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"There he is, Jeff, the coolest, most toughest, talented, handsome killer, here to save the human race from the least favorable of their stupid specie-" "Jeff, I don't care about your stupid story, this literally sounds like a 10 year old wrote it." "Shut the fuck up Benjamin you fucking ass."

What if he’s the true author of My Immortal.

do you think that there’s infighting within the serial killer fetishist loser fandom on here. u think there’s some freak out there making posts like “im tired of only the handsome serial killers getting love on here. gacy and fish are just as valid” in sincerity. i mean the internet is a very big place and it’s all just full to the BRIM with scorpions

bye idk why the absolutely fully capable mark lee has me so shook, but he’s finished going through that awkward stage of puberty, and yall he’s really outchea in these streets like wow. not only is he a talented, humble, and genuinely nice person to literally everyone like idk know of anyone who doesn’t like him, but the Lord really spent extra time on him. someone pls collect him bc i don’t think my heart can handle it anymore.


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Too Close (B.Barnes) *SMUT*

Too Close

Bucky Barnes

Warnings: a/b/o dynamic, unprotected sex, oral (female receiving), swearing, some hair pulling, dirty talk

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Wanted (5)

Oh dear. A continuation of Wanted, huh? 

Well, you guys are hella amazing to love this AU so much to wait out 6 months for me actually get part 5 up. But here it is~! Yaaay! And it’s kinda long. So I do hope you all enjoy.

AU: Wanted
Pairing: Rhack, Rhysothy, Jackothy, Rhackothy

After his ‘episode’ at the airport, the dark burdening curse of his unexplainable dilemma resumed its macabre existence beneath his skin. It was as if it gave off a perfectly recognizable scent solely through his pores - only detectable by the frightening, broken minds that constantly attempted to seize him for their own.

Sleep had been impossible to find, up until it wasn’t.

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