Canon Physical Traits of the Gangsey

- very tan
- would look great standing on a yacht
- fantastically styled brown hair
- hazel eyes, sometimes with nerd glasses (actual-nerd, not hipster-nerd)
- classically handsome anglo-american bone structure
- arm muscles worthy of the gods
- hollywood smile
- polo shirts in a range of pastels and brights
- elitist shoes

- also very tan
- short hair somewhere in the chromatic range of dirty blond to light brown
- “pretty” blue eyes
- taller than Gansey but shorter than Ronan
- lean/lanky with narrow shoulders
- “gaunt”
- very pale eyebrows (and probably very pale lashes because of how genes work)
- looks like he fought in the Civil War (both in appearance and tiredness level)
- serious/sad expression

- “smudgy”, whatever the hell that means
- blond hair, presumably in whatever style was popular for rich white boys in the mid-2000’s
- small eyes and large ears
- always wearing school uniform
- looks like a decaying ghoul when viewed from an unflattering angle

- short and choppy dark hair with bangs and lots of clips
- large eyes
- generally hot, according to Adam and Gansey at least
- approx. 5 feet tall
- dresses like she has watched every youtube video on how to “upcycle” your clothing

- blue eyes and dark eyebrows
- buzzed hair and back tattoo, obviously
- pale skin that begs for a sunburn
- chiseled nose
- chiseled muscles
- “handsome”, according to everyone
- marginally taller than Adam and considerably taller than Gansey
- either scowling grumpily or smiling smirkily
- usually wearing a tight af black tank top and edgy distressed jeans
- can grow a beard in like under a week

- cheekbones that could slice off your entire face
- flawless eyebrows
- hair that doesn’t believe in gravity
- actual model

Describe your favorite wrestler/s with an absurd one-liner

I’ll start things off:

Ridiculously handsome nerd in leather jacket who is also a demon 

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Neurotic ska-loving ginger who beats up his best friend for a living 

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Flippy gamer/dad of four with fabulous hair

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Vibrating Japanese Michael Jackson whose knees can break your face 

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Chatty ex-hardcore brawler still quietly mourning his dead plant 

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Bird cosplayer who loves umbrellas and breaking people’s fingers 

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Reformed spoiled brat jumps off of tall things and hates his own knee 

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Smartass Assassin’s Creed fanboy that started a Twitter war over flips 

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(To clarify: Top 3 are my faves, other 5 change all the time depending on my mood. This is why I love wrestling.)

anonymous asked:

How did you and your handsome-computer-nerd boyfriend meet, and how did this romance bud? <:

Honestly… our love story can be a comic of its own… but… I’m too embarrassed to share that yet. LMAO 💗

and yes. He did tell me later that he thought that light blue hair was real, and was disappointed when he realized it was a wig HAHAHAHA