welp, this happen to be a fanart LOL it was drawn a month ago too 

its Jackaboy baby! he is #1 on my youtuber list because of he has a funny personality and he is really gentle and nice to his fans :) 

((even though, right now, it looks like i’ve been spaming a lot of Cryaotic and making comic of him and pewds))

but i like jackaboy! LIKE A BOSS *cough-chough* 

Anyway guys, Enjoy~! 

reference of the pose is from one of his videos “HOT OR NOT | How Hot” 

Ch. 2: The Ratio of Freckles to Stars

The night had been long and tiring. A full on revel including loud, obnoxious music and drunken gyrating about the shop. Sure, he had been alone, a lone wolf in his solo partying, but it had been a good time, or at least, what he hazily could recall seemed pretty entertaining.

A throaty, wet snore was interrupted as a garish sunbeam seared his eyelid through a crack in the blinds. Snuffling and clawing at his face, the scruffy looking Devil Hunter tossed over to the other side and snuggled his pale face safely into the soft sheets barely hanging onto the bed.

The moment of wakefulness caused his head to swim, however, and a indelicate moan shook his throat and the white haired drunkard shifted in as few motions as possible trying to find the sweet spot that would stop the world from spinning. 

No luck.

Struggling to his feet, the wooden floorboards seeming to great each tread unevenly, he staggered toward the railing, his hand clutching tightly round it like a drowning man to a raft. Desperately shambling downward, Dante stumbled, clutching his ashen locks, toward what his half lidded eyes perceived as the bathroom door.

Bracing himself against the door frame he cast open the door to heaven, or it might as well have been for the bright light that pierced straight through his already aching cranium. With a harsh hiss he tossed an arm over his eyes to shield them, only peering through the doorway when he felt he could make out the silhouette before him.


Hazy blue eyes stared vacantly at the figure before him. “This isn’t the bathroom is it…” his hoarse voice was filled with a certain chagrin.


                               ‘But I don’t think I can wait
                            I’ve been living for this day
                                I think that if I do or don’t
                             It’ll turn out the same way..’

Lady had convinced herself to come back another time, chalking up her visit as a lost cause, at least for the time being but hadn’t gotten very far. Quickly turning on her heels she glanced back just in time for the door to swing open, uncertainty and panic quickly taking over. This wasn’t going to be easy. “We..need to talk… was the only thing she could manage, her mind over run with so many questions, so many overwhelming concerns and emotions. Yes, it was her emotions that led her here in the first place. It had been mutual. They were both adults, capable of making their own decisions, their own mistakes, but she couldn’t help but feel as if she’d chosen incorrectly, agreed to something that would do more harm than real good. A momentary weakness she could handle, forcing herself to remain indifferent to others was nothing unfamiliar to the huntress, no matter the circumstances, but there was far more than just carnal lust behind Dante’s actions two days prior and they both knew it. Was it real, was the question she desperately needed answered now.  They were far past the point of games and genuine affection disguised and brushed off as playful, innocent flirting amongst friends. If she was the only one investing so much more than he knew into, whatever Dante classified their relationship as, then she needed to know right now.

                                   'This is more than I can take
                              I fear my heart will burst or break..’

Pushing past him with as little physical contact as she could manage, that was the last thing she needed right now, Lady made a bee line for the sofa and sat down, wasting no more time than she already had for the past several years. “Look, I’m not going to tip toe around this topic anymore and I’d appreciate it if you kept the sarcasm to a minimum..What happened when I spent the night the other day..You know I was going through a lot..  I still can’t remember anything that happened, that demon must have done a serious number on me and my bike is totaled. Not that I’m not grateful to you, if you hadn’t found me when you did who knows where I would have ended up..I just..Under normal circumstances..I doubt..things would have played out the way they did and…” It was obvious the woman was a disaster, still recovering from her accident and suffering from insomnia on top of that. Her mind, an incoherent catastrophe, was having a tough time making sense of not only her sentiments but the insurmountable amount of cerebration that had taken the place of her nightmares. The right words, the right questions, coming and going at such a pace that her lips could not keep up with.

“Maybe I should come back another time..give you some space..” Mary wanted to flee, wanted to completely forget that she had ever been here in the first place, forget him, forget their passion, forget the fact she’d broken every rule despite the warnings, left herself defenseless long enough to allow another person in. Another potential heartbreak and disappointment. A weakness…He, she now realized, was her weakness. Standing abruptly her feet carried her towards the door, unable to bring herself to look back at the crimson devil she could not escape, the devil she now realized was her Achilles heel.

“I’m sorry…for everything..” was whispered as she paused by the doorway, “I never wanted to complicate things like this…”