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glad to see my fave handsome hardworking legend Tom havin fun at the UFC fight tonight at Madison Square Garden! here’s a fun throwback from last year when he went to the UFC 201 fight with haz and sam! 

I’ve Missed You (Tom Holland X Reader):

Warnings: Language and slightly implied smut

A/N: A fluffy imagine based off this pic!

I’ve Missed You (Tom Holland X Reader):

It had been months since Tom had gotten decent sleep, let alone slept in the same bed as you. You missed the feeling of his warmth next to you, the feeling of his arm around your waist holding you tight to him. You missed the morning kisses he would give you, each one better than the last.

After what seemed like forever, Tom had a few days off once he was done with press for Spider-Man: Homecoming. He had pushed himself this time, harder than he had before. You could see it in the dark circles under his eyes and the way he spoke to you at night on the phone. He was just exhausted. And finally, he was home.

He didn’t want to wake you when he came home, careful to climb into your bed without waking you up. He was well too excited to feel someone next to him, that someone being you, the love of his life. God how he wished he could show you how much he missed you right then and there, but that would have to wait. He turned on his side, facing you and quickly fell asleep.

8 hours later and jet lagged, he woke up before you. He knows you’ve been busy too, you both needed a break. After ten minutes of watching your beautiful form sleep peacefully, he felt you shift in your current sleeping position. You flipped over, not expecting to see a half-naked, groggy and handsome as ever Tom in your bed. You did a double take and almost had a heart attack. Without saying anything, you tried to remain calm and watched him as he watched you, seeing how long you both could last like this.

After five minutes you couldn’t take it. He was just too damn sexy. You climbed on top of him, kissing him with everything inside you. God, all the days you spent in this bed with cold toes, only to now have him back. “Fuck, I’ve missed you so much baby” Tom says, his voice raspy from his recent travels.

“And I you” you said smiling at him before he pulled you into a hug. You took in his scent and the feeling of his arms around your waist. He flipped you over and kissed you deeply, one hand in the crook of your neck and the other on your waist. He couldn’t get enough of you, and he never would.

Innocent as a Rose

Summary: You work for your family’s flower shop and you can’t help but notice the handsome man that comes in every week. 

Biker!Tom Holland x Florist!Reader

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Some roses.

A couple of peonies.

And maybe a few stems of baby’s breath.

There. I thought to myself, admiring my work. Our shop had a number of orders for wedding bouquets which were my favorite thing to make. I finished up the bouquet with a thin pink ribbon to keep all the flowers together. As I was fluffing the flowers and pulling some apart to make the bouquet bigger, the bell dinged signalling that a customer came in. A man about my age came in, clad in a black leather jacket. I immediately recognized him as Tom Holland, an infamous member of our city’s local gang.

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“Why have you got that hood on Tommy? You said you’d show me the hAIR”

“What don’t you think I look pretty like this love? I’m quite hurt”

“But I wanna see the hairrrr”

“Is my love and affection not enough for you darlin?”

“You’re on thin ice Thomas”

“Harrison? Should I show her?”

“just shOW ME”

“Tell me I’m pretty and I’ll show you”

“You’re very pretty Tom, now lemme SEEEE”

“Alright alright. There. What’s the verdict love?”

“Handsome as always”

Next To Her ;; Tom Holland

A/N: this is short and i’m v tired. tell me what you think!

summary: tom wakes up next to reader and admires her beauty

warnings: none but extreme fluff and some mentions of sex


There was something about how she looked whenever the sun decided to come up and peek through the sheer curtains. It had him mesmerized every time, laying next to her angelic presence, he didn’t feel worthy of sharing the covers with her. Her hair, long over due for a hair appointment, was fanned out looking like a halo. The teeny fly away hairs framed her face as if it were art. A peaceful look was set upon her features, like she was posed to look this way.

Little sun freckles, that were starting to grow dim, sprinkled across the bridge of her nose and cheeks’ fading tan skin. He could stare and count them all if he wanted to, and, oh, how he wanted to. But he’d become too cross eyed sooner or later, wanting to study her beauty. Then he’d look down at her lips, they were chapped and swollen from being bitten so often, usually because she was always thinking and that helped her concentrate. The pair of lips were just barely opened, allowing little puffs of air in and out between them.

The sun rose higher, allowing rays to touch the covers of their shared bed. The warmth danced up her arms to her bare shoulders. Her skin was tanned, but the sun helped highlight the fading purple marks left over from their moments so early in the morning that time ceased to exist.

The corners of his lips moved upwards, but just barely, forming the tiniest smile. Observing the marks on her collarbones, he lets out a quiet sigh, his breath hitting her arm. Goosebumps raise in the cool airs wake and his tiny smirk grows a centimeter wider. Grabbing the top of the comforter in his hand, he moves it above her shoulders and sinks down next her.

Pretending to be half awake, he lazily wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her into his chest. She cuddles in towards the familiar feeling of safeness and warmth next to Tom. His hand finds its spot on the small of her back while the other one plays with the ends of her pretty, tangled hair.

“Pretty girl.” He’d whisper under breath, her head resting right below his chin.

Her eyelids flutter open to the familiar sound of his soft voice. He watches her eyes adjust to the light, they peer up at him, a sleepy smile washing across her face. She squints due to the bright, rising sun brings a hand up to his face to cup his cheek along his jawline. Tom leans into her touch, his look warm as they gaze upon each other.

Bare chested, thin sheets being the only shelter from the brisk morning air. She slowly scoots up to where they are face to face, her hands set down on his pecs. She admires how he looks below her as she straddles his torso. She had never gotten this good of a look at him with one leg on either side of his waist. Usually, their faces were so close they didn’t really pay attention to anything but each other’s lips.

His hair light, because of their summer adventuring, stuck up in every direction. She still thought he look cute. The stubble along his lip and jaw didn’t both her as she traced her finger along the short, rough hairs. He closes his eyes in bliss as her fingers find their way into his hair and massage his scalp gently.

“You look so handsome from above, Tom.” She chuckles, shifting back and forth, smiling down at the attractive boy beneath her.

“I think I have the best view, darling.” He winks at her, resting his hands on her hips and his eyes flask from her breasts to her eyes.

She sqeauls, jumping off of him and throwing on one of his flannels laying around on the floor, “How cheeky.”

She buttons them, struggling because the buttons were on the left. He laughs sitting up and kicking the covers off his legs. Standing, he stretches before walking towards her and taking the flannel in his hands. He stops her buttoning half way up and buttons it up the rest of the way. He leaves some undone, claiming that this way gives him “a better view”.

With a roll of her eyes, she reaches up and cups both sides of his face in her hands and kisses his lips sweetly. He kisses back, wondering how lucky he was to wake up next to her.

Estimated Time of Arrival


Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom is finally coming home after four months of filming Homecoming

Tom was coming home. Tom was coming back to England. Tom was coming back to his family. But, most importantly, Tom was coming back to you.

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