handsome meme


when your best bud has a crush on some edgy guy and starts a rivalry with him to hide the fact that he’s big time pining, but it’s not hidden at all because everyone already knows about it and is angry that he won’t drop the act oh my god lance just drop the act already. everyone knows. we all know. i know. shay knows. coran knows. the mice know. maybe even prince motor vehicle knows.

monsta x in a nutshell

shownu: buff quiet manly man

wonho: acts cool but would cry if he saw a puppy

minhyuk: always screaming

kihyun: smol and Ready To Fight

hyungwon: handsome meme

jooheon: looks like he would kill a man, would hold a funeral if he sat on a fly

i.m: is he a demon? who knows

overall: cute, crazy losers who deserve all the love on the planet