handsome ji


Leoji Week 2017 (@leojiweek)

Day 6 →  How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard / it’s okay, I’ve got you

For this I imagined Leo thinking about Guang Hong when they had to say goodbye after a competition, so he started listening to the songs that made him remember of their moments together and how much he wants to see Guang Hong again

  • yeo wool: i'm hand-
  • soo ho: some. you're handsome. your body is handsome. your face is handsome. you're 'worldwide' handsome.
  • ah ro: heck, even that guy you shook hands with on the way here is handsome because you fucking touched him. we get it. you're handsome.
  • ban ryu: you're so handsome, that the queen had to hire you because she knew that the hwarangs would be lost without you.
  • sun woo: you're so handsome, that even the straightest of men turn gay for you.
  • han sung: your mom cried when she gave birth to you, because she knew her looks would never match yours. your "whoever-it-is" father cried. your brother cried. we cried. our families cried.
  • ji dwi: everyone bloody cried; because you're so. fucking. handsome.
  • yeo wool: ... guys-
  • rest of the hwarangs: WE FUCKING KNOW!