handsome loki

This handsome devil is named Loki (yeah very creative, I used to be obsessed with avengers) but I also call him Lolo or Lolinko…
5 years ago I found him in a box behind some building, so I spontaneously took him home without any further plans. Since then he happily occupies my bed and I love him very much <3

Tom as Barnaby Ashworth 🌿
A amateur porn star looking to make it big in the industry, having been kicked out of a prestigious university. He had the looks, the accent and most certainly the equipment. Will he make it big in the industry or become sucked in by the demons of drugs and disease? Or go back to university becoming the Shakespearean actor and literary major he’s always wanted?

(A/N) hello my darlings. Ive come up with this idea and it’d please me to know your opinions and criticism. I may continue this story if you’re interested in seeing out this turns out. Just message or leave a comment or even a cute heart. Thank you kindly and have a good day/night wherever you are. X. tomhiddlesmom.
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A/N: Request from anon. This is so bloody sad. I blame Odin. For every bad thing Loki has ever done. *hands out tissues* I literally cried my eyes out while writing the last bit, be warned, really.

Words: 2323
Warnings: violence, reader death

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