Jack (or @our-dazed-sims) is just so clueless! Not in a bad way of course. You feel bad about the way you look but you are A GOD!!! No joke. Even Kayla said and I quote,“God Bless You”. Sorry but you have to deal with the fact you are the most handsome human being on this planet. I know it’s going to be hard with paparazzi following you but you’re such an awesome dude that you’ll be fine. Tell your wifey that she’s lucky! Yea I’m talking about you, Sandy! BYE XOXO 

You know what shocks me? Byun Baekhyun does not believe he is good looking, yes you heard right. He says he sometimes wear glasses, basically to hide a bit because he’s insecure and he believes the members are more attractive than him and he denied it when fans told him he’s just as handsome. LISTEN UP HERE YALL, THE MOST ETHERAL, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME AND GOOD LOOKING HUMAN BEING I KNOW OF IS SO INSECURE AND I JUST I WANT HIM TO UNDERSTAND JUST HOW HANDSOME HE IS!!! So I ask you all to go on his instagram and comment phrases like; 정말 잘생겼어! (so handsome) etc!! english adjectives as well as korean works, as they’re pretty simple. So please please PLEASE let’s try and convince our precious boy he IS good looking and that he doesn’t have to be so insecure!!!!!

You knew love

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Summary: You knew love, and you knew Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum.

A/N: This is my favorite piece so far! It has been on a long road but now it’s here and I’m actually really proud of it. It’s a bit different, but I hope you’ll give a chance! Also, I really like the Michael part, but it contains mentions of alcohol, drugs etc. so if you’re not comfortable with reading about that, you can just scroll past his part x

You knew love, although your version was a bit different than your friends’. They would fall in love over and over again and their feelings never lasted long. They got drunk on love and swelled in self-pity, when the hangover hit them, while you saw love as something precious, something rare and something that made life worth living. You had experienced love four times, with four very different boys; their only thing in common was a strangely passionate fondness of music. And the love you shared with each of them had taught you about yourself, truth, sadness, anger, hate, love and life itself.

Your first love taught you that soft, blushing cheeks, nervous whispers and sweaty palms were way better than bad boy images, expensive cars and heartbreak. Luke taught you how to fall in love without getting broken, he taught you how to trust and how to not just be lovers, but also best friends.

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Sidekick!Adrien AU

I take it from the number of notes the initial post is getting that y’ALL ASKED FOR IT.

  • First of all, let’s age them up to 17-20.
  • In this AU, Adrien never goes to public school. He remains cooped up in the house, a sad little sunflower with no friends. ):
  • So what does he do? He starts finding ways to sneak out of his high security mansion
  • including but not limited to: hACKING THE SECURITY FEEDS.
  • Then Ladybug appears and Adrien’s whole world turns upside-down
  • He doesn’t know who this girl is but he loves her
  • and when he sees her struggling to take out a bad guy on her own, he decides he wants to help.
  • He does it from a distance at first—hacking into computer systems to make it easier for her to get into places where people need help
  • (he becomes known as Chat Noir because when he hacks into security feeds he replaces the video with a loop of a snickering black cat)
  • but in the meantime he’s taking like three kinds of martial arts and building up his body so he won’t be completely useless
  • and also buying some expensive toys like a high tech silver staff (“for my martial arts, father!”) and a motorcycle (“just fixing it up as a side project haha”)
  • far be it from Gabriel to deny his son a few rich boy pleasures
  • but of course Adrien starts taking it out to help his Lady
  • “You are a stupidly handsome yet very breakable human being please go home”
  • Adrien keeps doing it anyway
  • until they’re conducting night patrols on the back of his motorcycle
  • and flirting like it’s nobody’s business
  • Adrien tends to be targeted by the akuma a lot because his father wants him back in the house, enough of this superhero nonsense! Maybe if he gets knocked around enough he’ll change his mind
  • He doesn’t.
  • Insert gratuitous Ladrien makeouts
  • and one conflicted civilian Marinette who is desperate to keep her identity secret even though making out with Adrien during daylight hours would be pretty nice

The “100 Most Handsome Faces of [insert year here]” is such BS. /facepalm/ Like, have none of you people ever laid eyes on Jensen Ackles? He is the most handsome human being that will ever exist! He is too precious for this world, too pure, too beautiful, and too perfect.

Too good for that list.

What she says: I’m fine

What she actually means: Spencer Reid is a beautiful man and he deserves all the love in the world. His past does not impair my endless affection or attrition my love for this handsome, intelligent human being. Why can’t others appreciate him more and give him the recognition he deserves? I can’t even begin to comprehend why anyone would want to harm him when he is one of the most precious humans in this world. I hope he finds someone to spend the rest of his life happily with. God bless this man. Please protect this wonderful walking cinnamon pretzel stick. 

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Please don't kill yourself hun, we all love you very much. You're an awesome, caring, handsome and hilarious human being. I don't know if this message will help, but I sure hope it does. We all care so, so much about you, Ziran.

im trying my hardest to like the thought of being alive, it’s so unbelievably exhausting but i think i’d miss the nightsky a lot, maybe one day i can be a star aswell


Next up is Mr. Jung, our hope, our angel, the ball of sunshine, Jung Hoseok aka Hobi, also big thank you to one of my friends to suggesting the role of the reader!!

  • Just a really sweet prince tbh 
  • The people love him beyond words especially the kids
  • He visits the town a couple of times every month and he always gets caught up playing games with the kids
  • He’s honestly just like their best friend
  • He plays tag with them and you can just hear the sighs of his guards bc they’ve given up on trying to get him to stay clean like he doesn’t even realize he’s walking around in a white shirt he just ends up running around with the kids and getting it dirty
  • You can just hear this lil group of kids giggling and he’s laughing with them as he chases after them and the parents are just smiling and even the king has to stop and be like :)
  • He takes genuine interest in the people’s lives
  • Like he sits down with one of the parents and talks to them about what he’s missed since he’s last been in town and there isn’t any fake “oh yeah mmhmm” it’s all rapid nodding to tell the person to keep talking and all the reactions he gives are priceless
  • He just cares so much about all of them like is everyone okay does anyone need anything
  • Before he leaves, he always gets at least one hug from all of the kids
  • You two first meet in a royal meeting
  • You’re one of the new royal advisors
  • You see him walk in and it’s just like oh
  • You didn’t know the prince was so nice looking
  • Like you’d heard that he was handsome and a lovely human being but you never expected him to be this attractive like damn okay then
  • He sits at the head table and is just smiling at everyone and greets them all personally like hey jimmy
  • He realizes he doesn’t recognize you but before he can ask for your name, his father is starting the meeting
  • He kinda keeps looking over at you and when he first hears you talk he lowkey turns !! bc he finally gets to hear your voice
  • He doesn’t truly know what it is you’re talking about bc he’s been too busy trying to lowkey stare at you bc he’s just really curious about you
  • After the meeting, he nearly runs after you like no no no wait up
  • You’re kinda ?? bc the prince is literally running after you like what is happening rn
  • He’s just like hey I’m Hoseok
  • You’re still super confused and you just tell him your name and then he just smiles s o wide
  • He just says your name like he’s testing it out to see how it sounds with his voice and its just all really confusing to you why is the prince talking to you did you say something wrong are you in trouble is he just letting you down easy
  • He starts asking you questions like “where are you from?” “how do you like it here?” “what’s your favorite book?”
  • Tbh you actually really enjoy talking to him bc he’s so interested in what you have to say like he’s just paying attention to every word and he laughs at your jokes and makes his own and he’s just a ray of sunshine
  • To him this is just amazing bc oh wow you’re pretty and funny and smart is this a crush happening
  • One of the other advisors is like we gotta go so you unfortunately have to leave but before you do, you promise to talk to him after the next meeting and he’s just like oh hell yeah man
  • You two end up meeting up after every meeting and it’s just really fun ???
  • Like he’s definitely not your average prince and you really like that
  • Most of the princes you’ve met are a bit stuck up but like he could care less about what people think
  • He’s literally just having the time of his life being loud and giggly and it makes you act loud and giggly too bc his happiness is contagious
  • You actually become really close friends and he does have a major crush on you but he plays it cool
  • At least he thinks he does
  • The reality is he couldn’t make it more obvious
  • He’s forever lowkey flirting with you tbh and everyone knows but they’re all kinda just :) bc aww awe prince jung’s first crush how adorable
  • You two start meeting up outside of just meetings
  • You always end up finding yourselves in the kitchen sneaking in some extra sweets while the chefs aren’t looking
  • You two talk about anything and everything together and he’s honestly so heart eyes over you
  • He doesn’t even mean to kiss you but you two are out in the garden and the wind is blowing your hair around and you’re just sitting there talking about how cute bby goats are and the next thing he knows he’s leaning in
  • You do kiss back but honestly that’s what surprises him bc whoa wait you like him back
  • You just smile at him when he pulls away and he’s for once completely silent
  • Eventually, his own smile returns and then he tries kissing you again and you two are just giggling off in your own lil world

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Write yourself a love letter

Dear Jean,

You are a smart, remarkable, handsome human being with wonderful natural hair. No matter how many bad days you have, or how awful someone treats you, you’re right where you need to be, and you’re doing just fine.

Marco would be very proud.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve, and try to be a little kinder every day.

And take care of yourself, or else your Mom will be very worried and upset.

You’ve got this, Jean Kirschtein. Don’t ever change, only grow.

Love Always,
Jean Kirschtein

NCT Dream reaction to watching a horror movie with their girlfriend and the power goes off. (Quando eles estão assistindo um filme de terror com a namorada e a energia é desligada)

Jeno: *Hugs you* Here, don’t be scared okay? I’ll find a flashlight for us. // *Te abraça* Aqui, não tenha medo ok? Eu vou encontrar uma lanterna para nós.

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Jaemin: *Takes advantage of the situation to scare you* // *Aproveita a situação pra te assustar*

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Jisung: *You had to calm him because the poor baby was so scared* // *Você acabou tendo que acalmar ele porque o pobrezinho ficou tão assustado*

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♡ChenLe: Don’t worry, China stars glows in the dark. // Não se preocupe, estrelas da China brilham do escuro. 

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Renjun: *Sings to distract you* // *Canta para te distrair*

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Mark: *Tries to make you laugh* If some monster tries to scare you I’ll punch them! // *Tenta fazer você rir* Se algum monstro tentar te assustar eu vou socá-lo!

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Haechan: You should be glad that you have me by your side, this handsome human being, incredible person, so stop screaming like a crazy. // Você deveria estar feliz que você me tem ao seu lado, este ser humano bonito, uma pessoa incrível, então pare de gritar como uma louca.

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- Adm Boonon -