handsome older

[ so like, while I was re-reading the manga and making icons I finally got to Ruth’s chapter ( like 150 icons later, lol) and realized he looks VERY different from when we see him after he become’s Chise’s familiar, and I was like: “Style change suddenly for him?”

You see here his face is longer and more defined, like maybe in his late twenties, early thirties, which is not shocking since when Isabel died there were carriages, and he is obviously dead and became a faerie who are a species which lives for centuries.

Ruth is a handsome man, like holy wowzers

But now that Im after this chapter and on to the part where Elias is stuck in his room unable to form back, I had to ZOOM IN on a tidbit that I failed to read and or had forgotten (I have quite horrible memory)

He de-aged himself, like how Elias does his glamour, because it is easier to be seen with Chise and not be suspected of anything other than possibly being her big brother or friend.

He just had to make himself taller than her of course, because he is the BIG brother, lol. Ruth is so perfect, he’s like a dark-haired Yurio (from Yuri On Ice) – both have short hair, bored faces, get defensive easily especially about those they care about, and Yuri is seen as cat while Ruth is literally a Dog. ALSO Ruth’s original was Yuris! ]