties in thigh highs and their boyfriend’s things [sighs dreamily]

softelupin  asked:

headcanon thing for remus and sirius' relationship throughout the years??

  • eleven: they hate each other. sirius black is a whiny, prickly prat of a boy, and remus lupin is the most shamefully awkward human being on the planet. they spend the entire year violently avoiding each other. they both go home at the end of the year and think desperately about never going back.
  • twelvein the end, it’s james potter’s fault. all three boys float into his gravitational pull and he crashes them against each other like chaotic stars. remus and sirius begrudgingly end up spending more time together than apart. by the end of the year, they don’t hate each other. it’s progress.
  • thirteen: remus cries when they find out. he sits on his trunk and cries until he shakes, until he feels like he might rattle apart. he reckons being pieces is probably better than existing with the weight of his friends’ scorn. james and peter are at a loss; they’ve never been as afraid, as hurt as remus is. it’s sirius who fixes it, who pulls the curtains closed on remus’ four poster, who talks to him in quiet prayers. they learn desperately in the small hours that they are not so different in beliefs, not so different in scars.
  • fourteen: there’s this thing that happens whenever sirius goes away for a summer. he changes a little, gets angrier, gets snappier, turns into the person they met four years ago. they always afford him time to readjust, to return to the boy they know. it usually takes a few weeks, a month at the outside. it would have been fine. 
  • it happens in september.
  • sirius does it intentionally. later, he tries to pretend like it’s an accident, but everyone knows it wasn’t. he’s so wrapped up in the hurt and hostility that his parents imbue that it explodes out of him.
  • it’s the one thing that haunts remus’ nightmares the most. the betrayal is worse than the discovery.
  • they don’t talk until easter.
  • even then, it doesn’t carry the same weight. 
  • fifteen: over the summer, sirius learns. he learns about solitude. he learns about doing what’s right. he learns about forgiveness. he spends his entire summer pouring over books from his family’s library and smuggles them back to school. sirius black is relentless in a goal. james, prone to horrible fits of rationality, asks him why, and sirius convinces them with the coiled tightness of his desperation. remus still looks at him like he’s a stranger, and it hurts in complicated, sickening ways. 
  • there’s no big reveal; remus figures it out halfway through. he catches them with an uncharacteristic amount of books, trying to transfigure peter into a flamingo. 
  • they scramble, try to push things under the table, pretend like they were talking about girls,
  • but remus sits down silently, takes a long hard look at some of the books and sighs with finality. he helps.
  • everything in sirius burns. he doesn’t know how to ask for forgiveness, so he rests his knee against remus’, gives him an aching look, and for the first time in his life, remus gives him siruis’ favourite look: fond disgust. 
  • sirius wants to cry with relief. 
  • sixteen: it’s the best year of their entire life. sirius doesn’t go back to grimmauld place. he positively flees to the potters’, and learns about oatmeal with cinnamon. he learns about weeds, and rabbit stew, and happiness. when the school year starts, there’s no period of “let padfoot readjust,” there’s just sirius gleefully tossing a sputtering remus into the lake (remus turns his bed into a pool in retaliation; when he falls in that night, he comes up positively beaming with pride). 
  • the first warm day of spring they’re sitting under a tree next to the lake, pretending like they’re doing charms homework while james and peter are thoroughly shirking theirs, chasing each other across the grounds on brooms. sirius throws his book on the ground with a defeated sigh and hurls himself backwards into the grass and before he knows what’s happening, remus is leaning over him and they’re kissing. 
  • “GROSS,” James yells fondly and zooms around them like an excited dog. 
  • seventeen: sirius black is a wandering vagabond. over the summer he bounces between sleeping in the potters’ guest bedroom, on peter’s mum’s couch, and in the lupins’ son’s bed (the lupins in particular are baffled by this addition to their daily lives, but sirius wears them down to exasperated fondness and they join the rank of Sirius Black Admirers in time). 
  • by the time they get back to school, everything is terrible.
  • sirius lies awake at night, curled into remus’ body like he’s taking shelter from a storm, and tells him every last heartbreaking detail about his family
  • about bellatrix,
  • about his brother,
  • they go about their lives as best as possible, but there’s a dark cloud lingering over hogwarts, and everyone can feel it.
  • the DADA club becomes this weird, heavy place, and it’s not long before everyone realizes that the Order is more than a clever name
  • it’s an army
  • that the casual threats they’ve been hearing about are more than casual
  • the year ends suddenly, as if no one was expecting it, and they rent a small flat in hogsmede and make love like they’re pretending.

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i have so many feelings about sirius black and his motor bike, like taking remus for rides and pretending he wants to take harry just so he can see remus fret and tell him "what are you thinking" and sirius can cut off his words with a kiss. and taking remus and peter riding backwards because james needs to stay home because what do his baby do if he died falling off the back of a motorcycle?

and harry lighting up whenever he hears the motorbike’s engine revving up outside as sirius and remus arrive because he knows that’s the sound of the best uncles in the world coming round and he’ll waddle to the door where james is letting them in and walk over to remus to try and take the helmet off him (they only had one helmet at that point, and sirius insisted that he was too cool for it rather than explaining that he’d rather remus was safe than himself) and harry would finally get a grip of the helmet and fall over because it was so heavy but he tries to put it on nonetheless because he’d love to ride on his godfather’s motorbike even if his parents insist he’s not allowed

Thanks to the lively headcanon about duck and bathing and Jily from handsomedorks, here is a Lil one shot about our favorite domesticated family! Yay! Enjoy

From the outside, the Potter’s household in Godric’s Hollow seemed like a normal night, just a young married couple of 21, playing and enjoying life with their son of 14 months.  Yet on the inside the weight of the war, and the effects of hiding had taken its toll on the young couple of 21.

And the baby’s constant refusal of taking a bath was another added ingredient of the stress in the young couples life.

As per usual it began at 8:30pm. Lily Potter would deem it time for her sons bath. She would then tell him this, and as a baby of 14 months, Harry Potter had a  very strong grasp on words.  The moment that Lily would utter the words “bath time” and “Harry”, the boy would scream at the top of his lungs. He hated taking baths. He would scream and cry and fight her for an hour on just getting into the water. Bath time should have taken about half an hour at most. But with Harry bath time took almost an hour and a half. He would cry through the entire process and by the end of it the poor boy would have worn himself out so much he’d have fallen asleep. Now on most nights Lily is able to calm Harry down and give him baths on her own. But some nights, her sons screaming and crying and fighting was too much for her to handle, and within 15 minutes of attempting to get Harry up the stairs and into the the water, she herself would be in tears. On these nights James would take over and Lily would sit near the tub and watch as James attempted to wash his baby.

And tonight was one of those nights in which it involved two 21 year old adults in order to bathe and infant.

It began at precisely 8:30 when the young family was sitting on the floor in the living room, James and Lily Potter lovingly watch their son playing with his enormous pile of stuffed animals.  Lily was especially tired tonight and was in no mood to take any crap. So when she begrudgingly announced that it was bath time. The little boy immediately dropped his stuffed lion and attempted to make a quick get away. But as he was only 1 year old, and his chubby legs were still pretty unstable when it came to walking the quick get away did not work.  Lily looked to James pleadingly  and he picked up Harry before he could get to far.

As soon as Harry was picked up the wailing began and along came Lily’s soothing voice. 

“Come on Harry,  it honestly isn’t that bad. I promise.” Her words did no help and he continued to cry as James began to slighty bounce him.

“Please Harry don’t do this tonight,” she said, her voice breaking already. But it was to late because the child was no screaming the word “no” repeatedly and the baby has pounding on his father’s chest. James looked to Lily to see the tears already welding up in her eyes.

“James I can’t do this tonight I’m sorry, I think I can trust you to give him a bath.” Lily said backing away and into the kitchen.

James nodded in understanding and then carried the screaming infant upstairs.

30 minutes later James had gotten the boy into the water and was attempting to wash him. But he was extra feisty tonight and the entire bathroom was now becoming soaked in water, James included.

A knock on the door interrupted James, and Lily walked in, eyes and cheeks still puffy and red from her crying. She gave him a weak smile and then sat on the edge of the tub.

“How’s it going?” She said grinning at the wetness of her husband.

“I blame you for his stubbornness you know,” James said looking up, talking loudly through the noise of the still screaming baby.

“Hah, and I blame you for his refusal of listening to directions,” Lily retorted, and James let out a very loud laugh, dragging his hand through the water and splashing Lily. Causing her to slip off the tub and onto the floor and a toy to fall from her lap. 

“What’s that?” James asked pointing at the yellow toy that had fallen from Lily’s lap.

“it’s called a rubber duck, a muggle toy, I forgot I had gotten it for Harry for bath time, maybe it will distract him from the process of actually having a bath.” Lily said, setting the toy into the water.

“How would it distract him?  Does it sing or something?” James asked.

“Well no, not necessarily,  it’s more of a thing that just floats around”

“So it does nothing but float around? How’s that I supposed to be fun?”

“It just is James,"  Lily said rolling her eyes. "I’m going to go get some more towels and his pajamas ready.” She said standing up and exiting the bathroom.

James eyed the rubber duck carefully and he watched as his son blissfully ignored the new toy and continued to scream.

“Well this is a rather boring toy Harry,” James said, thinking thoughtfully for a second. James knew excatly how to make this toy more interesting, pulling his wand out, and muttering a quick incantation.  With a very loud bang, and some bright sparks, the toy duck turned into a real adult sized duck.

“James what was that?” Came Lily’s voice from across the hall.

“No-nothing” he managed to squeak back,  as the duck began flapping it’s wings and water was now splashing all over the bathroom and the duck began quacking loudly.

“James!” Lily screamed as she opened the bathroom door. “What the bloody hell did you do?"  She shrieked staring at the duck. The sound of the new high pitched voice seemed to have scared the duck, and it began to flap it’s wings harder and quack louder.

"That rubber toy was boring so I made it more fun!” James said back quickly standing up.

“Get that bloody thing out of there! It’s going to bite his fingers off!” Lily shouted louder.  All James could do was grin, because in reality this whole situation was just hilarious. 

And it seemed that Harry seemed to think so as well. Because his crying was now done and he was giggling in his little baby hysterics as he began to pet the duck.

Once James and Lily had realized that the child had stopped crying and now was giggling, Lily stopped yelling and James bent down near the tub as well.
“Do you like the duck Harry?” James asked with a wide smile on his face. And all Harry could do was nod through his laughing.

“See Lily,  I think I just made bath time better.” James said turning to her and grinning madly.

“Your bloody arse, I hope you know your cleaning all of this up.” She said throwing the towels at him and leaving the bathroom.

Needless to say, after that night, bath time was no longer a problem. As the young domestic family learned the only way to give Harry a bath was to put live animals in the water with him.

lennonsjohn  asked:

Lily and James meet in a kissing booth


  • lily is completely bored out of her mind, sitting in the booth and being kissed by guy after guy
  • and there are a few that are terribly over-enthusiastic but most are timid little pecks and lily can’t believe she is actually dong this
  • and then james smirks as he walks up to the little booth when it’s his turn, not wasting any time as he takes a hold of her chin and pulls her in for this slow, passionate kiss
  • and lily is slightly embarrassed with how quickly she responded to him
  • and after a shove from the next person in line to get them apart, james just chuckles and slides a little piece of paper into lily’s hand with his details and stuff
  • and he struts off, hi-fiving srius on the way because hell yeah that was worth the money and the wait in line
  • (also james wasting all his money on paying for go after go on the kissing booth and lily grinning and perking up whenever she saw him coming for another round)

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