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Characters: Taewoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Prompt: Brothers teasings

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“Why are you staring at her like that?” whispered Jiho as the two of them were free from your presence for a few minutes. You were currently out of the room getting drinks for them as they had been working in the studio all day.

“Like what?” Taewoon asked, looking up from his pen and paper.

“You keep staring at her like,” Jiho made his eyes wide and his mouth open, groaning a little as he did so.

“SHUT UP!” Taewoon snapped as his smacked Jihos shoulder, trying to keep his red cheeks hidden from Jihos vision. So what if he liked you? Was there any shame in it? Maybe the fact that his stupid brother was teasing him made the whole ‘I’ve not confessed yet’ situation worse.

“I just…I like…”

“You LIKE her.” Jiho started making kissing faces and started moaning “Oh Oppa! I love you so much! Please protect me with your big strong arms, Taewoon-“

“What are you doing, Jiho?”

“Oh my-“ Taewoon almost got whiplash from his turning as he saw you standing a few feet away from them with a tray of drinks.

“Well…we…Jiho was just telling me about this girl that confessed to him.” Taewoon lied as he put on a smile, though he could feel the panic starting to rise inside him as he noticed Jiho was about to open his mouth

“But, you just told me-“ Quickly smacking his shoulder again to shut him up as Taewoon shook his head.

“Yeah, Jiho was telling me about HIS date last night. Wow man you really went into too much detail. Should probably SHUT UP while y/n is here, she doesn’t want to hear it.”

“I thought I heard Jiho mention your name though, Taewoon?” You said while passing their drinks to them. Jiho hid his smirk in his drink as he turned his chair to start working again, wanting to leave Taewoon in the firing range.

“Well…he…well he’s stupid.” Feeling the urge to facepalm himself at his explanation he quickly picked up his pen to appear busy.

“Be nice to him.” You patted Taewoons head as you walked past. “He is your younger brother after all.” Sitting down to get your own work down Taewoon was struggling with his emotions. On one hand his heart was beating fast cause you touched his hair and it was also beating fast cause he wanted to beat the crap out of Jiho for doing this to him. Glancing at his brother, Jiho was currently running his fingers through his hair with a duck face while mouthing ‘I like you, y/n.’

I’m going to kill him

“How is it both going?” You asked from you phone, curious to know how their song writing was going.

“Its going well, y/n. However…” Jiho said slowly with a smile on his face. “I do feel like we can’t concentrate and keep getting distracted.”

“What with?”

Don’t. You. Dare

“Sometimes our minds are focused on other things; food, sleep, seeing friends, playing with our pets…our secret crushes.” Jiho finished the sentence with a raised eyebrow.

The little shit.

“Crushes?” You asked excitedly, getting ready to hear all the gossip. “Have you told Taewoon who your crush is? She’s a very lucky girl whoever she is.” Taewoon wanted to delete himself from the universe as he could tell his younger brother was digging his grave for him. He didn’t want to die like this.

“Its not me who’s got the crush.”

I wonder how long my jail time would be if I killed him with my bare hands, Taewoon thought as he sank deeper into his chair.

“Oh…” You said slowly as your eyes left Jihos and looked at Taewoon. He has a crush? On who? Feeling your heart break a little you decided that this topic was one you didn’t want to finish. Focusing back on your phone as you wondered why you even asked in the first place. Taewoon was someone that you had liked and admired for a few months now ever since Jiho and you had become friends. Sure Jiho was handsome and talented but Taewoon was just…your type. He could be cool and collected but then laugh like an idiot and act like a puppy.

“I better be off now.” Jiho announced as he stood up and collected his things. 

“I’m going out with friends for dinner so I’ll speak to you both later. Have a good night!” You waved goodbye at him as it was just you and Taewoon alone in the room now. Taewoon slowly glanced at you and opened his mouth but then closed it again. This was his golden opportunity but it was also his chance to ruin everything.

“So…who is this girl then?” You decided to pluck up the courage and ask the question you knew would eat you alive otherwise. Trying to seem causally as you stared at him with uncertainty. A part of you wanted to know so you could put the matter to rest but then you’d feel bitter knowing the facts.

“No one. Trust me.” Taewoon smiled as he looked at his pad but straight away glanced back at you. Wishing he had the guts to tell you how he was feeling.

Yeah…no one.

YAY Taewoons time to get some love. He was so cute in EP 2 omg T.T hope you all enjoy this x

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