handsome josh hutcherson

Imagine Josh had a intervieuw and they were talking about you. Josh said he misses you very much. Intervieuwer: ”What if I told you she heard everything and is standing right there” as he points towards you. Josh quickly turned around and ran  over to you and hugged you, he didn’t want to let you go, ever.

anonymous asked:

Wat do u liek so much about Josh?

Hi Anon! Thank you for this question

I like Josh for many reasons, but I think my favorite thing is that he’s true to himself.  He has been in the business for years and hasn’t let the fame change him. Julianne Moore said he hasn’t changed a bit since she worked with him on The Kids are Alright. Unfortunately we see many childhood stars grow up to have troubled lives, but not him.  All of his coworkers and crew have said what a nice guy he is. I don’t think i’ve seen any other actor take as many pictures with his fans than him. I also support his values and beliefs: equal rights for everyone, staying true to yourself, and treat others the way you want to be treated.

He’s also really, really handsome. ;)