handsome hiddles

The demotion of Spotty socks.

Never has a pair of spotty socks been so happy as to be put on the feet of the Hiddles. Just to feel those long toes wiggle inside them, made their little spotty features glow with pride. The whole tour was a mad rush of wash and go, protecting those awesome tootsies from the cold, inside the expensive leather shoes that felt and smelt so good.

But after the tour it all changed, and the only time Spotty socks were pulled out the draw was for going running in smelly trainers. These had long seen better days and  made the handsome Hiddles feet, well quite frankly hot and sticky.

Even the other stars had more exciting socks as the Hiddles went back to black.

poor Spotty socks sat in the draw feeling down and unloved, so much so he started talking to him self and telling the whole draw his woes. Until a  muffled voice came from the back and said

“Oh do shut up! You think you’re got it bad, try being an unloved and abandoned, vest white t with a slogan”

And spotty socks realized life was not so bad.

Moral of the story, there is always someone worse off than you.

pictures not mine I just played.

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-JEREMY: *Grabs Tom’s butt*
-TOM: *Reaches back to grab Jeremy’s butt, but accidentally grabs Scarlett’s*
-SCARLETT: Tha’s my ass!
-TOM: OH! That’s your ass! I’m so sorry.


hiiii!! i’m basically a new tom hiddleston aesthetic blog!

i’ve been a fan of this guy for 3 years now and i’d love to know my way around the t hiddles tumblr fandom!

i’ll happily follow back :)) thank you! x


Tom signing autographs and being a cutie like always